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Pillow talk and the truckers revolt

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Pillow talk and politics

I’d like to start this weekend’s blog by continuing the theme of my previous blog about how Lady Carrie Macbeth is almost single-handedly destroying Johnson’s premiership and wrecking what little is left of British democracy in the process.

I haven’t been following the details, but I believe Boris Johnson offered at least one serious political operator the job of sorting out Downing Street and possibly someone else as well. As far as I understand, both turned the job down. Why? I suspect because they realised it was a hopeless task. Had either taken the job, they knew that Johnson is so weak, vacillating and devious that, whatever they agreed with Boris, would be immediately blocked during ‘pillow talk’ between Boris and progressive, lefty, ecoloon, wallpaper-loving, nonsense-peddler Princess Nut Nut.

For example, former cabinet minister and Brexit negotiator Lord Frost is quoted in several papers as saying Boris Johnson needs to axe ‘all the neo-socialists, green fanatics and pro-woke crowd’ in Downing Street to reset his premiership after the Partygate scandal. But Boris won’t dare do that as that would upset Carrie Nut Nut meaning no more bjs for BJ.

And so I believe we’re stuck in a self-destructive stasis – our whole democratic system stymied by Boris’s fawning obedience to Princess Nut Nut’s pillow talk. I struggle to believe that our enemies – Vlad “the Poisoner” Putin of Russia and Chinese mass murderer Xi Pingpong – have to consult their wives before making any decision.

In my last blog, I described Boris Johnson’s dramatic rise and fall as resembling a Greek or Shakespearian tragedy. I’ve changed my mind. Now it more resembles a farce. Dictionary definition of farce: “Farce is a comedy that seeks to entertain the audience through situations that are highly exaggerated, extravagant, ridiculous, absurd, and improbable”.

And to add to the impression of farce, we have the ludicrous shenanigans around the Sue Gray Partygate report. At first we were told this would be published in full. Now we learn that the useless Met boss Cressida Dick has demanded that the Partygate report should make “minimal references” to the events it is investigating. FFS! How can you publish a report which only makes “minimal references” to the events it is supposed to be investigating?

While Whitehall insiders and journos may obsess over the details of what will or won’t be published and when it will be published, most ordinary people won’t be fooled – they will conclude that somehow the greased piglet Johnson has managed to wriggle out of trouble yet again thanks to yet another establishment whitewash and cover-up.

The longer the Tories allow this farce to continue, the greater will be ordinary people’s disgust at their arrogant dishonesty and the worse will be the electoral wipe-out they will face at the next general election. Johnson must go! And he must take his (IMHO) unhinged, interfering wife and all her eco-idiot chums with her.

The truckers revolt

As the UK government applauds itself for sacking about 40,000 much-needed care workers who weren’t vaccinated and prepares to sack up to 70,000 even more-needed NHS workers who won’t allow untested drugs to be injected into their bodies, here’s a story from Canada which I haven’t seen mentioned in the UK mainstream media.

Right now there are reportedly 50,000 truckers and 1.4 million people in a 20km convoy – “The Freedom Rally” – headed to the parliament in Ottawa to protest about mandatory “no jab no job” vaccinations. The truckers’ spokesperson explained that the truckers are not against the vaccination per se and that many are vaccinated. What they are protesting about is totalitarian government over-reach and destruction of people’s freedoms:


And in the USA, judge after judge after judge are blocking Biden’s “no jab no job” mandates.

Meanwhile, the UK mainstream media still tries to brand anyone refusing the experimental and largely ineffective vaccines as crackpots, conspiracy theorists, mental retards and a danger to society. None of the media seems willing to question why over 70,000 frontline NHS workers, who will have more experience of the Wuhan lab-leaked plague than most of us, don’t want Pfizer’s chemicals pumped into their bodies. Nor will the UK media question why vaccinations are even necessary now that Covid has evolved into just a form of the flu.

And in some countries, like Austria and France, they’re treating the unvaccinated similarly to the way we used to treat lepers – confining them to their homes except for in emergencies and banning them from most bars, restaurants, cinemas and much else.

