April 2024

Are most of us really in mixed-race relationships like we see on TV?

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First – a bit of climate news

Hopefully you’ve all been driven to bed-wetting terror by the ‘frightening’ reports on the BBC and C4 News of record heat and a few heat-linked deaths in Canada. Clearly, this one weather event proves that man-made global warming is going to fry us all.

But the supposedly balanced BBC and the always anti-British, UK-hating C4 News haven’t mentioned the fact that on the other side of the world, the weather across Australia and New Zealand has been so bad that their ski season will be starting early this year and the owner of one ski shop was quoted as saying: “It’s probably the best start to the season I can remember.”

Even the Guardian reported the particularly bad weather: “Although the cold front wreaked havoc across Victoria, with floods and wild weather cutting power, damaging homes and leaving one person dead, the cold has brought heavy snowfalls in the Blue Mountains, southern highlands, northern ranges and northern tablelands.”

Meanwhile Brazil has seen record snowfalls – Santa Catarina recorded snow accumulations in Urupema and Sao Joaquim early Wednesday morning, June 30, the third consecutive day of the rare phenomenon including below-zero temperatures. According to the Information Center of Environmental Resources and Hydrometeorology of Santa Catarina, this is the first year since 2000 that such a meteorological event has been recorded three consecutive days.

So, is the Canada heatwave definite proof of global warming? Or is the snow in Brazil and blast of Antarctic cold weather across Australia and New Zealand definite proof of global cooling? Or is neither proof of anything?

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Do you live in a mixed race household? If not, you must be a racist!

If you watch any TV ad or see any ads in newspapers, you’ll know that almost every ad showing a family shows a wonderfully politically-correct, happy mixed-race family:

So, you might get the impression that pretty much everyone nowadays lives in a mixed-race household.

I thought readers might be interested in knowing how frequent mixed-race households actually are. So, I’ve looked at the figures from a 29 August 2020 report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and there aren’t quite as many mixed-race families as the politically-correct ads and grovellingly libtard advertisers would have us believe.

Of the 15,015,145 households consisting of more than one person, 94.6% are single race. Of these 94.6% single-race households, 87.8% are single-race white households, 5.4% are single race Asian households and 1.4% are single-race black households.

Or we could look at it another way:

  • Of all households where the ‘household reference person’ (HRP) is white, 95.5% are single-race white
  • Of all households where the HRP is Asian, 95.6% are single-race Asian
  • Of all households where the HRP is black, 93% are single-race black.

This sort of suggests that the happy, omnipresent mixed-race households that are being shoved in our faces day after day after day are rather rare in reality.

And I won’t even mention mixed-race, same-sex couples:

I suspect they are vanishingly rare in spite of the media’s attempts to convince us that they’re becoming the norm.

And then, of course, we have mixed-race, trans couples. Good grief!

Below are the figures from the ONS on mixed-race households and below that is the link to the ONS website in case anyone thinks I’m exaggerating or lying or racist or whatever ……….


Number of households
Ethnicity within marriage or cohabiting relationship for Household Reference Person (HRP) and spouse/partner White 13,196,882
White and Asian 206,416
White and Black 108,795
White and Mixed/other 268,310
Asian 805,105
Asian and Black 7,655
Asian and Mixed/other 29,684
Black 213,326
Black and Mixed/other 15,995
Mixed/other 162,977
All in marriage/cohabiting relationship 15,015,145
HRP not married, not in cohabitating relationship, or not in same household as spouse/partner 12,390,477
Total 27,405,622


10 comments to Are most of us really in mixed-race relationships like we see on TV?

  • A Thorpe

    Your climate news proves what I keep saying, which is there is no physical meaning to the average temperature which is the measure used to judge climate change. An average takes away all the detail and is meaningless and changes from the average more so. We have the unusual cold discussed here and extreme heat in parts of North America. How can an average tell us anything about extremes? Meanwhile, crazy Joe Biden claims the heat is causing more fires. He should read Fahrenheit 451 and understand why the book has that title. Heat will dry out material but it doesn’t start fires.

