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Some great comments on my weekend blog

Monday/Tuesday blog

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    No genuine conservative would marry a ‘watermelon’ (green on the outside, red on the inside) activist like Caroline Symonds. No genuine conservative could listen, on a daily basis, to the idiocy she spouts, no matter what the bedroom benefits.

    None of the three main English political parties have any policies nowadays – only the three-pronged Cultural Marxist agenda of race, gender, and ‘climate change’. And every single event that happens in the world today is reported, skewed, and interpreted to reflect that agenda.

    So if Starmer’s ragtag collection of warring factions and Islington millionaire lawyers, hilariously still known as the Labour party, were to gain power, none of us would notice much difference – except that the steady transformation of this country into a Socialist hell-hole might be slowed a bit as every new attempt at the implementation of the aforesaid agenda would have to be filtered through Labour’s myriad competing Marxist, Trotskyist, 2SLGBTQQIA+, Afro-Caribbean, Islamic, and climate panic sects, before being chaotically implemented.

    In the ensuing interregnum, while a Labour administration squanders even more eye-watering sums of borrowed and taxpayers’ money than the Tories’ third-world banksters have already done, Tory constituencies might just care to consider the radical idea of selecting actual conservatives to stand as their candidates. If they did, it would be the first time in many years. But someone will eventually have to clean up the mess after Starmer, or whichever beaujolais bolshevik lawyer replaces him, finally runs out of credit.

    Meanwhile, we should all reflect on the fact that nations led by actual grown-ups such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping don’t appear particularly concerned about gender pronouns, white supremacy, or Greta Thunberg.

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t just Boris who is weak, the Tory Party grandees and parliament are weak. We have not had an effective opposition since the Tory party gained power and it has been worse than ever under Starmer. Partygate is irrelevant considering the major issues to be resolved. The entire country is obsessed with it because they followed pointless rules and Boris didn’t. When people have been fooled, they don’t want it pointed out to them.

    The Truckers YouTube channel has been taken down. The political agenda is being controlled by the digital-finance complex. I am starting to blame historians for this. They have only looked at events and leaders. They have ignored the history of ordinary people which is one of constant oppression and the theft of our efforts through forced labour or taxation. History also shows the collapse of civilisations when states required more wealth than we could create and then the centre of power moved. The west is in this situation now. China has a leader, we have no leadership, just the greed of powerful men and their corporations influencing politicians.

    There is now a Spotify argument involving Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. Both had Polio before the vaccine was available so it is perhaps understandable that they support vaccinations. But they have no understanding of viruses and vaccinations. The success of vaccines for Smallpox is also often quoted, and by Sarah Gilbert in the Dimbleby lecture. This is the real misinformation. Smallpox and Polio are not respiratory viruses and they have different characteristics. Most importantly, the vaccines work but still have low risks.

    Aldous Huxley said that technological progress has provided us with an efficient way of going backwards. Never has it been more obvious. We have too much knowledge and it is impossible for anybody to understand more than a fraction of it. Education fails to teach us how to think when there is so much information and how to avoid being misled by those who have power over us, or mislead us through ignorance (celebrities and the media). The powerful need us to be ignorant.

    However, technology via the internet also gives all of us the means to research but we have to somehow see through deceptions. The only way is to look for evidence and if we cannot find it, or do not understand it, then we should not accept it. I do not understand why people have accepted mass vaccination with no evidence the effectiveness or of long term safety. It shows that generation of fear can override rational thinking. That becomes more difficult when mass opinion is formed through the media, especially social media and celebrity influence. I’m pleased to see a book by Susan Crockford “Fallen Icon: Sir David Attenborough and the Walrus Deception”. His influence over people is astonishing.

    Plato was right. We don’t want responsibility for ourselves and we are incapable of electing competent leaders. We must eventually suffer the consequences.

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  • A Thorpe

    David, it is your ideas in the first place that stimulate your readers and thank goodness this blog is a place where we don’t get insulted for them. You have done far more than us with your books on various subjects to bring enlightenment.

