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My climate book is ‘inflammatory’ and led to violence

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Some readers may find this little story interesting as it illustrates how intolerant the supposedly tolerant, morally-superior, virtue-signalling progressives are and the oppressive stranglehold they have on free speech.

A difficult birth

In March 2021, I decided to write a new book – THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS – questioning the ever more strident and influential Greta-worshipping, climate catastrophist cult. The first problem was that my literary agent told me to not waste my time as he said no UK publisher would dare publish the book as they would be too afraid of being attacked by the Twitter, Facebook and other social media lynch mobs.

But I went ahead and wrote the book anyway. I then forked out the £1,000 or so to produce and publish the book myself in June 2021.

THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS takes all the main claims of the deranged climate catastrophists and demolishes each one. From supposedly melting ice caps, rising sea levels, more wildfires, more flooding, the ‘97% of scientists’ claim and soon-to-be-extinct polar bears, THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS shows that none of these are true.


It has been difficult to get any media attention for my book.

While some mainstream media will dare question the cost and the consequences of Britain trying to achieve net zero while China enthusiastically builds hundreds more coal-fired power stations, nobody in the media (not even the supposedly ‘anti-woke’ GB News) will dare ask whether human activities actually are responsible for changes in our climate in the first place.

As I was unable to get any printed, social or broadcast media to show any interest in my book, I had to take matters into my own hands yet again. To have a bit of fun, I commissioned a large poster advertising THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS:

I then hired an advan (advertising van) to drive around the centre of Manchester for two days on 4th and 5th October during the Tory Party conference:

My intention was to use the same advan for two days during Boris’s and Carrie’s November Glasgow Cop26 bletherfest and then again for two days in London once Parliament returned in mid-November. But when I tried to book the same van to advertise THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS, the advan company refused to take the booking as their driver in Manchester had been heckled, insulted, threatened and even assaulted by global warming fanatics.

Here is the message I received from the advan company:

Thank you for your email.

After due consideration, unfortunately we will not be able to fulfil future bookings for your book as the content of the banner message is just too inflammatory.

This resulted in our driver being both verbally abused throughout the course of the Manchester operation and then physically assaulted by a member of the public. An incident attended by the police and for which I understand a man was arrested.

If you can find another contractor who is prepared to undertake the work, we would be happy to arrange for the banners to be delivered to them.

I can understand that it would be ‘inflammatory’ if I were produce a poster insulting people because of their skin colour or even because they wore women’s clothing while still having a healthy, well-functioning penis.

But apparently in our perverse. progressive, politically-correct world, it is now considered ‘inflammatory’ to dare suggest that the Earth’s climate is controlled by things like the Earth’s varying orbit around the Sun (Milankovitch Cycles), the Earth’s tilt, levels of solar activity and such cyclical phenomena as El Nino, La Nina, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, the Madden-Julian Oscillation and the Indian Ocean Dipole.

It is now apparently ‘inflammatory’ to dare question the end-of-time superstitions of the woke, progressive, scientifically-challenged, pig-ignorant, Greta-adoring doomsday cultists.

It seems that free speech in the UK is only allowed for those with the ‘correct’ opinions.

9 comments to My climate book is ‘inflammatory’ and led to violence

  • David Brown

    people should go on unmoderated national press online articles with comments- Some on Daily Mail -not pre-censored/ moderated The Telegraph – Mirror Express are not moderated
    Plug it as the book they do not want you to read .

  • Loppoman

    The masses have been well brainwashed over recent times. You see/hear it every day on TV/radio. Most will label you as a deranged lunatic in need of help and guidance. We need a TV channel similar to Sky Australia. I had great hope for GB News but they are turning out same as the rest.
    Climate deniers are attempting to swim uphill in this western world. They are up against big business and big bucks. The money ppl will not easily give up their advantage.
    I would love to know what proportion of ppl think the same as us. It would not surprise me if the loons are in the majority, such is the level of brainwashing. Deliberate debasing of education standards and the resulting ignorance of the masses helps their narrative.
    Even members of my own family have joined the loons. They are reluctant to engage in a constructive argument. The TV/radio is always right.
    The time will come when the loons realize that they’re being taken for mugs. That’s when we will see mass disobedience and conflict. It has to come – things can’t go on as they are.

