June 2024

Will Russia’s generals save us from mad paranoid Putin?

Tuesday/Wednesday blog

There’s really not much that can be written which hasn’t already been written or said by all the experts and pundits and propagandists. But I’ll briefly make two points which I feel haven’t been adequately covered by the mainstream media:

1. A cornered mad dog will attack

In my blog dated 11 February, I tried to explain the arrogance and stupidity of NATO moving ever further eastwards towards Russia’s borders by inviting former members of the Warsaw Pact to become NATO members:

The latest two countries to be invited to join NATO were Ukraine and Georgia – both of which have long borders with Russia. This was a step too far for Russia which would never allow NATO forces to be stationed directly on its borders. And when you corner a mad dog, eventually it will attack you. That’s what has just happened. I am not excusing Putin’s action. I’m merely trying to highlight how the West’s strategic blunders have given rise to the situation we are now in.

2. Is Germany paying for Putin’s war?

Secondly, in my weekend blog, I questioned how real the supposedly “massive” and “devastating” sanctions being put on Russia actually were. From the little I understand, record amounts of Russian gas are flowing through Russian pipelines through the Ukraine to Germany and all the banks involved with the financing and payment for Germany’s Russian gas are exempt from any Western sanctions.

“There are still channels by which Germany’s gas bills can be paid despite the exclusion of Russia from the main global payments system SWIFT” a German economy ministry spokesperson said on Monday.

In a sense, Germany’s payments for Russian gas are helping Putin finance his war.

Where do we go from here?

As Putin’s Blitzkrieg shows a lot of Krieg but not much Blitz, the question is what happens next.

The ideal scenario is the Russian military chiefs realise the disaster into which Putin is leading their country and depose him dragging him off to jail or the madhouse.

The most likely scenario, unfortunately, is that Putin’s frustration over the Russian army’s slow progress leads to him throwing ever more troops and ever more barbaric weapons into crushing Ukrainian resistance. This would probably also include sending tens of thousands of soldiers from Putin’s puppet states like Belarus and Chechnya. The result would be an horrific bloodbath.

But as I’ve nothing vaguely intelligent to write, here’s the magnificent Neil Oliver:

7 comments to Will Russia’s generals save us from mad paranoid Putin?

  • twi5ted

    This is all too convenient ramping up a conflict which has been bubbling away since the 2008 Bucharest conference. Its
    not a sudden uprising by Russia, who are reacting, and has been clear about what it will do.

    Recommend this video from 2015 which predicts what will happen.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    So when the West attacks Iraq and Libya to secure its oil supplies, Syria to eliminate Russia’s only naval base near the Mediterranean, and Afghanistan to create a puppet narco-state, that’s perfectly ok.

    But when Putin attacks to prevent an openly hostile alliance accumulating even more of its troops, missiles, bombers, tanks, and artillery on his Western border, he’s a ‘Mad Dog’ and ‘Paranoid’?

    Sorry David, but I just don’t buy it. Kennedy threatened the entire world with nuclear war when the Soviets tried to install missiles on Cuba – something that, unlike Putin’s land invasion, would have instantly doomed the entire planet – yet we all call him a hero. In the sense that he was smart enough to give Khrushchev a quid-pro-quo by removing US missiles from Turkey in return, he showed more intelligence than our present Western leaders who had no intention of doing the same for Putin.

    The solidification of NATO forces on his Western flank would have soon led to attempts at Soros-funded ‘Orange Revolutions’ in Russia’s Western provinces – a contingency that one of Russia’s more recent military exercises was publicly announced as designed to counter.

    I doubt that Russians would be too eager to replace Putin with another exercise in Western ‘democracy’ Last time it led to eight years of the drunken stooge Yeltsin, under whom the country was comprehensively looted by those who became the billionaire Oligarchs and laundered their stolen money through Western property deals and football club purchases. And was reduced to impotence on the world stage.

    But the total refusal of NATO to countenance any compromise with Russia over Ukraine’s membership leads me to ask myself whether this is in fact just the latest item on the conveyer belt of Globalist ‘Project Fear’ crises, as the Pandemic loses its momentum. As well as an attempt by the military-industrial complex to hoover up whatever taxpayers’ cash is left now that Big Pharma’s bonanza has shown how easily it can be done by frightening the public out of its collective wits.

  • A Thorpe

    You have explained something that was puzzling me which is why Putin has not closed down gas supplies if he was not getting paid. So much for devastating sanctions. It shows the weakness of European leaders. It still doesn’t explain why Putin hasn’t at least limited gas supplies.

