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Are we trapped on a vaccination not-so-merry-go-round?

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In this blog, I’d like to suggest that Western governments are trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of vaccinating ever more groups of people ever more frequently, often unnecessarily, in order to prove that the vaccination strategy was the right one in the first place.

Let me tell you about ‘AESIs’

I’ll start with a link to this confidential report – its title is CUMULATIVE ANALYSIS OF POST AUTHORIZATION ADVERSE EVENT REPORTS OF PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) RECEIVED THROUGH 28-FEB-2021 and it details what are called ‘AESIs’ (Adverse Effects of Special Interest) in people who have received the Pfizer BioNtek mRNA vaccine

There is a summary in the report listing the main AESIs

(as usual, left-click on image and then left-click again to see in glorious technicolour)

The main AESIs seem to be:

  • Administration site disorders 51,335
  • Nervous system disorders 25,957
  • Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders 17,283
  • Gastrointestinal disorders 14,096
  • Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders 8,476
  • Respiratory and thoracic disorders 8,848

I found Table 7 in the report quite interesting as it lists the main cardiac problems some people have experienced post-vaccination. I have written several times about the apparent rise in heart problems and sudden deaths from heart problems in more than 100 young athletes.

From my brief skim of the document, I don’t think the numbers of AESIs are put in context of how many millions of doses of the vaccination have been given. So this report on its own doesn’t provide any conclusive picture of the frequency of these AESIs or the likelihood of adverse effects.

The not-so-merry-go-round?

There seem to be two main issues raised by the document:

Issue 1: Why have these results not been reported in the mainstream media?

The answer here seems obvious. There has been massive collusion between governments and the mainstream media about what information is reported. The aim has been to inspire as much fear as possible in the public about the Chinese plague in order to terrify us into willingly giving up our freedoms supposedly ‘for our own good’.  Journalist Laura Dodsworth effectively describes the behaviour-control tactics used in her 2021 book A STATE OF FEAR How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic:

At the same time, the media have been encouraged to propagandise the benefits of the supposed ‘miracle vaccines’ and to lionise their developers. So, any reports of adverse effects have been deliberately downplayed to avoid giving fuel to those nervous about being injected with largely untested chemicals.

Issue 2: Given the number of AESIs, should so many groups of people risk vaccination?

I’m not quite sure which groups in the UK are now being encouraged to be vaccinated – but I have a feeling that children as young as five years old are also being bludgeoned into vaccination. But given the number of AESIs, there may be a point at which it’s better for people to get the lab-leaked Chinese plague and build up natural immunity rather than take the increasingly ineffective vaccines. This is especially true if it turns out the omicron variant becomes the dominant variant and is no worse than a bad cold.

However, if government scientists and politicians were to suggest for example that only those over 35 should be vaccinated, that would open a huge can of worms. People would start asking awkward questions – questions like ‘why only that age group?’ and ‘what are the dangers which make the vaccines unsuitable for younger people?’ Then there would be those thinking things such as ‘if these vaccines are dangerous for some people and I’m a healthy 37-year-old, maybe it would be better if I didn’t get the vaccines?’

Allowing such doubts to spread would demolish our rulers’ ‘vaccination vaccination vaccination’ strategy.

To vaccinate or not?

I do believe that for certain groups of people the vaccines are the right decision. But I’m becoming more than concerned by the move to vaccinate ever more sections of the population ever more times when for some groups vaccinations may not be in their best interests.

So, I’m suggesting that our governments are now trapped by their own propaganda – having bigged up the benefits of the ‘miracle’ vaccines and the supposed ‘horrors’ of the WuFlu for so long, they are now forced into an eternal cycle of Big-Brother-state vaccinations of ever more people ever more often otherwise their vaccinate vaccinate vaccinate strategy might be exposed to have been misguided for (some and even large?) sections of the population.

10 comments to Are we trapped on a vaccination not-so-merry-go-round?

  • Ed P

    The Omicron/Moronic variant allegedly has fewer symptoms than its cousins:

    No loss of smell or taste.
    Not many aches and pains.
    No breathing problems.
    A bit of a head cold.