  • Loppoman

    Here’s a good discussion re mixed relationships albeit in the USA but I’m sure the same applies here.
    Ads show mixed families with kids. White couples only without kids – the nuclear family is not encouraged, white kids not wanted, whites only numbers to be reduced.
    We need to wake up and see what’s happening to the white race.

  • William Boreham

    Ads these days are bordering on madness, bearing no relation to encouraging sales. There’s an ad for a hotel chain that featured a ***** family ****** ********* in their luxuriously-appointed room. Can you imagine a greater turnoff for normal potential customers? And the piece de resistance, an IKEA ad featuring another ****** family, this one with the adoring father with the obligatory spectacles (they’re very clever, you see). Now I’m prepared to wager serious money that in all of history IKEA ***** ******* ****** ***** ****** ********. Yet here they are, turning marketing best practice on its head and inside-out. And as the Gillette experience shows, such show-boating costs serious money. “It turns out men don’t like to be insulted and classified as overly masculine, raging sexists – and they’re dumping the brand,” Townhall reported. “Gillette’s social justice moral preening just cost them $8 billion!”

  • Brenda Blessed

    The UK is a reflection of what takes place earlier in the USA. It is as if an algorithm is run first in the USA and is then set off here.

    I have noticed in press reports that the UK TV show “Love Island” looks as if it could be the sub-Saharan version in which the locals mix it with the European tourists. There are several other similar shows.

    The numbers of black people appearing in commercials here is now nearly on a par with the numbers of white people appearing in them. The white population is around 85% and the black population is around 3% officially, but could be as much as a percentage higher if illegal immigrants are included. The number of Asians in the UK is four times as high at 12%, but their involvement in commercials is very much less than the involvement of blacks.

    Where tails wag dogs, decadents and decadence is always responsible.

    I would bet big money that if a survey were conducted of the UK’s adult population about what their estimation is of what percentage of it is black, they would all provide large over-estimations due entirely to the depictions in TV programmes and adverts.

    The article that Loppoman provides a link to in his comment identifies the liberal ethnicity that is mainly responsible for these commercials in the USA. It appears to be the same ethnicity that is mainly responsible for them here.

    As usual, this is a globalist agenda like all of the others – climate change, Covid-19, misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia. It wears an ostensibly moral mask that hides its real nefarious face.

    But now the two-faced racism agenda is openly excluding whites, who are seen as the oppressors of the other races who are their victims. The call for less white, less male has been openly declared via BLM and Critical Race Theory, which, believe it or not, is being increasingly taught in the USA in schools and even in the US military.

    What is Critical Race Theory? –

    Even Boris Johnson urged the club gathered at the G7 Summit that it must build back gender-neutral and more feminine. The aim of which is to make oppositions to all of the other globalist agendas much less likely.

    In my opinion, all of this creeping-subterranean stuff has one main goal in mind – to bring in millions of migrants into the USA and Europe from Africa in particular and from the rest of the third world, (from Central America to the USA) by making use of the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration to which the UK is already a signatory. The USA was not a signatory under Trump, but will no doubt sign up to it under Xiden.

    Global compact for migration –

  • I had a feeling that it was just a matter of time before the “People of the Lie” started saying that anyone who is not in a mixed-race relationship is racist. It is the logical conclusion of all of this racism business. They also want the word Caucasian banned as being racist.

    Of course it is really nothing other than the plebeian envy and resentment of the most successful and inventive people ever to exist on this planet. If you can’t beat them don’t try your utmost to rise to their level, just bring them down to your level.

    Dave’s book “THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS” is an enlightening read that provides all of the information anyone would need to win an argument on climate change.

    For example, I wasn’t aware that dramatic geological changes in land masses can create the illusion that sea levels are rising in one part of the world while falling in another.

    I got the Kindle edition, If you keep clicking on the images of newspaper articles, graphs and charts, they increase in size twice. I have a fast desktop PC that uses the Kindle app to read Kindle books, but, for some reason, probably caused by the app, the images take a while after being clicked on to increase in size in their own window. To get back to the book just press the Esc key.

