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Snivelling, spoilt, self-indulgent, narcissistic brats?

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Spoilt, miserable, demanding, ill-disciplined brats?

If you read the Sunday Times, you’ll probably have noticed that in the Rod Liddle column last Sunday, Liddle quotes the brilliant US writer and satirist PJ O’Rourke who died last week. “At the core of liberalism is the spoilt child — miserable, as all spoilt children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of snivelling brats.”

Western Europe vs Eastern Europe

It seems that the problem is that the current generation of Western leaders, academics, teachers, civil servants and journalists have all grown up in an age when every demand they made on their parents, their educators or on society was immediately indulged. None of them have known hardship or deprivation or oppression. None of them have ever been truly challenged. They are probably the most pampered generation in human history. Hence they have no self-discipline, no understanding of the massive achievements of Western civilisation, no appreciation of the freedoms and economic comforts for which their parents and grandparent worked, fought and sometimes died.

We can see this by comparing Western European countries with Eastern European countries.

Western European countries are eagerly committing economic and societal suicide by importing millions of uneducated, unemployable, West-hating, freedom-loathing, often criminal, benefits-scrounging pieces of Third-world garbage. And their despotic leaders and opinion-formers are finding ever more ways to condemn and ostracise anyone opposing their policies as being xenophobes, racists, homophobes, white supremacists, neo-colonialists, fascists and so on and so forth. After all, the spoilt, self-indulgent brats cannot ever accept that their opinions and beliefs may be questioned and even debunked. In the West, adult discussion has been supplanted by puerile but vicious insults.

In fact, when faced with any opposition, the spoilt, self-indulgent, snivelling brats cannot rationally consider different opinions. Instead they throw a tantrum. We can see this inability to accept any other viewpoint in the way that Canadian metropolitan, metrosexual, man-child Justin/Justine Trudeau has invoked wartime emergency powers to crush the Freedom Convoy protests against his ever more draconian restrictions on Canadians’ freedom.

However, Eastern European countries – Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc etc – have only recently escaped from the tyranny of Soviet Communist oppression. So they have learnt to value their freedoms and their national cultures. Moreover, they understand the need to defend their Judeo-Christian heritage. Hence they mostly bitterly oppose the EU’s efforts to flood their countries with Third-world detritus and they reject the new religion of political correctness and transgenderism being shoved down their throats by unelected, morally- and financially-corrupt EU despots.

The “Narcissism of small differences”

There is possibly one word missing from O’Rourke’s description of progressive, virtue-signalling, holier-than-thou, West-hating, globalism-adoring liberals. That word is “narcissistic”. In my book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – I try to explain why so many people have become obsessive, West-hating, progress-loathing climate catastrophists:

At the zenith of its success, each civilisation starts to believe that it is invincible and therefore not under any existential threat from external forces or peoples. Rather than enjoying the achievements of that civilisation, some groups within it turn on each other in what Freud has called the ‘narcissism of small differences. Then that civilisation starts disintegrating into largely trivial, but increasingly poisonous, internal squabbles in which there is at first mutual incomprehension and then mutual loathing between the warring cultural tribes who try to impose their beliefs on everyone else.

The current furore over whether trans men can become real women, idiots blocking roads demanding the UK government insulate homes, people tearing down statues, putting trigger-warnings on books, deplatforming and cancelling anyone with whom they disagree – all these are a form of immature, spoilt-brat, despotic narcissism intended to enable the narcissists to crush any valid criticism of their ideas while at the same time convincing themselves and others that they are somehow morally superior to everyone else.

Catastrophic climate change – the ultimate narcissism?

The West hates itself so much that it is hell-bent on its own destruction. The extraordinary spread of the ludicrous doomsday cult of catastrophic man-made climate change is probably the ultimate expression of the West’s self-hating, adolescent narcissism. In my book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – I suggest:

Part of the West’s oikophobia is the misguided determination of climate catastrophists, the media and political leaders to see the advanced West as an evil force wrecking the planet. Their sense of self-hatred is causing them to force us to commit economic and societal suicide by replacing the cheap, reliable and abundant fossil fuels, which have powered the West’s ascendancy, with expensive, unreliable, intermittent, environment-destroying supposed ‘renewables’.

Meanwhile, our enemies, China and Russia and Iran and others, look on in bemused amazement as we destroy ourselves and hand over world domination to them. As I further suggest in my book:

We can clearly see that, while the 20th Century was dominated by the West, the West is now tearing itself apart in its internal culture wars in the 21st Century allowing an increasingly expansionist and aggressive China to become the dominant force in the world.

As the West collapses into self-indulgent, increasingly meaningless, internal internecine culture wars and our enemies achieve world domination, I guess we spoilt, self-indulgent, ill-disciplined, despotic, whining, narcissistic brats are only getting what we deserve.

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8 comments to Snivelling, spoilt, self-indulgent, narcissistic brats?

  • bad Brian

    Very well put David. The problem is that nobody is listening.
    If I was a school teacher, I would be drawing attention to your essay above, to every child in my care, over the age of ten.

    How long do you think I would last in the job ?

    That aside, my theory regarding as to why Justin Trudeau often disguises himself in “Blackface” is that he is practicing to slip away into the “crowd” when dem chickenz come home to roost an dey goes lookin fo him.