    So, it’s indistinguishable from a cold!

    I think many more people will quite soon realise that ‘the narrative’ is unraveling.

  • A Thorpe

    The vaccination merry-go-round is a personal choice and does not have any impact on anybody else. It is the major issue of a merry-go-round of forced restrictions that matters, and we can see how lives are being controlled in unacceptable ways in other countries. The government has not carried out any assessments of the consequences of their covid policies or done a cost-benefit analysis. The billions spend on the pointless test and trace app are evidence of this.

    There are official adverse event reporting systems. The VAERS in the USA, the Yellow Card system here and a European system. VAERS is easy to extract information, but I haven’t found any way into the Yellow Card system. The problem is they are not well-managed. Apparently, many GPs don’t even know about the Yellow Card system. What concerns me about them is that there doesn’t seem to be any follow up to identify whether the vaccines are the cause of the problems. The conclusion of the Pfizer report is: “The data do not reveal any novel safety concerns or risks requiring label changes and support a favorable benefit risk profile of to the BNT162b2 vaccine.”

    As you say, why haven’t the results been reported in the MSM. If climate change is an indication of the way the media operates, they would report that the vaccines are safe. Who controls the media?

    It is a bit late for worrying these risks in relation to more vaccinations. What about all those who have had two shots and a booster? I don’t understand about identifying vulnerable groups. Where is the evidence to support the belief that the vaccines are safe for them? I recently saw studies about the flu vaccines and none of them included any of the elderly who are said to benefit from the vaccine, so how can it be recommended.

    The one person I think has identified the problems is Prof Norman Fenton, a statistician and this video gives all the information needed about risks:

    He sees this as a merry-go-round of lockdowns resulting from flawed testing and he provides evidence to claim that 85% of the positive cases used to support lockdowns are false positives. He shows that there are so many errors and bias in the data that it is impossible to find any evidence that supports the belief that the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks.

    We only have ourselves to blame for accepting this. We should ignore every constraint on our lives and use common sense to decide our own behaviour.

  • David Craig

    I think you’re right about the harmlessness of the great new variant. But whether common sense or government propaganda prevails is another matte, especially when all the mainstream media is pushing the government’s narrative.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Big Pharma has perpetuated the use of a discredited view of viruses for its own ends. If viruses passing diseases were no longer called the “science”, Big Pharma would go broke. So it perpetuates what keeps it in huge profits for AIDS and other chemotherapy treatments and vaccines.

    Follow the money.

    CEO Salaries for the Top 20 Pharma Companies by Market Cap –

    Dr Tom Cowan says that modern research dating back to the Spanish flu pandemic has proven that viruses are produced by and excreted by cells themselves when they are being poisoned by various toxins. Toxins are produced by bacteria (their excretions), pollution, narcotics and alcohol abuse, electromagnetic radiation (EMFs), etc.

    During the Spanish flu of 1918/20, US soldiers who were accused of serious crimes agreed to be pardoned if they participated in virus research. The researchers tried to infect them with the body fluids taken from the people who died from the Spanish flu. They were not able to infect a single soldier.

    The cells code the genetic material of the viruses that they create themselves send out so that they can identify them and so not create more viruses to get rid of them. The viruses – bits of non-living, unintelligent genetic material – dissolve the toxins. When those viruses are put into another body, they do nothing because they have not been programmed by the cells of the invaded body to work on any particular toxin poisoning.

