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Should professional athletes risk v*ccin*tion?

Thursday/Friday blog

Another one bites the dust and another one and another one..

This week yet another footballer collapsed during a game:

In my blog of November 14th I featured a short video questioning why so many young healthy footballers have recently collapsed during games. Moreover, a reader commented a couple of days ago:

Purely anecdotal but I do not know of anyone in my locality who has died from covid. However, I am well acquainted with several people, three of them fit, active and healthy gym instructors in their 40’s who have had serious health problems since feeling pressurised into having the jabs due to the nature of their work.

Another reader provided a link to a Vernon Coleman video about the same subject.

Oh, and here’s a list of recent incidents:

(as usual, left-click on image and then left click again to see clearly)

What do journalists actually do?

So I decided to do what I had naively thought journalists were meant to do. I did a few minutes investigation.

(I now, of course, realise that most journalists don’t investigate anything anymore. Most only serve as cheerleaders for whatever cause our rulers want them to promote – the joys of lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ and ‘protect the NHS’ which is ‘the envy of the world’, the wonders of our ‘miracle’ vaccines, supposed catastrophic climate change, the need to take the knee to BLM, all Brits being disgusting racists, Joe Biden being the greatest president the US has ever had, Trump being the incarnation of evil etc etc etc)

Who would trust anything from the WHO?

Anyway, my few minutes ‘investigation’ first took me to the website of the ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation (WHO). You remember the WHO? They’re the people who could have stopped the Wuhan lab-leaked plague by shutting down all travel from filthy, corrupt, disease-spreading China. But instead the WHO eagerly helped the corrupt, filthy Chinese spread the Wuhan plague abroad while the Chinese shut down all travel within China. But I think we all now know who controls the utterly corrupt WHO:

The sycophantic submission of the corrupt WHO to the orders of the equally corrupt Chinese Communist Party will probably end up killing over 20 million people around the world. I note in passing that not a single UK politician has dared question the WHO’s competence or allegiance. Odd that?

Why have no ‘journalists’ noticed this?

During my ‘investigation’, here’s something I found on the WHO website:

 The COVID-19 subcommittee of the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) issued a statement regarding reports of myocarditis and pericarditis following COVID-19 mRNA vaccines (1). Cases of myocarditis and pericarditis, although rare, have occurred more often in younger men (adolescents or young adults) and after the second dose, typically within a few days after vaccination with the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. As of June 2021, US VAERS surveillance data estimated crude reporting rates of 40.6 cases per million second doses among males and 4.2 cases per million among females aged 12-29 years (2). Current evidence suggests a likely causal association between myocarditis and the mRNA vaccines.

I appreciate that cases of myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart muscles) are rare adverse effects of mRNA vaccines. But a rate of 40.6 cases per million second doses among males and 4.2 cases per million among females aged 12-29 years is a pretty worrying statistic. I mean these inflammations are 10 times more frequent in young males than in young females. Ten times is quite a lot.

Am I an investigative genius? (the answer is ‘no’)

That piece of ‘investigation’ took me less than 2 minutes. But it seems to have been well beyond the capabilities of most mainstream-media journalists.

Anyway, I decided to spend even more time (another 2 – 3 minutes) on my ‘in-depth’ investigation and came upon this:

Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle and is one of the cardiac conditions associated with sudden death in young athletes.1 When it occurs, myocarditis often has no symptoms early on. A young athlete may feel well enough to compete, unaware of the problem. After the diagnosis is made, however, it is necessary for them to significantly restrict their exercise in order to reduce complications, including the risk of sudden death.

The risk of exercise-induced sudden death is real even with mild cases of myocarditis. It is critical that young athletes restrict their athletic activities until given an “all clear” by their cardiologist

Should professional athletes risk v*ccin*tion?

I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I do believe the v*ccines lower the risk of serious complications from the Xi Pingpong Chinese plague.

But although myocarditis and pericarditis after v*ccin*tion are rare, it seems to me that they are proven. So, in my humble and ignorant opinion, all professional athletes should have their heart function monitored for a few weeks after v*ccin*tion. Of course, now that v*ccin*tions are becoming mandatory in some countries and v*cc*ne passports are being introduced in other countries, our rulers would never admit that there is a risk of heart inflammations as making this admission would also be admitting that our rulers are murdering some of their citizens.

Not ‘good optics’ as a PR person might say.

Here’s the video of footballers collapsing in case you haven’t seen it. You have to click on the “Watch on YouTube” to get access:


8 comments to Should professional athletes risk v*ccin*tion?

  • Ian J

    Highly appropriate – there is a report of another one today (25th);

    When will the authorities (at least the FA) investigate? (and make public the results)

    I cannot be the only one to be suspicious of the ‘vaccines’

  • Ed P

    Despite the obvious – more vaxxed in ICUs, post-vax health issues, etc., it’ll continue for a while yet. Politicians are almost incapable of admitting error – they’ll need someone or something else to blame for their mass murders.

  • A Thorpe

    I saw this piece today claiming that vaccinated under 60s are dying at twice the rate of the unvaccinated from all causes:

    It contains a graph of deaths of the under 60 adults by vaccination status and the data comes from the ONS. There is a link to the data and it appears to come from Table 4 in the spreadsheet. I haven’t checked it in detail.

    The writer says he has checked the graph and it is correct, suggesting the graph came from somewhere else but it does not say where.

    It might relate to the reported incidents with younger people. However, for older age groups the opposite seems to apply.

