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Vaccine fun and games?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Huge entertainment is being provided by various governments as they now try to get vaccines for their unfortunate subjects to protect them against Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague.

But before we look at that, just two quick points:

  • it is now becoming ever more clear that the Wu-Flu was accidentally released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology due to slovenly hygiene practices at the Institute which proudly boasts that it has over 2,000 different coronavirus samples which it is studying
  • once the virus got out, the dirty, corrupt, lying, devious Chinese (ably assisted by the equally corrupt, lying, self-serving scumbags at the ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation) tried to cover up the impending disaster. Most damning was that China banned all travel within China while China (backed up by the WHO’s advice against an international travel ban) allowed hundreds of international flights out of China to spread the virus and devastate Western economies

And now for some entertainment – how the EU and China are ‘vaccinating’ their populations.

Les trois grands f*ck-ups français?

F*ck-up français – 1

All EU countries were free to use the emergency procedure for approving and buying vaccines that the UK Government used. But rather than acting in a supposedly ‘selfish’ way like the British Government, the 27 other EU countries decided to show their great European “solidarité” and let the EU bureaucrats run their vaccine approval and purchasing efforts.

Unfortunately, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) wasn’t even scheduled to meet to consider vaccine approvals until 29 December 2020 – several weeks after the UK’s MHRA had already approved the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine.

Then there was another not insignificant problem – a small, arrogant, granny-banging, frog named President Macron. He wanted the EU vaccine programme to be a moment of “gloire” for the great French pharmaceutical industry. For the vertically-challenged frog Macron, France would heroically rush to save the whole of Europe with French pharma company Sanofi’s miracle vaccine. So Macron did everything he could to ensure that the EU bought mostly Sanofi’s vaccine and definitely didn’t put in orders for the hated rosbifs‘ AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine. Now the EU finds that Sanofi’s French vaccine doesn’t work properly and won’t be ready till the end of 2021. So the EU is desperately short of vaccines.

I reckon that about 5,000 to 10,000 EU citizens will die unnecessarily from delays in vaccinations. Their unnecessary deaths are the direct result of the EU bureaucrats efforts to satisfy the demands of the puffed-up, arrogant little, granny-banging, preening froggy president. Perhaps their families should sue the useless Macron?

Highly entertaining!

F*ck-up français – 2

Oh, and let’s not forget – it was France using French companies which helped the Chinese build and operate the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Institute was the first Biosafety Level 4 facility in China and it was slovenly hygiene practices at the French/Chinese Institute of Virology which allowed the Chinese plague to spread in the first place.

Thank you arrogant, preening, incompetent, unhygienic France for yet another wonderful contribution to human civilisation.

F*ck-up français – 3

So far a piddling 516 French have received jabs compared to around 240,000 in Germany and over one million in Britain according to health ministry figures.

The slow rollout is being blamed on mismanagement, end-of-year staffing shortages, and a complex consent policy to avoid litigation in a vaccine-sceptical country in which 60% of the population say they won’t get a jab, according to the latest poll. The vaccine consent form is 45 pages long.

Only French doctors can currently administer doses and the government has ruled out opening “vaccinodromes” in stadiums or sports halls.

France has also vehemently denied it has fallen behind neighbours because it wanted to hold out for a homegrown vaccine. One developed by French-owned Sanofi and Britain’s GSK is only expected to be ready later in the year.

As for approving the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine from the hated British, the Froggies seem to be trying to find every possible excuse to delay approval of a vaccine that has already been approved in many other countries. Dominique Le Guludec, head of France’s medical regulator, said there was still insufficient data to approve the AstraZeneca vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca. “We prefer to wait another 15 days if necessary to have all the data we need on safety and efficacy,” Le Guludec told BFM TV.

Likely result? Lots of dead Froggies. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Chinese vaccine – me thinkee gleat big fl*ck-up?

But there’s also some interesting vaccine news from the country that gave us the Chinese plague.

The Chinese claim their Sinovac/Sinopharm vaccine is totally wonderful and much cheaper and easier to handle than the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines as it doesn’t need the -70c refrigeration. Yet, while eagerly trying to flog their great Chinese vaccine to other countries – particularly to basket-case sh*t-holes like Crapistan – the Chinese Communist Party  has bought between 100 million and 200 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Why would the devious, lying, corrupt, disease-spreading Chinese pay loads of money for an expensive, difficult-to-handle foreign vaccine when the Chinese supposedly had their own cheaper, easier-to-handle vaccine readily available?

