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Tainted Tedros turns on his Chinese masters?

Monday/Tuesday blog

Best friends for life?

Here are (IMHO) two of possibly the world’s greatest modern mass murderers:

So far they are only responsible or about 5 million deaths directly due to the lab-leaked Chinese Wuhan plague plus maybe another 5 million due to people unable to get treatment for other conditions like heart attacks, strokes and cancer due to health systems collapsing under the weight of a tsunami of WuFlu sufferers. But over the next few years, many millions more will certainly die thanks to these two men.

As you can see, Emperor Xi and Tedros the Honest Ethiopian are the greatest of chums. Whatever Xi Pingpong says, his best friend for life (BFFL), Tedros the Honest Ethiopian, dutifully backs up Pingpong’s lies and propaganda:

Tainted Tedros does a reverse ferret?

But last week something strange happened. Tedros the Honest Ethiopian did a spectacular reverse ferret. Having faithfully (to his Chinese masters) done everything possible to cover up the fact that the WuFlu Chinese plague leaked from a Wuhan Institute of Virology lab, Tedros suddenly started talking up this possibility. Here’s what Tedros the Trustworthy said:

“I was a lab technician myself, I’m an immunologist, and I have worked in the lab, and lab accidents happenIt’s common”.

Why the sudden change of heart by Tedros the Honest Ethiopian? Did his monthly $1m cheque from the Chinese Communist Party bounce? (That’s a joke, Tedros) Or is Tedros the Honest Ethiopian dumping his BFFL Xi to save his own skin?

People like Tedros the Honest Ethiopian get to top positions by sensing which way the wind is blowing and making sure they are facing that direction. Clearly Tedros the Honest Ethiopian has seen that the China/WHO cover-up is falling apart and that the world is going to find out that the virus leaked from a Chinese military biological weapons programme being conducted partly using US taxpayers’ money (thanks IMHO to Dr Faustus Fauci) at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

If that happens, Tedros the Trustworthy wants to make sure he doesn’t get dragged down with his Chinese chums. Prepare for Tedros the Trustworthy to rewrite history by insisting he suspected a lab leak all along.

The coming Ice Age?

As we’re on the subject of rewriting history, for a little start-the-week amusement here’s a reminder of the glorious 1970s when the world’s climate scientists all agreed that we were heading for a new Ice Age with freezing temperatures, crop failures, mass starvation and millions of deaths:

Of course, in the spirit of rewriting history, none of the climate catastrophist media will ever mention that they were all convinced in the 1960s and 1970s that we were about to freeze to death:

Some things never change:

4 comments to Tainted Tedros turns on his Chinese masters?

  • A Thorpe

    I think it is far more complex, but these two are at the top of the tree. I would add a third, Klaus Schwab, and after that you can add in many of the rich elite, with Bill Gates coming to mind. But these few haven’t done it alone in the case of the pandemic, they had the backing of the government of every country. The CCP achieved control through force but other countries have been more subtle and have used propaganda, particularly through the education system. Our unelected and elected leaders have power and control because of the stupidity and ignorance of the masses and their willingness to accept state help for giving up freedom and responsibility. Our hunter gatherer ancestors would not have survived if they had not taken responsibility for themselves and understood their environment. Civilisation is taking us backwards.

    A speaker on GB News last night pointed out that we are just mammals. However, we are different to other mammals because of our big brain, but this means nothing if we are not capable of rational thought and that must mean taking into account evidence from our observations of the natural world. History shows us that superstition ruled in the past. They did not have our scientific knowledge but it is also obvious that they did not have any rational thinking. Now we are in a worse situation because science is being used against us. It is impossible for any of us to understand more than a fraction of our knowledge, but that should not prevent rational thinking and demanding evidence from our leaders, but it clearly is not happening.

    I don’t accept the huge number of deaths being attributed to the virus itself. In the UK the deaths have been higher than recent years but not much different from some past years.There hasn’t been a pandemic compared to previous ones. Fear has been used to create the impression of a pandemic. The deaths are due to co-morbidities and and this is because governments and health services are obsessed with extending life without any regard to the quality of life. It is the pharmaceutical companies that determine health care policies and it is profit that motivates them, not our health.

    The gene therapy virus treatments have been worked on for at least 10 years without a single treatment passing animal testing. Obama stopped federal funding of the gain of function research in 2014 because he was concerned about a dangerous virus escaping. It is not clear what he knew or whether the virus had already been created. It is not difficult to modify an existing virus and my belief is that the virus was created in the USA under Fauci and the work passed to Wuhan. The USA must accept some responsibility, but neither China or the USA will blame the other because it will implicate them.

    The leak of the virus was all the pharmaceutical companies needed to see more profit and so an experimental vaccine was given emergency approval by our incompetent governments. Don’t put all the blame on just the two men, the Oxford team were also working on gene therapies and they boasted they had a “vaccine” ready to go within weeks of receiving the genome from the CCP of all places. The enemy is in the gates. Elite businessmen and academics now control government policy, not our elected representatives.

    If the ice core data of past ice ages is accurate and nothing has happened to change this, then there can be no doubt that the earth will have another ice age, and that we are around the peak of an interglacial period. The present climate alarmism again shows the utter stupidity and ignorance of humanity. Instead of research on the causes of ice ages we are obsessed with the influence of an insignificant gas in the atmosphere. But it is not just the major swings, we have seen warm periods and cold periods in the recent past, but Michael Mann seems to have eliminated them from our written historical records. All it needs a short cold period and our food supplies will be threatened. We see the coastal damage caused by storms but we still flock to live by the coast. The European flooding shows how we ignore accurate weather warnings and fail to upgrade infrastructure for increased population. Instead our experts think we should stop using our cheapest energy sources and damage our economies. China of course is doing exactly the opposite.

    I checked the subscribers to Sky News Australia and it is about 1.8 million, Tony Heller has about 100,000 on his climate site. Effectively, Heller is having no influence with his detailed reporting. Greta is far ahead.

    Can humanity get any more insane?

  • A Thorpe

    Further to the above I have just seen this video discussion.
    There is another link on that page to the full interview which is nearly two hours long.

    There is a statement that they took the reported coronavirus gene sequence and found many patent applications for similar sequences, so it was not novel. It is also stated that Pfizer had a patent application for a vaccine with the same spike protein as the present vaccines which was filed in 2000. So the USA had a vaccine 20 years before the virus was released in China. It is also stated that Fauci funded work that made SARS.

    Who is telling the truth? This is all complex stuff, and I am increasingly convinced this started in the USA.

  • david brown

    A Thorpe above- The CCP originally claimed that the virus arrived in China and it spread from Wuhan Wet market. Which was a fish market, like Billingsgate only with some vertebrates.
    As this source has been discredited they are now promoting by stealth on left wing media the claim that coronavirus had indeed originated in a lab. Fort Detrick bio lab in Maryland. USA.

  • Bad Brian

    The cost to business due to Covid has been devastating.

    My business switched production to rough, wooden, two wheeled, hand carts upon which bodies could be heaped and slowly trundled through back lanes in the dead of night, by oaf like West Ham supporters to places unknown.

    We also produced a line of sackcloth armless tunics , tied at the waist by an old bit string so that the hand cart pushers could feel fully engaged.

    Luckily enough, I met Matt Hanckock throwing up in a pub car park which is why the NHS provided me with a contract for 784,000 of the carts and 37 sackcloth shirts to match.

    I have since relocated my head office to Richard Branson’s brass neck island and all production to North Korea.

    Oh aye lad !, where there’s muck there’s brass !

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