  • Eddie

    Got rid of the TV and dont see Ads anymore.
    Watch a bit on Netflix but that is the limit of TV in our household now.
    Added to this never watch the news as it is pointless .

  • Ian J

    Your excellent new book provides clear evidence that there is no CO2 problem and that our pollies are leading us to the destruction of the English culture and way of life, especially given the uncontrolled immigration (note how few are families, just uneducable and unemployable young men, who will present a massive future problem as they fail to ‘integrate’)

    Your figures also show how TV advertising is so skewed to include a black or coloured in virtually every ad. This is far from realistic, so who is attempting to brainwash TV viewers into accepting such wrong ideas. I can accept that parts of some cities have become ghettos, but they are no longer representitive of England. I do not watch much TV and whem I do, try to record programmes so I can skip the ads, but if I do see any racist ads, I make a mental note NEVER to use those companies again. If we all did this, they may get the message!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Well, with regard to the television advertisements, the first question is – who had the power to decide that all advertisements should feature mixed-race couples, and who actually took that decision?

    Did this come in the form of an email from Patel, or some other globalist government shill, to either the TV companies or to the governing standards body of the advertising industry as a whole? Or was it a spontaneous decision on the part of either or both of those industries?

    The second question is – what was the reason for somebody deciding that mixed-race families and children should be the sole model for the way that the UK’s family units are depicted?

    These are vital questions, though questions which nobody at all seems to be asking. Because it is blatantly obvious that there is a specific agenda behind such a completely false narrative being disseminated nation-wide, pushed even harder than the effort put in to sell the product being advertised. And it is high time that journalists with the skills and reach (and courage) to do so investigated just what this agenda actually is.

    For some years now, the ’Conservative’ government has been working with ‘Behaviour Change’ experts from academia, with government departments set up for the specific purpose of artificially changing the behaviour of the British public. Which appears to be far too unpredictable, and stubbornly ‘Incorrect’, for the tastes of our ‘democratic’ political leaders, the LibLabCon Uniparty.

  • Brenda Blessed

    Jeffrey Plamer: “Well, with regard to the television advertisements, the first question is – who had the power to decide that all advertisements should feature mixed-race couples, and who actually took that decision?”

    In my opinion, a certain ethnic group (obviously not black people themselves) that I won’t name because it is a hate crime to mention them negatively due to what we are told happened to them in World War II, are mostly responsible for advertising in the UK and the USA. They are fully in tune with the liberal globalist politicians and the globalist-controlled media, so do what the liberal politicians and media want. Hence no criticism.

    I have never seen this very odd and all-too-obvious situation mentioned even in passing in the mainstream media.

    It goes without saying but has to be said that a country that uses the people in its commercials who are constantly and desperately trying to migrate into it because their own counties are bona fide basket cases and displays them as breeding with the locals, is also a chronic basket case.

    Two particular TV adverts show how deeply this madness has gone.

    There is an advert for the army that shows a black woman going through training motions like Tarzan swinging through the trees and a navy advert that shows women, several of which are black, broadcasting the message in the navy advert that this is where a woman belongs. They are still playing on what used to be the case before World War II that a woman’s place is in the home.

    It is also interesting that many of the advisors of SAGE are behavioural psychologists and that the measures being used against the public to encourage vaccination take-up are very similar to those that stage hypnotists use in order to render the people on stage as hypnotically suggestible as possible. The hypnotist chooses who are the most suggestible subjects during rehearsals beforehand.

    It would be an interesting experiment to get a mixture of the woke and the non-woke together in order to determine how hypnotically suggestible they are. I would say, having been around many of them in my time, that the woke would turn out to be the most suggestible by a long way.

  • The predominance of these mixed-race-family adverts are obviously depicting a state of affairs that is false and consequently propagandistic, so the Advertising Standards Authority should be able to take action against the companies and organisations that are responsible for them.

    I have a feeling that if I were to take this up with the Advertising Standards Authority, I would be brushed off with a pre-prepared statement of the kind that MPs send you when you put something of this kind to them.

    Still, I’ll give it a go to find out what happens and report back the next time this topic comes up.

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