There are two possible explanations:

  • Explanation 1 – the Chinese intend to use the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to protect top communist and military figures because they know their own Sinopharm vaccine is (like everything else Made in China) totally crap and there’s no way important Chinese Communist Party members are going to allow themselves or their families to be injected with a Chinese total crap vaccine. The good foreign vaccine will be used for China’s rulers and their families. Ordinary Chinese will get the Made in China crap vaccine
  • Explanation 2 – see explanation 1.

12 comments to Vaccine fun and games?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    There’s a highly entertaining ‘double act’ currently onstage at the Palace of Wastemonster – the ‘Boris & Keir Show’.

    BloJo announces another raft of repression, Starmer immediately demands something even more draconian, thus making B look ‘moderate’ in comparison.
    In a few months time Johnson will announce vaccine passports; Starmer will demand national compulsory vaccination. Later Johnson will announce detention without trial for Lockdown violators; Starmer will immediately demand the death penalty.

    Classic ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ tactics on the part of the LibLabCon UniParty. The punters will, as usual, lap it up.

    Meanwhile the NHS, the Royal College of Physicians, the SAGE wonks Witless and Valueless are all acting as though they’ve been taken totally by surprise by the very same ‘Surge’ in winter respiratory aliments THEY have spent the last five months endlessly warning US about. Despite all NHS trusts employing ‘Resilience Planners’ whose job is to plan ahead for all such known eventualities. Funny, that….

    But then it’s also rather odd that MSM reporters are, for whatever reason, refraining from showing the public any pictures or reports from inside any of these supposedly ‘overwhelmed’ hospitals – despite courageous members of the public demonstrating on social media just how easy it is to gain access to, wander around, and video empty hospitals on their mobiles. And afterwards, er, being arrested for their pains – surprise surprise.

  • Bill Airway

    Nadhim Zahawi is the most important person in the UK right now.
    As head of vaccine roll out and distribution it is a massive job.

    Let’s hope he gets it right.

  • Hardcastle

    All planned as predicted on this and numerous other blogs.They are incapable of even lying competently.For all those “intelligent”,educated people out there who are incapable of seeing through this farce,I despair.What will be at the end of it all? Why,a great reset of all things,economic,social,medical…..They are telling us what they intend,yet the majority go along with it,until the reality hits home and it is too late.Voting,writing to your MP will not cut it.Only serious and probably violent opposition has a chance.Will it happen? I do not know,but it is our only chance of freedom.

  • Stillreading

    I must disagree with the implied allegations in the above responses that hospitals are not as full of covid-19 patients as reports would have us believe. They ARE. Ask any clinician – doctor of any grade from F1 to Consultant, even final year Medical Students (of whom many are now working as qualified doctors, such is the demand for medical care), any nurse (particularly those directly involved in direct care of suffocating and dying covid patients) and any relative of any of a covid patients.
    I do not for one moment dispute that a general air of floundering incompetence surrounds each and every Prime Ministerial or Government pronouncement. Hour by hour it becomes more unbelievable – except that we must believe it since we witness it! Furthermore, to see Starmer making political capital out of Johnson’s apparent inability to make any decision does nothing to enhance his own status. He is a cheap opportunist. The fact remains that this new variant of covid-19 is far more transmissible than the original. It is spreading at an alarming rate and unless we are willing to witness people literally dying in the streets or on stretchers in winter temperatures awaiting admission, much as it offends the libertarian inclinations of most of us, me included, we have no alternative but to isolate ourselves as much as we are able from our fellow members of the human race. Sadly, that goes for our nearest and dearest as well – children, grandchildren, new-born babies we long to hold, very old parents who may not have much longer to live. The Nightingale hospitals are not, and will not, be in operation, not from lack of beds and equipment, but from lack of adequately qualified medical staff. We are now seeing to a potentially utterly disastrous level the effects of several decades of reduction in funding for the NHS. Having said that, the “Chiefs” the admin staff, have in the main done nicely, whilst the “Indians”, whose lives the former make ever more difficult, endure in real terms sequential reduction in income. I know whereof I speak, since there are several NHS employees in my family.

