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You’d better start saving up to pay for Princess Nut Nut’s climate catastrophe

(Weekend to Monday blog)

I didn’t have time to write a blog on Friday as I’m trying to finish the first draft of my new book THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS  by the end of next week.

As part of researching the book, I was looking at the cost to British households of Boris’s (Princess Nut Nut’s?) obsession with making our tiny, insignificant (in terms of CO2 emissions) island ‘carbon neutral’. From what I can see, it’s going to be horrendously expensive and will also wreck our economy. Prepare yourselves for self-inflicted immiseration in what will be a true climate catastrophe – for Britain.

Doubling or even tripling our electricity bills

I’ve already shown in a previous blog that we pay 3 times as much as the lying, dirty, corrupt, disease-spreading Chinese for our electricity (electricity costs in $/kw/h):

Currently, UK industry pays around £13 billion a year for energy, the service sector about £17 billion and households £36 billion. That’s a total of £66 billion a year. The National Grid, the company that manages the network and distribution of electricity and gas that powers all the country’s homes and businesses has calculated that just to upgrade its network would cost about £3 trillion – that’s over £100 billion a year up to 2050. This £100 billion will have to be paid by increasing the country’s energy bills. It doesn’t require a mathematical genius to work out that adding up to £100 billion a year to the £66 billion UK energy consumers already pay for their energy is going to more than double energy bills for companies and households. I wonder how many companies will still make things in Britain when our energy costs reach six, eight, even ten times the energy costs of countries like China, Vietnam, India and Thailand? Energy prices for UK industry have almost tripled since 2004:

This is in spite of there being a worldwide glut of fossil fuels due to the USA becoming energy self-sufficient because of fracking.

Of course, our kakocratic politicians assure us that there will be lots of wonderful ‘green jobs’. But research in Spain showed that due to subsidies for useless, unreliable and expensive renewable energy, each ‘green job’ cost Spanish taxpayers $744,000 and for each ‘green job’ created at vast expense, around 2.2 jobs were lost in the real economy as rising Spanish electricity prices made Spanish companies uncompetitive. Moreover, around 70% of the world’s solar cells for solar panels are made in China and Taiwan – ooops, not too many green jobs for Brits as we carpet our countryside with ugly solar farms.

And what about our homes?

In addition, we have to factor in the costs of scrapping petrol and diesel cars and replacing them with electric cars. That could easily cost £10,000 to £20,000 per car above the cost of a petrol car. Many homes will need to install a fast electric vehicle charger – another £2,400 each. There’s also the cost of replacing efficient and responsive gas-fired cooking and central heating in 23 million of the U.K.’s 29 million homes with less efficient, less powerful and less responsive heat pumps which reportedly can take up to 24 hours to warm up and only warm homes to 17ºC to 19ºC. That’s between £10,000 and £18,000 per household for an air-source heat pump and over £35,000 per house for a ground-source heat pump. And, of course, there would be new energy efficiency regulations for homes. In fact, it may even become illegal to sell any home which doesn’t reach the required energy efficiency standards. An organisation called the Energy Technologies Institute has estimated that just retrofitting insulation to the UK housing stock alone would cost over £2 trillion.

New taxes and less food?

Moreover, there will be new taxes. The Government will need to replace the revenue it will lose from fuel duty falling as more people are forced to buy electric cars. For example, in 2020 one Australian state decided to impose a 2.5 cents per kilometre tax for fully electric vehicles and 2 cents a kilometre for hybrid vehicles. It’s not difficult to imagine that other states and other countries will be watching this with interest and designing similar taxes to discourage us from using our cars too much. Plus there will be new taxes to save the planet by discouraging us from supposedly environmentally-damaging activities like flying or eating meat.

Furthermore, the Government might have ‘forgotten’ to tell you that the net zero by 2050 plans include things like a reduction in cars in the UK from around 33 million to just 20 million and a reduction in meat consumption of 20% by 2030 and a further 15% by 2050. But don’t worry, the EU approved the use of protein-rich beetle larvae as a snack or ingredient as an environmentally-conscious new food at the start of this month and a regulation authorising dried yellow mealworms as a food is planned to be adopted in a few weeks. So, we can all look forward to replacing steaks and burgers chicken vindaloo with delicious, nutritious insects.

Welcome to our carbon-neutral paradise

The Guardian newspaper tells us we should all be excited about this utopian, insect-munching future where: ‘the populace would whizz past in their electric cars, to and from homes equipped with induction stoves and heat pumps. The air would be near pristine. Hundreds of thousands of people who would have prematurely died from the toxic fossil-fuel age would still be alive.’ The supposed newspaper also claims: ‘Overall the cost is surprisingly low.’ This picture of the coming extremely cheap carbon-neutral paradise is echoed by the BBC, which enthuses about the joys of our zero-carbon future:A quarter of Britain covered in trees, quieter roads, healthier lifestyles and holidays by high-speed rail. That’s how the United Kingdom could look as a result of its bid to be carbon neutral by 2050.’ Though thankfully, the BBC does accept that if you want to go to Australia for your holidays, you would still have to take a plane rather than a high-speed train.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to Boris’s and Princess Nut Nut’s carbon-neutral nirvana.

