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An excellent week for Afghanistan?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

Great bleating and moaning from the holier-than-thou elites

Oh dear. As Afcrapistan falls under Taliban control, there is much wailing and bleating and moaning from our moral superiors. After all, as the Western NGOs and do-gooders scarper, who will be left to teach the poor Afghans about climate change and gender fluidity and the importance of using the correct pronouns and other such garbage over which our elites and the mainstream media obsess 24 hours a day?

Meanwhile all our TV news and newspapers are full of courageous armchair warriors lecturing us on how we’ve failed the Afghans and how our military should have stayed in Afcrapistan for another 10 million years or whatever.

While our opinion leaders howl and wail about what a disaster the Taliban victory will be for Afcrapistan, I don’t quite see it that way.

Has peace finally come to Afcrapistan?

Russia invaded Afcrapistan on 24 December 1979. Then the Americans and their allies invaded in 2001. For more than 32 years there has been constant war in that godforsaken excuse for a country. But now, with the Taliban victory, it’s possible and even likely that peace will finally come to the place.

OK, women’s rights will be set back a couple of thousand years. There will be a few beheadings and stonings. And gender-fluid men might find themselves being thrown off high buildings:

But order will be restored and there will be admirably little crime as thieves will have their hands cut off if caught. Of course, our media will be full of unverifiable horror stories about 12-year-old girls being taken from their homes to be raped by Taliban fighters. But visit any major UK city now and there will be rape gangs from our favourite vibrant, multi-cultural enriching communities subjecting vulnerable white girls to being raped and beaten by 20 to 30 men at a time:

Meanwhile our brave police scour the Internet for any white people committing ‘thought crimes’. So, not much difference between the UK and Afcrapistan on that point.

Here come the Chinese

Moreover, now the Taliban have full control of the country, Chinese mining companies will be pouring in to exploit Afghanistan’s vast mineral wealth. These companies will build roads, rail links and even airports to bring in their workers and take out their spoils.

Afghanistan will see more economic development in the next few years, thanks to the Chinese, than it has for the last thousand years or more.

What about our great military leaders?

But there is one unpleasant question arising as the Taliban celebrate victory – did the 450+ UK soldiers who died in Afghanistan and the thousands who were maimed suffer for nothing?

That’s a question that should be put to Britain’s great military leaders. For the last 20 years they have known:

  • all Afghan politicians were utterly corrupt
  • most of the money sent to Afghanistan was looted by the politicians and military commanders
  • a large part of the supposed 350,000-strong Afghan army didn’t exist. They only existed on paper so corrupt local commanders could pocket their wages (which we paid)
  • many soldiers hadn’t been paid for months as their wages had been looted by top Afghan military commanders
  • most influential Afghans had used their looted millions to buy luxury bolt-holes in places like Oman and Dubai to be ready when it was time to get the h*ll out of the country
  • the whole place was a house of cards ready to collapse at the slightest threat from the Taliban
  • (as one reader wrote yesterday) you cannot impose a false veneer of democracy on a medieval narco-state in which religious, tribal and clan loyalties vastly outweigh the naive enthusiasms of Western NGOs.

Yet, in spite of knowing all this, our generals seem to have kept quiet. Perhaps they were worried that causing a stir with their political leaders might have endangered their chances of lots of lucrative consultancy jobs, knighthoods and a comfortable seat in the Lords on retirement? So, as has happened throughout history, the (IMHO) cynical, incompetent, self-serving donkeys leading our troops sent their lions out to fight and die while enthusiastically feathering their own nests and preparing for their own financially-comfortable futures.

Why we need channels like Fox News

Here’s the inimitable Tucker Carlson explaining the Afcrapistan disaster much more eloquently than I ever could:


12 comments to An excellent week for Afghanistan?

  • Loppoman

    This Tucker guy is spot on.
    What are his chances of getting a job at the BBC?

  • twi5ted

    To see the one sided coverage of how awful the Taliban are whilst preaching critical race theory and open door immigration policies at home seems hypercritical. The Taliban seem to include the displaced Baathists who were chased out of Iraq all those years ago so maybe given their record maybe if we leave them alone it may go back to the way it was there before the Iraqi war.

    I seem to recall we invaded Iraq to protect Saudi who were happy to fund anti American groups. I also agree the Chinese will only be too happy to invest and given their close links with the US administration maybe this is their reward for taking the hit on covid. A bone to stop them invading Taiwan whilst the US is weakened.

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t know which is more depressing, listening to the nonsense and lies from our politicians and media or listening to the truth from Tucker. It is the same no matter what the subject – the climate crisis, the Covid crisis, the Middle East, etc.