North Americans still believe in freedom

While we in Europe and Australia and Chinese colony New Zealand, cower terrified as our partying governments strip away the most basic freedom – the freedom to choose what medical interventions one undergoes – it seems that in the USA and Canada, people are prepared to fight back against Orwellian oppression:


4 comments to Pillow talk and the truckers revolt

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    No genuine conservative would marry a ‘watermelon’ (green on the outside, red on the inside) activist like Caroline Symonds. No genuine conservative could listen, on a daily basis, to the idiocy she spouts, no matter what the bedroom benefits.

    None of the three main English political parties have any policies nowadays – only the three-pronged Cultural Marxist agenda of race, gender, and ‘climate change’. And every single event that happens in the world today is reported, skewed, and interpreted to reflect that agenda.

    So if Starmer’s ragtag collection of warring factions and Islington millionaire lawyers, hilariously still known as the Labour party, were to gain power, none of us would notice much difference – except that the steady transformation of this country into a Socialist hell-hole might be slowed a bit as every new attempt at the implementation of the aforesaid agenda would have to be filtered through Labour’s myriad competing Marxist, Trotskyist, 2SLGBTQQIA+, Afro-Caribbean, Islamic, and climate panic sects, before being chaotically implemented.

    In the ensuing interregnum, while a Labour administration squanders even more eye-watering sums of borrowed and taxpayers’ money than the Tories’ third-world banksters have already done, Tory constituencies might just care to consider the radical idea of selecting actual conservatives to stand as their candidates. If they did, it would be the first time in many years. But someone will eventually have to clean up the mess after Starmer, or whichever beaujolais bolshevik lawyer replaces him, finally runs out of credit.

    Meanwhile, we should all reflect on the fact that nations led by actual grown-ups such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping don’t appear particularly concerned about gender pronouns, white supremacy, or Greta Thunberg.

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t just Boris who is weak, the Tory Party grandees and parliament are weak. We have not had an effective opposition since the Tory party gained power and it has been worse than ever under Starmer. Partygate is irrelevant considering the major issues to be resolved. The entire country is obsessed with it because they followed pointless rules and Boris didn’t. When people have been fooled, they don’t want it pointed out to them.

    The Truckers YouTube channel has been taken down. The political agenda is being controlled by the digital-finance complex. I am starting to blame historians for this. They have only looked at events and leaders. They have ignored the history of ordinary people which is one of constant oppression and the theft of our efforts through forced labour or taxation. History also shows the collapse of civilisations when states required more wealth than we could create and then the centre of power moved. The west is in this situation now. China has a leader, we have no leadership, just the greed of powerful men and their corporations influencing politicians.

    There is now a Spotify argument involving Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. Both had Polio before the vaccine was available so it is perhaps understandable that they support vaccinations. But they have no understanding of viruses and vaccinations. The success of vaccines for Smallpox is also often quoted, and by Sarah Gilbert in the Dimbleby lecture. This is the real misinformation. Smallpox and Polio are not respiratory viruses and they have different characteristics. Most importantly, the vaccines work but still have low risks.

    Aldous Huxley said that technological progress has provided us with an efficient way of going backwards. Never has it been more obvious. We have too much knowledge and it is impossible for anybody to understand more than a fraction of it. Education fails to teach us how to think when there is so much information and how to avoid being misled by those who have power over us, or mislead us through ignorance (celebrities and the media). The powerful need us to be ignorant.

    However, technology via the internet also gives all of us the means to research but we have to somehow see through deceptions. The only way is to look for evidence and if we cannot find it, or do not understand it, then we should not accept it. I do not understand why people have accepted mass vaccination with no evidence the effectiveness or of long term safety. It shows that generation of fear can override rational thinking. That becomes more difficult when mass opinion is formed through the media, especially social media and celebrity influence. I’m pleased to see a book by Susan Crockford “Fallen Icon: Sir David Attenborough and the Walrus Deception”. His influence over people is astonishing.

    Plato was right. We don’t want responsibility for ourselves and we are incapable of electing competent leaders. We must eventually suffer the consequences.

  • Loppoman

    Two excellent contributions I fully agree with.
    Why don’t you guys go into politics? The country needs people like you. I would but am too old. Mind you, with my radical ideas, I would suffer an early assassination as would the contributors here. In the end, there is no room in politics for honest, decent people.

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