  • A Thorpe

    I have seen little mention elsewhere that the virus was accidentally released in China, but even if it was, it is done, and we must deal with it. Whatever China and the WHO might have agreed over travel is also not relevant. The fault lies with our own incompetent politicians and health services. It is the West’s relationship with China we need to know about, and little is being said.

    We also need some perspective on the deaths. Hygiene crops up in this blog but around 2 million children under 5 die every year from contaminated water, not to mention those older. This is year on year, and nothing is done about it. Deaths don’t seem to matter when it involves an issue that it not relevant to the West.

    I am not convinced about the vaccines. A completely untried type of vaccine is being imposed on us without proper testing when compared with the time to develop vaccines in the past. I am not sure that the virus has been identified. The code apparently came from China. FOI requests have been made in various countries about isolating the virus and none confirm that it has been done. It is obvious that the safety can be evaluated but then we need to remember thalidomide and now the primodos pregnancy test. I have not seen published results to show the effectiveness of the vaccines. With drug trials they are tested on people with a specific disease. How are vaccines tested? If they are to allow us to return to normal life, they must prevent us getting and passing on the virus and I cannot see that any trials have been conducted to prove this. We are all being used in a massive experiment in my view. This is because our government and most others are in a state of panic about what they have done to the economy. They are keeping the fear going unnecessarily because they dare not face up to the economic damage they have caused. They are placing their hope on a vaccine. There is no vaccine for any other coronavirus and the flu vaccine does not prevent thousands of deaths every year. There is no evidence to support the use of masks and social distancing, but they are the basis of all government policies so far. The PCR testing method has been shown to be useless.

    Policy is continually being made without any evidence to support it and doing nothing when there is no evidence is always the best policy. The Royal Institution Christmas lectures were a perfect example of propaganda replacing scientific evidence. They were about the earth and climate change.

    We were treated to yet another demonstration of the John Tyndall experiments with gases that is often used to support the greenhouse gas theory. Tyndall came to the incorrect conclusion that radiation was being trapped in a tube because he did not measure it coming out at one end, but he failed to realise that the radiation was being absorbed and emitted in all directions. All he was doing was heating his laboratory.

    The new demonstration involved a glass tube, a candle, and an infrared thermometer. We were not told what the ends of the tube were made of, but an infrared thermometer does not work through glass. It will measure the temperature of the glass. The temperature of the candle flame, which was outside the tube at one end was measured through the tube with the thermometer at the other. When the air was replaced with methane the temperature of the flame was reduced. This is impossible because the contents of the glass tube could not influence the temperature of a candle flame outside the tube. This is the new science being taught by academics to school children and adults listening. They, the Royal Institution, and the BCC should be ashamed. The candle was supposed to represent the temperature surface of the earth and when the temperature went down, we were told that this is because heat is being trapped in the atmosphere (the gas in the tube). This makes no sense. If heat is being trapped then the temperature should increase, which is what they claim is happening to the earth’s surface temperature. They proved the exact opposite of what they were claiming about the greenhouse effect.

    They went on to give the CO2 emissions per person in China, UK and USA and of course in the USA individuals use more energy so they are the villains. But when the total population is considered the USA emits less CO2 than China. So, the big emitter was found not guilty. The USA has apparently spent $130bn on climate change measures since 1993 and has achieved absolutely nothing because CO2 is not causing climate change. Think how many lives could have been saved if this money had been used to provide clean water where it is needed. This is how the fools like Attenborough, once again promoting climate fear, prevent progress in reducing world poverty.

    In the last lecture we were told about ocean acidification. The oceans are alkaline and although the pH is reducing, they are not acidic. Further we were told that the acidification was because of more CO2 going into the oceans. When ocean temperatures increase, water holds less CO2, but science no longer matters.

    I have gone through this again to show how false evidence is being used to promote a new belief system and not actual science. It is not that difficult to see the problems I have described but how many adults will have done this?

    Over Christmas I have read Gad Saad’s book The Parasitic Mind which says the west is suffering from a pandemic that is destroying people’s capacity to think rationally. He claims this has spread from universities into all walks of life. He does not offer a solution.