    Perhaps we should look at history. The Middle East developed farming and made many other advances whilst Britain was still in the hunter gather phase. The Romans brought their advances to Britain and when they left we didn’t even have the skills to maintain the roads and everything declined. Civilisations can go backwards and we should remember that. All the signs are the western leaders are destroying everything we have created. It isn’t Afghanistan we should be concerned about.

    A factor that made the Roman conquests so successful was that they did not impose their culture on people. This applied especially to religion. Since there was no dominant god it was possible to recognise the same gods but with different names. Religious conflict started when Rome adopted Christianity and then the persecution of Jews started. Then when Islam was created there was more conflict. It has never stopped.

    After years spend trying to impose democracy and western culture on the Middle East and failing, the western leaders are now trying to convince us that the Taliban has changed. I saw a video this morning of Gen Sir Nick Carter, Chief of the Defence Staff, telling us the Taliban has changed and we should trust what they say. So why do we need to bring 20,000 and more over here?

    Wars are the last thing we need anywhere but when we have a huge profitable arms industry, it needs to sell weapons and that means they must be used, and replaced and modernised. It is just as Eisenhower warned, the military-industrial complex controls western government foreign policy. Eisenhower also pointed our the dangers of government funding of research and that has happened. If governments are told there is no problem then there will be no funding and so we have an invented climate crisis. A pandemic that is not even close to past pandemics in the number of deaths has been created to impose an experimental “vaccine” on us. Nick Carter believes that the Taliban is not forcing unacceptable beliefs on Afghans. It is hardly surprising considering what is being forced on us through fear.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Am I the only one to find it a touch odd that when women in Afghanistan, a fundamentalist Islamic country, are forced to wear the Niqab or Burka, the Left howls that it’s oppressive of the rights of women, but any criticism of women wearing either garment in the UK, a nominally Christian society, inevitably results in the Left howling that it’s ‘Islamophobic’?

    Am I also the only one who finds it odd that the Taliban are condemned for blowing up ancient Buddhist statues, yet the Left actively promotes the destruction of our own statues?

    Meanwhile our comfortably retired military leaders are lecturing us how just a few more British soldiers could have prevented the collapse of the Afghan ‘Army’. Just as in Vietnam, when hopelessly deluded US generals were constantly telling the hapless LBJ that it’d only take a few thousand more troops and the ‘Cong would be history.

    And of course, the whole thing is being used by the LibLabCon Globalist Uniparty as a perfect excuse to import many thousands of foreigners to even further ‘Enrich’ our terrible, racist, patriarchal, misogynistic, far-right, white supremacist society.

  • Stillreading

    Anbsolutely true in every respect bar one, Thorpe. I must disagree, as must anyone who has contacts in the medical profession, with your comment on the covid vaccine. Certainly when compared with the post WW1 Spanish Flu pandemic (or indeed the bubonc plague of previous centuries) this Chinese manufactured visitation scarcely qualifies as a pandemic. For those who catch it, though, it can be very nasty indeed. Doctors have described graphically to me the appalling sight of barely conscious patients desperately gasping for air while ceaselessy coughing and the plight of those mercifully rendered unconscious, with their oxygen requirements being delivered via ventilators. No one would willingly endure either of those conditions. I am therefore extremely grateful for what you call the “experimental” vaccine. It may not yet be perfect, but it is a lot better than nothing! Since I greatly object to covering my nose and mouth and now go unmasked about my daily business of seeing friends, shopping, and using public transport, I quite anticipate getting covid at some time but hope that if or when I do I shall neither die nor require admission to hospital. In the meantime, I intend to enjoy what’s left of my life with as much freedom of speech and action as our Great Leader and his cohort of incompetents permits me! I’ve somewhat wandered off the topic of Afghanistan, about which I can only totally agree with what you wrote earlier in the week and write again today. More and more it seems to me that Western society is on an inexorable decline – but then, that is precisely what happened to the Romans and, before them, the Ancient Greeks and the Egyptians. It’s history! But then, that’s a mighty subject of even the bare bones of which the overwhelming percentage of today’s younger generations are almost totally ignorant.

  • Stillreading

    Great comment Jeffrey Palmer. I freely admit that until I read your post I had not considered for one moment the flagrant inconsistencies with regard to women’s headgear and statue destructioon which you itemise. So thank you! Food for thought. The hypocrisy is almost unbelievable. I watched WTF – Farage on GBN yesterday evening and he explained that a statue of Sir Francis Drake in the West Country is now to be adorned with some sort of nonsense plaque informing the ignorant populace that he was a brutal slave trader! I understand some brief mention is also made that he actually was also responsible for seeing off the Spanish Armada – but that’s of no importance at all, it seems, to a population which would otherwise possibly still be a Catholic nation, subject to Papal religious rule. History again! This plaque, incidentally, is to be installed to comply with the desire of ONE SINGLE RESPONDENT when the issue was put out by the Council for public comment! The response of ALL the other responders – 33 I think Farage said – was leave the statue as it is! So much for local government democracy!