  • adrian

    I read your book. Frankly the hysteria is reaching fever pitch whether you are right or wrong and I believe you are right.
    Like you I am tired of all this and have started a soft campaign #stop on twitter, FB etc. It is not my life’s work but someone somewhere needs to stand up and be counted. You do not permit uploads here of posters so need t look at the FB page.

  • A Thorpe

    You deserve a medal for publishing the book and the advertising lorry. The rest of us just comment and some may attend conferences such as the recent ICCC, but you have done something positive. The lorry was seen in Manchester and even if it did not make the news who knows how it might jog memories as the energy costs rise and power shortages start.

    I was reading comments yesterday from Thomas Sowell and one was – at a time of artificial intelligence we have artificial stupidity. I think Douglas Murray has a better expression, it is educated stupidity. I struggle to make sense of this, as does Loppoman above, but insane group behaviour is nothing new. However, I think it’s impact is worse now than at any other time because of our advanced knowledge and civilisation. We have so much more to lose and we are linked closer than ever. I have no doubt that technology is the driver of nonsense because it spreads through TV and now even quicker through the internet.

    Philosophers who have discussed this say, like Loppoman, that civil disobedience is the way it will end. But most that I have read lived over 100 years ago or more and they did not consider the mass communication that now supports the group think. But civil disobedience needs a critical mass for it to have any impact. Unfortunately it won’t be the masses listening to rational argument that will bring change, it will come when the bread and circuses stop. Then it will be too late.

  • twi5ted

    This is advertising gold. Hats off to you Sir.

    Surely this is the same as the gay cake eaters who wanted the devout christian baker to ice their ring donut. Surely the advertising contractor are denying your human rights here.

  • Loppoman

    twi5ted – reverse human rights applies here, same as for racism.

  • Marc Ager

    Dave, hire a truck, fix your posters to it and drive it around yourself. Ask your friends here if a few of them will go with you as support against possible violence.

    I tried to get an anti-feminist book published in the early 1980s without success. Some of the publishers apologised for not being able to consider it.

    Now I heard a published feminist on GB News complain that she is out of work because no publishers want to take on her feminist books because, she said, no one wants to hear about feminism.

    Hard to believe, but it looks as if transphobia has killed feminism off.

  • Gwen Hill

    It’s all so depressing. If you don’t conform to group think you become a pariah. How did we get to this state of affairs? Once upon a time there would have been sensible balanced debates on the tv re climate change/crisis or whatever it’s called this week but now some-one on soshul me-me-me-medya makes a pronouncement and the rest of the world takes it as gospel and woe betide anyone who cares to disagree. Social media has completely turned off people’s critical faculties.

    Anyway well done for taking the initiative, David. I’ve ordered a copy although sadly I don’t know many people I’d dare pass it on to.

  • Brenda Blessed

    This is my favourite blog. It looks as if the comments are all from people who were educated when the old O Level and A Level examination system was in use supplying a much higher level of student to the universities, none of which were jumped-up polytechnics.

    How many anti-feminist books has anyone seen? – It was, and probably still is, a no-go area for the mainstream publishers to allow anyone have a go at demolishing feminist’ lies and sophistry. Even though it is now all-too-obvious that government-applied feminism is clearly largely responsible for starting off the restrictions to free speech that we are facing now. For wrecking the family and making single-parent families better off than two-parent families. For the constant diminishment of the male. And, of course, for requiring a dumbed-down education system to make equality appear to be a valid ideology. All-female short lists for MP selection, the feminisation of the NHS and education system, etc., etc.

    Now we are at the logical conclusion that no one saw coming – transphobia – which is doing feminism in.

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