    I very rarely watch GB News because it is just as depressing as other channels. Oliver says he does not know who to trust or believe. I find that difficult to accept because he is effectively saying that he does not have the knowledge to know who is correct. Perhaps this is because GB News claims to present all sides of an argument. There is no point in this. They must determine the right argument as they see it. But hasn’t this become impossible to do, and I’m not convinced a TV news channel is the place to resolve it? Democracy is ending and we will see our freedoms taken away. The period from the 60s has been unusual for human society because of the freedoms and excess consumption in the west. This is coming to an end either deliberately through governments and elites or because of the stupidity of the masses.

    We don’t hear about the Frankfurt School of Philosophy these days, but every one of their aims, and more, have been implemented to destroy civilised society and implement world socialism. Britain has become increasingly socialist and as far as I am concerned only socialist since Blair, with no effective difference between the parties. We have become increasingly dependent on the state and both climate change and an insignificant virus have been used to expand the state and take away our freedoms. It is said that governments never give up power once they have taken it.

    If Oliver is concerned then he has to speak out about human caused climate change. Perhaps send him a copy of your book. This was the first big threat and it has steadily grown because the majority are now so badly educated and even brainwashed they cannot understand even basic science or understand empirical evidence. Even Portillo joined in this nonsense in his recent train journeys.

    It is just the same with the virus. There was no pandemic. There was no statically significant increase in deaths in 2020 when there was no “vaccine”. The vaccine is not a traditional vaccine, it is an experimental gene therapy that has never worked in development. We were told that the vaccines had a 95% efficacy, but I doubt that few people know what that really means. It tells us absolutely nothing about how the vaccines could improve or damage our health. The masses have queued without asking for a consent form explaining the benefits and risks. Prof Fenton examined the statistics for 2021 and he could find nothing to show a benefit or risk from the vaccines. If that remains true they have been pointless. He also showed that the last “wave” resulting in another lockdown was false and was entirely an artefact of increased testing. When a case rate per 10,000 tests was calculated there was no increase in cases. There seems to be increasing evidence that deaths are increasing because of the vaccines, and there are certainly huge numbers of adverse events being reported. We are governed by idiots or people who wish us harm. Oliver has to work out which it is if he wants to do something about his concerns.

  • Andy

    Russia needs a win…then they can negotiate. They need to be allowed their sphere of influence. Of course that assumes a sane world where our leaders want peace. The ‘globalists’ want instability though, and the ordinary people on the ground get hurt.

  • Loppoman

    Watch how Putins palace was built with money stolen from the Russian people.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Seemingly green-obsessed Germany, under Murkel, set itself up to be dependent on Russia for energy.

    Germany must know that the climate emergency is BS of the first order, so it is in the globalist club that sees a communist future for the world if the population can be reduced by around 90% by means of vaccinations and other medications that apply genetic engineering that uses CRISPR genetic-editing technology.

    All vaccinations and probably many other medications will soon be using mRNA technology. For example, the John Hopkins University has developed mRNA vaccination that can be delivered via a test swab.

    In the 1980s, genetic researchers discovered that strains of bacteria – yes bacteria – have the ability to edit bad or pathological DNA out of its own cells and replace it with good DNA. That ability can now be added to human DNA. However, the natural bacteria naturally want to stay healthy, not kill itself. Under human direction good DNA in human cells can be replaced with bad or pathological DNA.

    Thanks to social and sexual equality, the body politic of most countries is full of narcissistic low life that see themselves as gods when they are really made up of corrupt “liberal” People of the Lie.

    It is as if they determine what the best course of action to take in any state of affairs, which is not that difficult to do, and then deliberately apply the worst possible course of action, such a Germany making itself dependent on Russia for energy.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Just as a debating point, here’s another way of analysing the Ukraine situation.

    The last time Russians flirted with Western-style democracy, it got them eight years of the drunken stooge Boris Yeltsin. Under whom post-Soviet Russia was comprehensively looted by the men who became the billionaire Russian Oligarchs, whom the West cheerfully encouraged to launder their criminal proceeds via our property markets and soccer clubs.

    Post-Soviet ‘democratic’ Ukraine went through an identical process of looting by a similar bunch of crooks. In fact Ukraine featured the highest number of politicians – 38 – of all the countries listed in the leaked ‘Pandora Papers’ exposing suspicious financial dealings of world leaders.

    Including its current President, Zelensky, who was last year revealed in the Pandora Papers as having offshore accounts in the British Virgin and Cayman islands, and Cyprus, plus a nice little multi-million-pound London property portfolio.

    So what we might just have now is the two gangs of Russian and Ukrainian Oligarchs, feuding like Cosa Nostra ‘families’ in 1920’s Chicago, but using their respective national armed forces instead of tommy-guns.


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