5 comments to You’d better start saving up to pay for Princess Nut Nut’s climate catastrophe

  • twi5ted

    Despite running the country into the ground with his deluded and traitorous allegiance to the wef he seems to have the support of the sheeple. But by the time the true costs bite i suspect most citizens will have little freedom to protest and Boris like Blair will be well rewarded for his obedience – living out his life in a secure bubble well away from the hell hole he has created.

  • A Thorpe

    That’s a good piece and perhaps a message that is more likely to get through to people than the science, or lack of it. When CO2 reduction policies were first discussed, some people were suggesting that we should do it because even if it does not help control the climate, it will do no harm. They didn’t consider what would be needed to reduce CO2.

    I assume the estimated costs will turn out to be much higher, as they always do. There is a video of Obama talking about climate policies where he talking of his policies causing energy prices to skyrocket and he obviously did not see any problem with doing this, either for households or business and jobs. Biden is now following those policies and fuel prices increased rapidly in the USA when he took over. This is because he has stopped all new fracking.

    The other aspect to renewables is the land use required and the materials needed per unit of energy are far higher than nuclear or fossil generating plant because of their poor conversion efficiency. The recycling is also a problem not addressed yet. My understanding is that turbine blades are composite materials and difficult to recycle. The US is cutting them up and burying them in deserts. Solar panels and batteries are even more difficult to recycle. How are heat pumps going to work in blocks of flats where many people now live?

    It is just utter madness and there will be a tipping point. The only one that exists will happen when fossil and nuclear stations are closed and the power cuts start. We won’t be taking the precaution of mothballing them, they will be demolished, and rebuilding will take years.

    There doesn’t seem to be a politician anywhere that understands this except in China and India. Trump did understand because he is a businessman, not a politician. However, many businesses are making money from the renewables policies and they obviously support it.

    If all that is not bad enough we have the added problems created by the pandemic, not because of the virus, but because of the response of politicians.

    This is what the younger generations want. I saw Jordan Peterson talking about this and his view is it is because they know nothing about deprivation, but they will soon find out about it.

  • William Boreham

    I read that with despair: “The United Kingdom has set a requirement that its Royal Air Force have net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. But according to Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston, the service needs to work under the assumption that it has to hit that target a decade earlier — and accept that other budget priorities will be cut to make it happen.
    Speaking to Defense News during a recent visit to Washington, Wigston said the push toward net zero — where the overall carbon footprint is either reduced to zero or balanced out by other efforts to remove carbon from the atmosphere — will also be something he discusses with other air chiefs throughout this year, with a hope of finding agreements on how to move forward as a military aviation community.”
    “I recognize that sounds crazy to some, that we’ve got an Air Force Chief talking about being net zero,” Wigston said. “But I think the imperative is clear: our politicians will demand it of us, are demanding of us. Our public demands it of us. And the young people in the Royal Air Force today demand it of me and the leadership, that we should be taking a lead in this.”
    The Chinese and Russian defence chiefs must be laughing their heads of reading that. Wigston is akin to those generals back in 14-18 who said the tank will never take the place of the horse. I await the first electric fighter plane to our inventory with great interest. As to our ‘enemies,’ some years back I was sitting on bench in S Petersburg, viewing the passing pedestrians (especially the pretty girls) and I realised I felt far more akin to these people than to the grotesque alien creatures, millions of whom proliferate in many of our towns and cities in my own country, like some malevolent plague. Wigston is apparently unaware that despite the billions we pour into our ‘defence’ budget, we are still incapable of stopping this country being successfully invaded by yet more of those third world organisms every single day.

  • Hardcastle

    I am 74 and have come to the dismal conclusion that our dear country is finished and that the madness that is zero carbon will result in a country not worth living in even for the wealthy.If I can get out,not a definite,It must be somewhere with an all year round warm climate and not a western,so called developed democracy.The Far East seems to fit the bill,if they will have me.I think the risk from nearby China is less than from our corrupt and scientifically challenged politicians.I am researching the use of inflatables to get me across the Channel,that at least seems doable.Our Border Force might even assist.

  • Loppoman

    I fully share your comments, Hardcastle.
    It’s obvious, to me at least, that the the British population is mainly uneducated. Why would you vote for Boris knowing what he’s got lined up for our future? Beats me.

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