    Jeffrey suggested I should become an MP but like him I am too old for that, and parliament would never accept my ideas. For most of my life I never bothered with politics. Work and a bit of pleasure dominated. It is only through thinking about the science of climate change and then the bigger puzzle of why it has taken over politics that I started to ask what was going on. Perhaps this is part of the problem – most of us are too busy with life to worry too much.

    I found a short book this weekend by Carlo Cippola, “The basic laws of human stupidity”. It is available as a PDF at this website (The site isn’t very good, work through it and click the white box to get the download).

    He claims there is a fixed proportion of stupid people in any group (σ), even in academics, who do nothing to benefit either themselves or others, but he doesn’t give a value. This is from the book:

    “The question that reasonable people often raise is how and why stupid people can reach positions of power and consequence. Class and caste were the social arrangements which favoured the steady supply of stupid people to positions of power in most societies of the preindustrial world. Religion was another contributing factor. In the modern industrial world class and caste are banished both as words and as concepts and religion is fading away. But in lieu of class and caste we have political parties and bureaucracy and in lieu of religion we have democracy. Within a democratic system, general elections are a most effective instrument to insure the steady maintenance of fraction σ among the powerful. One has to keep in mind that according to the Second Basic Law, the fraction w of the voting population are stupid people and elections offer to all of them at once a magnificent opportunity to harm everybody else without gaining anything from their action.”

    He doesn’t define what the proportions are, and I think the ideas need more development. He is saying what I feel. There is nothing new about our situation today that hasn’t been experienced in the past and many philosophers have discussed it, but the circumstances change as we have advanced. The worry is we have more to lose today if we don’t do something about it. We expect the politicians to sort out problems, but it should be obvious to everybody that they are causing the problems. This is what Thomas Sowell, one of my favourite commentators, said years ago – they have two priorities, getting elected and then reelected and their third priority doesn’t matter.

    Boris seems to be backtracking on vaccine mandates for NHS staff and the Truckers are not giving up. Perhaps the tide is turning.

  • Bad Brian

    ” The basic laws of human stupidity” what a great subject to study !

    Here is one for all David’s followers to behold. A tale from Scrotland as David has kindly re-named us.

    At the run up in 2016 (I think ), to the latest SNP, once in a lifetime referendum on Scottish Independance, I found myself the day before having a deep and meaningful discussion with a woman about forty years old, about the nasty atmoshphere that was prevalent because of the upcoming vote and I told her that I believed many people were afraid to speak about it, and unwilling to engage in discussion.

    Mrs D, agreed and said she felt bullied about this at work, by the TV and radio and by her peers. She then went on to list all the things she liked about the Great British Union and how it had served our country well for 300 years.

    A few days after the vote in favour of staying in the Union, I asked her how she felt about the result. She said she was glad that the independance faction had lost but then went on to say that at the polling booth, she had suddenly changed her mind and voted for an independant Scotland.

    I was astonished to hear this and asked her why she had voted as she had.

    ” I felt I had to” she said ” as I felt guilty about all the crofters that were murdered at Bannockburn and I didn’t want to betray them” was her answer.

    I have laughed at this many times and tried to understand
    it. The fact is that this Mrs D. has a degree in accountancy so she obviously has some intelligence but she is also as thick as mince, and has her opinions and thoughts manipulated daily by the MSM to such a degree that she is practically brainwashed.

    I find this rather scary for democracy as I know many, many Mrs & Mr D’s who collectivly vote like a blob depending on the what movie was that they watched on TV the night before.

    People who are trained in the arts of media manipulation like the ones pulling the strings of the Green agenda or the government’s “Nudge” department truly are the new Masters of the Universe and we are all succeptible to their ambitions.

    On the other hand, if only you English reader’s ancestors had been a bit nicer to the Crofters of Bannockburn then Mrs D would never have felt the way she did in the first place !

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