  • Stillreading

    Utterly true in every word David. Well said! Just this morning we are told that universities may be required to insist that those accepted into their hallowed halls to hang about for 3 years contemplating their navals have GCSEs in Maths and English! Ye Gods! In my innocence I had assumed that those two core subjects at least were a prerequisite even for a Micky Mouse degree! We hear a lot of propaganda about the exhorbitant Student Loan debts of all these poor young people whe are still students, even regarded as “children” at ages at which their forebears had grown to adulthood, earned their livings, married, begot the next generation, then died fighting on the Somme or in a WW2 plane or at sea. The fact is that it’s only those with degrees worth having – the sciences, medicine, dentistry, vetinary medicine, maths, law – who ever earn sufficient to require the loans to be repaid. As far as teaching is concerned, I know personally a number of truly excellent secondary school teachers who have taken or are about to take early retirement, being totally exhausted and disillusioned by the social and academic attitudes now pertaining.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    A comment that I read recently – ”What’s happened to our society is that the patriarchy has been replaced with an infantriarchy – the dominance of child-adults, that is to say adults with the mental outlook of children. Thus we have a society restructured as the moral equivalent of a failing school, with the government in the role of a self-doubting, blustering and incompetent school-mistress, the mendacious MSM in the role of school prefect, and social media in the role of playground bully.”

    In April 2020 when he was still ‘Environment Secretary’ (Why does the Environment need a secretary? Who does it write to?), the Right Honourable Michael Gove, the allegedly ‘conservative’ MP for Surrey Heath, hosted a delegation from the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ mob.

    14-year-old Felix Ottaway O’Mahoney, their spokesman ( said to Gove that he, his family and his friends were ”in the streets, begging for a future”, because they otherwise faced a future of ”war, famine and mass natural disasters.”
    The Minister should of course have immediately replied as I would have done – ”What on earth do you imagine you know about anything at the age of 14? Go away, you spotty little oaf!”
    But incredibly, what the hapless Gove actually said was ”I absolutely agree with you that the scale of action required is significant and the need to accelerate the scale of action for our undertaking is urgent.”

    You couldn’t make it up. An actual 52-year-old Government minister, supposedly a grown-up human being elected to office by other grown-up human beings, reverently taking advice from a 14-year-old child not allowed to vote because 14-year-olds are universally considered not to be mature enough to exercise responsible judgment. The literal infantilisation of politics, there for all to see.

    It would be interesting to know what Gove’s own constituents think about ‘Extinction Rebellion’ and all its works. But sadly, no-one is ever going to ask their opinion. Least of all Michael Gove.

    As for the attitude of our ‘betters’ with regard to the mass importation of people who hate us and all we stand for – a commentator about the case of a Sri Lankan illegal immigrant found guilty of a killing in the UK, but who has nevertheless now been granted asylum, coined a wonderfully apposite term regarding the attitude of the legal profession and the Home Office towards illegals versus the safety of the general public.

    He called it ‘Pathological Altruism’.

  • A Thorpe

    Thomas Sowell: “Ours may become the first civilisation destroyed, not by our enemies, but by the ignorance of our teachers and the dangerous nonsense they are teaching our children. In an age of artificial intelligence, they are creating artificial stupidity.” He should have added that their parents don’t care what they are being taught.

  • Sexual and social equality is what opened the door for these “liberal” decadents, also known as “The People of the Lie”. People who embody the usually incurable Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a dire state of mind that can run in families and is dishonesty that has become mentally hard-wired. Narcissists run on empty and as such have a popular act prepared for every situation.

    The equality bar was brought down low enough across the board to accommodate them. And now they are merely securing their positions with agreed falsifications so that a true elite of patricians cannot regain control. Far too much has to be overcome in order to achieve a higher state of affairs based on truth and honesty. No one can attack their positions without being denigrated as a misogynist, a sexist, a racist, a homophobe, an anti-semite, a transphobe, etc. Then they fill as many positions of authority with “liberal” women, homosexuals, non-white people, Jewish people or mixtures of those people, such as Cressida Dick.

    Here is a quotation from the book “People of the Lie – The hope of Healing Human Evil” (1983) by the late American psychiatrist. M. Scott Peck that has never gone out of print. There is a free well-read audiobook of it on YouTube.

    “The danger of moral judgement

    “As has been noted, it is characteristic of those who are evil [narcissists] to judge others as evil. Unable to acknowledge their own imperfection, they must explain away their flaws by blaming others. And, if necessary, they will even destroy others in the name of righteousness. How often have we seen it: the martyrdom of the saints, the Inquisition, the Holocaust, MyLai [Vietnam]. Often enough to know that whenever we judge another we may ourselves be committing evil.”

    Who Are The People Of The Lie? –

  • Brenda Blessed

    The free “People of the Lie” audiobook on YouTube is read by its author, M. Scott Peck. He has a very good reading voice. I found that out only after I got to the end of the video when the credits were announced.

    M Scott Peck – People of the Lie Audiobook –

  • A Thorpe

    David Starkey was discussing this on GB News last night but I only saw part of it, from the view that in the west there has been an excess of everything, but the young haven’t a clue about what it takes to achieve this.

  • Marc Ager

    Everything these narcissistic liberals say and the political propaganda that they try to spread is the reverse of the truth. That was why Orwell reversed all of the ministries in his novel 1984.

    For example constantly saying that diversity is strength means that diversity is weakness, division and chaos.

    You are looking diversity in the face when you have a look at the composition of schools in London.

    Different cultures pull in different directions. For success in anything pulling in the same direction, as is the case with the Chinese and Japanese, is an essential requirement.

    Steve McQueen Year 3 – An epic portrait of the future of London –

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