    I have concluded that this is normal for humanity. Look at history. Belief in gods that do not exit, human sacrifices to appease the gods, fiddling with animal entrails to predict the future, burning of mainly women for witchcraft for weather cooking, Victorian seances to contact the dead and most of this continues in some form or other today somewhere in the world. None of the past nonsense did much damage because there was no world economy to destroy. Now we have science to guide us to correct decisions, but exactly the reverse is happening with climate science and virus policies. We are going backwards because now we have the evidence but prefer to ignore it and are doing untold damage to our economy and civilisation. We now live in fear because we believe we should be able to control everything, but we cannot, we can only understand and adapt to uncertainly. History surely shows humanity is insane, with sparks of genius. It is not going to change. We are descending into an abyss of imbecility.

  • david brown

    Please people post a link to this article on the Sun and Mirror readers comments- articles on Lockdown .

    I suspect that the Chinese are going to try and buy up our assets via front companies after Boris lockdowns result in massive unemployment and a run on sterling.

  • Ed P

    Asymptomatic transmission has now been determined to be “extremely unlikely”.
    There’s a report in the BMJ, or see:

    So masks have no purpose unless there are coughs and sneezes about: no symptoms = not infectious.

    I wonder when our great leaders will modify their extreme behaviours due to this finding?

  • Hardcastle

    Sorry Stillreading but we have not seen people dying on the streets and in fact the death rate is around the norm.I do not buy into the hype and hysteria surrounding our NHS.I have been into our local hospital several times over the past months and it is empty compared to normal levels of activity.Our local GP surgery is basically being run on a care and maintenance level,about two people in the waiting room,when normally about forty.Our society has become almost totally risk averse and largely hypochondriac.I also look around me and come to logical conclusions.This is not a dangerous virus,but the manipulation of the population of this and other Western democracies it certainly is.My only conclusion is that this so called pandemic is being used for political reasons and is not down to incompetence of Governments.We will eventually see what the end game presents,but I suspect,that for us mere mortals,it will not be pleasant and something of a shock for those going along with the Govt and MSM narrative.

  • Loppoman

    I went into hospital last November for some minor surgery.
    The surgeon and his team were actually waiting for me to arrive. There was no other patient in the waiting room.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    So a National health Service that absorbs 20% of national Government expenditure every year, is currently ‘Overwhelmed’ by a disease that currently hospitalises 26,467 people (latest ONS figure, for 05/01/21) in England, a country of 56 million.

    On the ONS statistics, there are 484 English hospitals listed, with a total of 141,000 beds according to The King’s Fund statistics. This has fallen from 400,000 beds in 1974. Obviously a proportion of hospitals are specialists (Moorfields etc) which will not be taking Covid patients.

    If you believe that the NHS is currently being ‘Overwhelmed’, after deciding to specialise in treating just one disease and one only, this demonstrates clearly that NHS is in no respect ‘fit for purpose’, and does not give value for money. And that the Health policy of all governments since 1974 has been a disaster.

    Or, there is another possibility, involving a rather unpleasant political and economic agenda.

  • From the CDC website – Covid-19 RECOVERY RATES BY AGE – 0 to 19 – 94.60% – 20 to 49 – 99.98% – 50 to 69 – 99.50% – 70+ – 94.60%

    How can a vaccine be tested when nature in the form of the immune system does such a comprehensive job of overcoming the virus?

    Moreover, there is obviously no need to vaccinate the entire population at great cost and use of medical people when the human body’s immune system does such a thoroughly good job of dealing with the virus.

    Vaccines are developed to inform the body’s immune system that it is under attack by a virus that it does not recognise. But that is obviously not the case with this virus that is recognised and dealt with except for people who are very old and/or have bad health conditions.

    Also, why are there not news cameras outside the hospitals to show how busy they are? Most cities have local BBC and other TV stations. There is no need to be inside the hospitals to see how busy they are.

    The page on the government’s website called “Notifiable diseases: weekly reports for 2020” provides the weekly infection figures of every disease. The mainstream media claims 77,346 Brits have died from COVID-19. But the official government data when added up for every week with the Covid figures says that only 13,844 people were actually infected by the disease in the whole of 2020. There should be a new page for 2021.

    Research and analysis
    Notifiable diseases: weekly reports for 2020 –

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