    Many claim that vaccines reduce the severity of Covid and you mention reduced complications but I have not seen any evidence to support these claims. There was nothing in the published trial data about the severity of the infections between the vaccinated and placebo groups. I don’t even know how accurate data could be collected. For most people it is said to be a minor issue anyway. I only know two people who had it and were tested for it and when I spoke to them on the phone I could not detect anything wrong with them and neither were specific about their symptoms.

    I don’t know what to make of it.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Dave, how about doing some research into the vaccination adverse reactions and deaths reporting systems?

    The mainstream media avoids doing that completely – I have yet to see one such report – while drumming up the “cases” that, for obvious reasons, are never given anything even approaching thorough analysis.

    Here are the ones that I know of: – US VAERS, UK Yellow Card system and the data from the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

    Therefore, most people don’t know of their existence and consequently don’t make reports. For that reason, the real number of adverse reactions and deaths are estimated at 10 times higher than are reported.

    The following website breaks down the reports into all the various and numerous categories – 894,143 Reports – Through November 12, 2021. Heart problems are – 9,332
    Heart Attacks, 13,237 Myocarditis/Pericarditis.

    So, it is hardly surprising that the mainstream media is avoiding reporting on the numbers. This is of the greatest importance, because I have a feeling that the liberal PTB are going to attempt mandatory vaccinations in the UK.

    OpenVAERS –

  • Eric Legge

    And if vaccination is made mandatory, you’ll keep getting heavy fines if you refuse and the ever-lying t*rds will be stealing your money, probably taken directly from your bank account(s) so that they don’t have to put you in prison, to help pay the astronomically-huge lockdown bills.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Young athletes should certainly avoid such risky activities as ‘Taking The Knee’. Which is an athletic feat that seriously affects the blood pressure of sports spectators as well.

    However, as Western world Kung Flu cases continue to rise in proportion to the numbers vaccinated while they continue to fall in Africa where only 6% of the population has been jabbed, it’s inevitable that Project Fear will concentrate on driving ‘cases’ upwards in those countries whose politicians, public officials, doctors and scientists are all doing quite well thank you very much courtesy of Big Pharma.

    I read today that the WHO (Wuhan Health Organisation) is already working on another new Kung Flu variant, allegedly even more deadly and infectious than ‘Delta’.

    Which will inevitably be unleashed on us during the next round of annual Lockdowns. And will result in yet another addition to the ever-growing list of annual jabs which continue to boost the profits of Pfizer etc.

  • twi5ted

    Seems pretty clear the mRNA type injections are causing problems. They have been banned in some countries for youngsters i think Sweden for example. These therapies were in development for years and never succeeded in passing trials for this exact reason.

    And now another scarient emerges purely by coincidence during the american thanks giving holiday. Luckily stock markets remained open but liquidity is very low so moves are exaggerated. Big swings in prices result and lots of money to be made if you positioned yourself ahead of it.

    The huge profits from mRNA personalised medicine that could result if they can perfect the technology really relies on this situation enduring for some time. We are public testing a drug and its clear there is already collateral damage.

  • Friedrich Nietzsche warned in the 1880s that equality was going to carry the west away. And here we are now when no leader of the west dares to say that only women have a cervix.

    Here is a telling quote from Nietzsche’s book called “The Will to Power: An Attempted Revaluation of All Values”.

    “Socialism ― or the tyranny of the meanest and the most brainless, ― that is to say, the superficial, the envious, and the mummers, brought to its zenith, ― is, as a matter of fact, the logical conclusion of “modern ideas” and their latent anarchy: but in the genial atmosphere of democratic well-being the capacity for forming resolutions or even for coming to an end at all, is paralysed. Men follow ― but no longer their reason. That is why socialism is on the whole a hopelessly bitter affair: and there is nothing more amusing than to observe the discord between the poisonous and desperate faces of present-day socialists ― and what wretched and nonsensical feelings does not their style reveal to us! ― and the childish lamblike happiness of their hopes and desires. Nevertheless, in many places in Europe, there may be violent hand-to-hand struggles and irruptions on their account: the coming century is likely to be convulsed in more than one spot, and the Paris Commune, which finds defenders and advocates even in Germany, will seem to have but a slight indigestion compared with what is to come. Be this as it may, there will always be too many people of property for socialism ever to signify anything more than an attack of illness: and these people of property are like one man with one faith, “one must possess something in order to be some one.” This, however, is the oldest and most wholesome of all instincts; I should add: “one must desire more than one has in order to become more.” For this is the teaching which life itself preaches to all living things: the morality of Development. To have and to wish to have more, in a word, Growth―that is life itself. In the teaching of socialism “a will to the denial of life” is but poorly concealed: botched men and races they must be who have devised a teaching of this sort. In fact, I even wish a few experiments might be made to show that in socialistic society life denies itself, and itself cuts away its own roots. The earth is big enough and man is still unexhausted enough for a practical lesson of this sort and demonstratio ad absurdumb ― even if it were accomplished only by a vast expenditure of lives ― to seem worth while to me. Still, Socialism, like a restless mole beneath the foundations of a society wallowing in stupidity, will be able to achieve something useful and salutary: it delays “Peace on Earth” and the whole process of character-softening of the democratic herding animal; it forces the European to have an extra supply of intellect, ―it also saves Europe awhile from the marasmus femininus [feminine decay or atrophy] which is threatening it.”

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