    Here is a quote from Dr Tom Cowan’s website –

    “Modern virology rests on three tenets. The first is that the tissue breakdown, called the cytopathic effect, that is seen in cell cultures is proof of the existence of the pathogenic virus, and proof that it causes disease. This has now been proven to be false as a result of Dr. Lanka’s experiments. The second tenet is that one can see the pathogenic virus in question, including SARS-CoV-2, in the examination of the cell-culture breakdown. Using peer-reviewed research, I show this claim to be false. Finally, virologists claim that they find and sequence the entire genome of the virus in question through an alignment process done on the cell culture. The results of this part of Dr. Lanka’s experiment were not available at the time I wrote the booklet, but Dr. Lanka has since shown this sequencing process to be fallacious as well. By adding mRNA from yeast to a cell culture, with no possibility of any virus added to the culture, he was able, using modern “unbiased, de novo, next-generation sequencing,” to produce the entire genome of SARS-CoV-2 from this mixture, even though, again, no virus was present. Therefore, as of October 2021, it has now been proven that virology is based on false assumptions, SARS-CoV-2 or any other so-called pathogenic virus doesn’t exist, and the entire Covid-19 narrative is bogus. This booklet {Breaking The Spell: The Scientific Evidence for Ending The COVID Delusion] builds the case in simple, clear, precise language.”

  • Marc Ager

    There is also the climate-change merry-go-round.

    There are plenty of videos of huge tornadoes on YouTube, but I can’t find any videos of the record-breaking tornadoes that are said to have wreaked havoc across the red states in the USA.

    Powerful tornadoes are huge and very visible, but where are the videos of the December 2021 tornadoes? They should have appeared on YouTube almost immediately.

    I am seeing articles that a new weapon was used to create the effects of tornadoes. Apparently because the debris does not look like the debris that tornadoes create. If no videos turn up, this needs urgent investigation.

    The Democrats are making a meal of them in order to help get their climate-change bills through.

  • Hardcastle

    This whole show has in reality little to do with health.The only statistics that can be believed are annual mortality rates.The fact is that the rates for 2020/21,do not exceed the average for the past 20 years and are in fact lower than some.Flu,the annual culler of the very old,infirm,unhealthy,has somehow disappeared!
    The growth of nationalised health and the pharmaceutical industry since the last war has seen the growth of hypochondria on a vast scale.People almost believe they are immortal and there is a pill to cure all ills.Frightening the vast majority with a false pandemic has been easier than anticipated.This is all about money,on many levels.The democratic Western countries are basically insolvent with currencies severely debased.The reality is the need for a global currency re set.How this is to be organised is the key.With modern technology,it is perfectly possible to introduce a digital currency which gives politicians potential control over their populations,look at China.The problem is,they need total control to implement a system that the majority would reject,given the full facts.Hence the need for control,propaganda,control of the media narrative etc.All the talk and statistics about covid is a side show,a distraction,to enable the implementation of tyranny for the masses.

  • H

    Climate change is the other prong of the fear campaign to usher in a totalitarian global government of the elite.Note how many of the many financial and political groupings who have got us into the financial,social and moral mess are the same ones telling us how we should escape.Just like covid we have the scientifically illiterate “zero carbon”.Ask most of them the proportion of Co2 in the atmosphere and they are unable to answer.The statistics are again manipulated and false.Again it is about money and control and the potential impoverishment of the many for the benefit of the few.I am a politically small c Conservative,but I have not voted for any mainstream party since Thatcher.At best we need peaceful national resistance or if necessary violent resistance to what I perceive as genuine evil.

  • William Boreham

    Another Study Finds That Natural Immunity Protects Better Against Infection Than Pfizer Vaccine:

    At the end of August, a study was published showing that natural immunity provides much better protection against infection than the Pfizer vaccine. It was described by UCL’s Francois Balloux as “a bit of a bombshell”.
    Subsequent studies have compared natural and vaccine-induced immunity at the cellular level. One found that infection-induced antibodies “exhibited superior stability and cross-variant neutralisation breadth” than vaccine-induced antibodies, suggesting that people who’d already been infected had better immunity against the then-novel Delta variant.

  • Eric Legge

    The Great Covid and Climate Change Robbery has to be defeated or this unique country will become like every other country – a walking corpse that gets invaded by third-world migrants – a self-destructive mediocrity.

    The same “elite” totalitarian group of soulless congenital liars and cheats will rejoin the EU and open the borders in order to administer the coup de grâce.

    The same dystopian plan is being put into practice across the whole Anglosphere.

  • Hardcastle

    Spot on Eric.

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