  • A Thorpe

    @Stillreading – It is difficult to make sense of what is going on. What puzzles me is that we have some years with high number of deaths from flu, but we hear nothing about them. I doubt that they have a peaceful death. Regarding the Covid deaths I have seen a lot of criticism about adopting ventilation and that it has caused many of the problems. But the most significant claim is the failure to use treatments known to be successful, such as Ivermectin. India was successfully using this and then stopped which is when their problems started. Ivermectin is cheap with low profits, and some say this is why it was withdrawn to impose the highly profitable vaccines on us.I don’t know what is true, but we should all be concerned that the politicians don’t seem to know or care.

    The vaccines are experimental and you don’t really know anything about them. My understanding is that research on the mRNA treatment started at least 10 years ago and probably earlier. None of the research progressed beyond animal trials, There are claims that animals were dying as a result of the treatment, but I have not seen any evidence to support that. I assume that many animals are killed after treatment to examine them for problems. Those not examined I also assume are killed because they could not be used in further trials. It is the fact that no human trials were conducted for any treatments before the Covid treatments became available that concerns me, and the Covid treatments were given emergency use only approval. Normally vaccines and drugs take years to go through the rigorous trial requirements and even then there can be some serious problems, such as thalidomide.

    Randomised control trials are required with a trial group and a vaccine group and they can be blinded, where the participants do not know they have the drug, or double blinded where those processing the data do not know. Trials can be conducted by the manufacturer or preferably independently. In the end it is all down to statistics and it is very easy to bias the conclusions. I know from personal experience when I was given incorrect statistics for health treatment and I had to investigate to make a claim. There is a lot of money at stake.The trials are to determine the benefits of a drug on a specific condition and that means that all other factors have to be eliminated from the statistics. It is just the same with climate change. CO2 is said to be the cause of increasing temperature and nothing else, so studies have to prove that and the weather is too complex to eliminate all other causes. In the case of Covid, we were told that masks prevented infections and stopped the spread of infections and that social distancing and lockdowns did the same. We were blamed for not following the rules and hence infections increased. The trials of the vaccines were carried out whilst these other measures were in place, so how do we know that the benefits claimed for the vaccines is only due to the vaccine and not influenced by other factors. When there are additional known factors that effect the results the statistics must allow for this and for every additional factor the uncertainty in the claimed results increases. None of this was taken into account in the Covid trials.

    It is also necessary to set down the protocols and to stick to them. There is very little information to say what the Covid vaccine trials were looking for. The PCR test was used to determine cases but there is no information in the trial data about the seriousness of the infection, hospitalisation or death. All we know is that after a very small number of infections the trials were ended and results declared that were favourable. In the case of Pfizer later suspected cases showed that the vaccine were effectively of no value in preventing infections. There were no data from trials to show that those vaccinated have a less severe infection, or hospitalisations and deaths reduced. The worst of it is that the placebo group was lost almost immediately because they were given the vaccine, so we cannot determine long term risks. This is not the way to run trials where our safety is concerned.

    There are a lot of claims of deaths and serious health problems after vaccination reported in the US VAERS and our Yellow Card system, but I am not aware of any of them being thoroughly investigated. This is of course what the trials should do before drugs are authorised. We didn’t know about this virus when it appeared but it was obvious that most people were recovering and the deaths were of people with comorbidities. The deaths are also being exaggerated when the annual deaths are compared with other years. It really is not much different from a serious flu season. This is why I am concerned about an experimental treatment being forced on us through fear. The developers have also been protected from prosecution if there are problems.

    There are always risks with drugs and vaccines and the trials are designed to establish these. There has to be a significant benefit over the risks of the drug itself. The problem with the Covid treatments is that we do not know either risk accurately because the trials were not run for a sufficient time. The declared efficacy is a relative efficacy which is 95%, but it is the absolute efficacy that matters when comparing risks and that is very low, about 1%. Therefore the risks of adverse effects in comparison to the absolute efficacy become important. It is an utter disgrace that this has been allowed as a treatment for most of the world’s population and it ignores all health standards and protection used in the past.

    One additional factor that concerns me in the UK which has a high vaccination rate is that there is no mention of whether deaths are in the vaccinated or unvaccinated group. I suspect they are mostly in the vaccinated group because if they were unvaccinated it would be used as propaganda to encourage vaccination.

