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Afghans welcome! We’d better build more prisons! (And lock up your daughters?)

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In my blog of 16 August, I pointed out that we would need to build a Grenfell Tower-sized block of flats every eleven days to house the 20,000+ diverse, vibrant, multi-cultural enrichers from the Third World which Priti Patel’s useless Border Farce ferry service are so desperate to collect from French beaches and transport to a life of taxpayer-funded leisure in once Great Britain.

But yesterday, we got even more wonderful news – our government of fools is planning to fly at least 20,000 Afghans to our country. Though, of course, Sir Kneeler Starmer and his socialist chums are demanding that at least 40,000 Afghans be shipped into our country. No doubt the Libdems and Greens would like 50,000 or 100,000 or even more?

This therefore might be an appropriate time to consider what contribution these fabulous people from Stone Age Afghanistan will make to our country.

One way to do this might be to look at the ethnicity and religion of our prison population.

Let’s hope our prisons are Halal-compliant

Ethnic minorities – BAME – make up just 13% of the general population in England and Wales, but account for 27% of the prison population. So, it’s clear that increasing multi-culturalism is making us a more vibrant and diverse country.

Things get more interesting when we look at the religion of those held at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

  • Jews – 1% of general population and 1% of prison population
  • Hindus – 2% of general population – less than 0.5% of prison population
  • Sikhs – 1% of general population and 1% of prison population
  • Christians – 61% of general population and only 47% of prison population
  • Muslims – 4% of general population but 16% of prison population

So, the first point is that our friends from our favourite religion are four times more likely to be criminals than Jews and Sikhs and almost six times more likely to be criminals than Hindus or Christians.

Secondly, we know that for every underage white girl repeatedly beaten, burnt with cigarettes and raped by gangs of 40 to 50 men from our most wonderfullest religion, at most four or five of these rapists will ever be prosecuted if our politically-correct police even can take the time off scouring the Internet for ‘thought crimes’ to prosecute them at all.  So, if our woke, finger-nail-painted, high-heel-wearing. LGBT++-hugging police were actually doing the job they are paid by us to do, the proportion of our friends from Britain’s most admired religion in prison should actually be even higher than it already is.

As our rulers bring in 20,000 or 30,000 or 40,000 Afghans direct from the Stone Age into our country, in addition to the invading hordes from Africa and the Middle East flooding in across the Channel, judging from the ethnicities and religion of our current prison population, we had better start building more prisons. And you might want to think about locking up your daughters?

Here’s the government report with the detailed statistics:

6 comments to Afghans welcome! We’d better build more prisons! (And lock up your daughters?)

  • William Boreham

    Daniel Greenfield, in the USA, has much the same thoughts:

    “Getting the United States out of Afghanistan is relatively easy compared to getting Afghanistan out of America. The latest stage of the withdrawal is accompanied by frantic calls to “save Afghan interpreters” coming from the same media that also wants us out of Afghanistan.
    But what’s the use of leaving Afghanistan if we’re going to bring it with us to America?
    The “interpreter” scam is one of the longest running immigration hoaxes on record.
    Before the withdrawal, there were some 2,500 American soldiers in Afghanistan. After the withdrawal, there are around 600 soldiers left behind.
    And there are 20,000 Afghan “interpreters” applying for SIVs or Special Immigrant Visas.
    How can there be 20,000 interpreters for 2,500 soldiers?”

  • david brown

    Are there any specific figures for people from Afghanistan now in the UK? Also their ethnic and religion ratios eg those who are Christian and those who are Muslim.

  • A Thorpe

    It’s easy to identify a problem but very difficult to find a solution. For hundreds of years there was very little change over a lifetime. We have seen change in work as industry replaced agriculture which brought higher standards of living. What we have now are social changes, and not only related to immigration, that are difficult to accept. The changes have happened over a number of years but only now are the problems being identified. The politicians don’t care and encourage it. They are part of the problem. I no longer recognise the country I was born into and many my age say the same. I am just grateful that my parents are not alive to see what is happening. I have their values and they are irrelevant in the Britain of today.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Isn’t it highly questionable that almost all councils in the UK have housing waiting lists that are years long, yet somehow they can manage to accommodate tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan and also accommodate tens of thousands of migrants crossing the channel?

    If you subtract the Asian percentages from the 27% BAME prison-population total, black British people must make up 10 per cent of the total prison population out of around 3% of the UK’s total population, which is correct.

    Those figures would no doubt be very much higher if the police and CPS were not so selective about the cases that are pursued and brought to trial.

    As we have seen, the police are far more concerned with not having the institutionalised-racist label attached to them than they are about fighting crime.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Meanwhile all the international charities and NGO’s, having seen their huge gravy train vanish in just a weekend, are today demanding $800 million of taxpayers’ money to make up the shortfall – er, sorry, to ‘continue their work in Afghanistan’.

    Just as if the Taliban are gagging for feminist, ‘rainbow’, and transgender propaganda groups to shape their Islamic Fundamentalist society.

    And I read that Boris, doubtless in the belief that the Taliban are hanging on his every word, demands that their second bite at the Afghan cherry will be ‘Inclusive’, as well as ‘respecting Human Rights’, something they’re conspicuously known for of course, before he’ll deign to throw vast sums of taxpayer’s money at them in the form of foreign aid.

    What, not ‘Diverse’ as well, Boris? Why, the Twitterati will have your guts for garters!

    Still, our tousled PM can find relief in the certainty that in six months time the media will have entirely forgotten about Afghanistan. Just as they’ve entirely forgotten about Syria, once on every front page, and where Obama’s enemy of choice, Bashar al-Assad, remains obstinately in power. And where another Western-funded bunch of nutters, Islamic State, had to be defeated by the Russian armed forces when it turned out yet again that your enemy’s enemy isn’t always your best mate.

  • It seems to me that the Afghan Taliban are a natural phenomenon and that our liberal Taliban are decadents. The result of the physiologically exhausted breeding. They are bizarros. The negative Superman. The negative manifestation of the natural. Boris is a bizarro fop. Blair and brown are bizarro supermen.

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