  • Stillreading

    Thank you Thorpe. I always read with much appreciation your detailed and informed responses on scientific issues. I agree with much of what you assert concerning absence of double-blind trials before the widespread administration of the covid vaccines – all of them, irrespective of whether traditional or mRNA based. I maintain, though, that in the instance of covid rapid production and administration was preferable to the alternative. The mortality resulting from vaccine-induced blood clots (Astra Zeneca vaccine) is a tragedy for those so affected, and their families, but the fact is that the occurrence is extremely rare and any one person is significantly more likely to die from covid if they get it than from the vaccine. Other effects – 24 hours of high temperature, headache, feeling generally rotten – are unpleasant but transient. Several of my family experienced some or all of these but a couple of paracetamol or aspirins and a night’s sleep provided early relief. As for effective treatment with a low-cost steroid – yes, certainly. As I understand it, provided there are no contra-indications, it is now routinely given to people sufficiently ill to require admission to hospital, but I stand to be corrected on this if I am wrong. I also understand that in the main, people now becoming seriously ill tend to be the unvaccinated, or those with pre-existing comorbidities whose chances of surviving any additional insult to their systems were not good. Regarding the tests, I am very sceptical. The PCR test seems to have some validity, but it is now acknowledged that the lateral flow test can be made to show a positive response if before taking it the subject swills out the mouth and throat with an acidic drink – an excellent ploy for all those school kids who craved a week off school! I also distrust utterly the daily so-called mortality figures. It is ludicrous that a person with multiple morbidities can be recorded as having died from covid as a result of having tested positive up to 28 days previously, when the actual cause of death may be something else entirely. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics! The last of these, along with “computer models”, can be tweaked or manipulated to show almost any result considered desirable – as was conclusively demonstrated by one of the scientists shown in the excellent documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, still available on YouTube and well worth watching.

  • A Thorpe

    @Stillreading – There is one big flaw in your argument and that is you don’t know what the “alternative” would have been and you are also not considering the impact of the policies on the economy and our lives. Panic and not honesty determined the government response.

    There is observational evidence from the US States that used different policies that masks and lockdown measures have had little impact on cases and deaths. There is also observational evidence that cases increased where vaccinations have been higher.

    If you have a reference about deaths being higher among the unvaccinated I would appreciate it. I have only seen one reference from data published by Public Health England about deaths listed by vaccinated and unvaccinated. The sample size wasn’t very large so not reliable in my view, but there was a higher percentage of deaths amongst the vaccinated. The document didn’t discuss this and it did not give the age or comorbidities, so I tended to think it might be because the elderly and others at risk had been vaccinated first and they had died from other causes. Others took the view that it was a problem with the vaccines, which shows how easy it is for false claims to circulate. This reports raises the other problem we have which is that Covid deaths are being distorted by the method of recording.

    I find it difficult to trust anything I read, but I am quite sure that accepted standards for protecting us from new treatments have been ignored and we should not accept that.

  • I’d like to add my thanks and appreciation for the impressive contributions from (Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mr) A Thorpe.

    You must spend simply ages researching and verifying what you write. That part is especially valued by slow types, such as me.

    Facts, with balance, are always powerful weapons for Truth seekers, who seem to be a dwindling species at reset.

    As our friends the French say “Bonne continuation”.

  • Equality was doing the west in long before the Cold War ended, in my opinion. It is the big lie that spawned all of the others that are now delivering the coup de grâce.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Dr Vernon Coleman also does very reliable and extensive research and puts it on

    Current quote from the home page: “…his Wikipedia page was deliberately and dramatically changed by government employees and used to ‘monster’ him. All his lifetime achievements were removed. Without any evidence or justification he was, among other things, labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and said to be ‘widely discredited’. Google, which works with Wikipedia, reproduced the lies in an attempt to discredit him, so that nobody would believe his warnings. Biographies on include references.”

    The same things happened to the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, Dr Robert Malone, after he said in a video that he was concerned about the build up in vaccinated women of nanoparticles around their ovaries and said that the use of the drug Ivermectin was showing “very encouraging” results against the virus. His Wikipedia page was removed. As was the YT video in which he said that in discussion with two other highly-qualified men.

    Here is the introduction to the removed video:

    Heading: “How to save the world, in three easy steps.”

    “Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology. Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines. Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist. Bret talks to Robert and Steve about the pandemic, treatment and the COVID vaccines.”

    And here is an interview with Dr Robert Malone that was still there when I wrote this comment:

    Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor of mRNA technology discusses the Spike Protein | Interview –

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