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“Record cold temperatures don’t mean the Earth isn’t warming” Duh!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

“Record cold temperatures don’t mean the Earth isn’t warming”

On the news yesterday, I heard that somewhere in China had registered its coldest day since records began. Meanwhile in the USA, snowfalls in 2019 and 2020 have started earlier than they have for at least the last 40 years. This year Australia is also having its latest snowfall ever – at the start of the Australian summer. Meanwhile this year Delhi in India had its coldest November for 71 years.

Obviously this was not what the Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disaster, Extinction Rebellion idiots predicted. So they’re fighting back writing articles with ridiculous headlines like “Record cold temperatures don’t mean the Earth isn’t warming”.

But if the deluded, scientifically-challenged Warmies can get away with claiming that “Record cold temperatures don’t mean the Earth isn’t warming”, then that poses a possibly interesting question: every time the Warmies and their sycophants at the BBC and C4 News say some month or year is really really hot, why can’t I claim that “Record warm temperatures don’t mean the Earth isn’t cooling”?

What about it Warmies?

Gormless, gutless Guterres speaks

The useless United Nations has also been spurred into action. On Saturday 12 December 2020, just a few days ago, the (IMHO) pig-ignorant, self-serving, gutless, socialist, globalist waste of skin, UN boss Antonio Guterres, demanded that governments around the world should all declare a state of climate emergency until the world has reached net zero CO2 emissions:

I guess this is the same useless UN which warned us 31 years ago (in 1989) that – yup, you guessed it – the world was facing a global warming climate emergency/disaster:

Hot, cold, hot, cold, hot….

And while we’re on the subject of impending climate disaster, let us not forget that the very same research-grant-grabbing ‘experts’, who since 1989 have been fiddling their figures to lucratively warn us the Earth was warming catastrophically, were mostly the same experts who just 15 years earlier were confidently predicting a new disastrous Ice Age with crop failures and mass starvation:

 I imagine the mainstream media rather hopes we’ve all forgotten their hyperventilating warnings about us all freezing to death. Here’s what the Guardian was once predicting::

And here’s the Washington Post:

Will we get fooled again?

Are we really going to let these unelected, power-hungry globalist scumbags peddle their fake climate emergency nonsense yet again as an excuse to impose ever more restrictions on our lives?

The answer to that question is unfortunately – YES!

That’s especially the case in the UK where Boris wants to grandstand at some wankers’ climate conference he’s chairing in 2021. And I suspect that our PM Bonking Boris knows that his little Boris won’t get access to Princess Nut Nut’s temple of love unless he grovellingly agrees with all the climate change or global warming or climate disaster or whatever it’s called this week rubbish that Princess Nut Nut, with her university degree in something like art history and theatre studies, as far as I understand reportedly believes.

Sky News Australia – don’t you love them?

So, where can we get just a little sanity? Certainly not from any of the UK or US mainstream media. So let’s have a quick look at Sky News Australia:

7 comments to “Record cold temperatures don’t mean the Earth isn’t warming” Duh!

  • Roy Hartwell

    Found this interesting set of data, gleaned from NOAA no less. I suppose the problem for the Warmists is it’s real data rather than computer modelled fantasy.
    ‘To refute the first view, we turn to data generated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the relevant years under discussion.

    The table below reports the average mean temperature in the continental U.S. for the years 1998 through 2019*:’

    1998 54.6 degrees
    1999 54.5 degrees
    2000 54.0 degrees
    2001 54.3 degrees
    2002 53.9 degrees
    2003 53.7 degrees
    2004 53.5 degrees
    2005 54 degrees
    2006 54.9 degrees
    2007 54.2 degrees
    2008 53.0 degrees
    2009 53.1 degrees
    2010 53.8 degrees
    2011 53.8 degrees
    2012 55.3 degrees
    2013 52.4 degrees
    2014 52.6 degrees
    2015 54.4 degrees
    2016 54.9 degrees
    2017 54.6 degrees
    2018 53.5 degrees
    2019 52.7 degrees

    Not much sign of increasing temperatures there !!

  • A Thorpe

    Warming or cooling does not matter in the context of the climate change discussion because physics shows that we cannot influence the climate and specifically temperature in the ways claimed. We do of course create heat island effects with cities.

    It is interesting that coldest winters on record are now being claimed, but that is a relatively short period in terms of climate. Tony Heller has been pointing out the opposite, which is that the highest temperature on record in the USA were in the 1920s but that didn’t stop people claiming the present day has higher temperatures. He has provided evidence in the form of temperature records. I haven’t checked his data sources.

    Averages are not used in engineering and physics calculations. If we designed bridges based on an average load they would collapse. If we sized a jet engine for the average thrust on the journey planes would never get off the ground. We can at least add mass and length together to produce a meaningful total quantity and therefore calculate an average but that is not necessarily always useful. The average height of men is no use for making a standard fit all suit size. But temperature cannot be added together. A cup of water at 20C and one of 40C does not result in water at 60C. The quantity that can be added is the energy content of the water.

    Average temperatures are useful when deciding where and when to go on holiday, but not much else. We really should be looking at all the temperature records as a distribution and we would see extremes happen. Darko Butina has produced temperature distributions which are worth looking at and it shows most of the temperature we experience are within two standard deviations. Our obsession with averages is wrong since the temperatures are going to be higher or lower, but the crazy human race thinks it should be the average.

    The idea that we can change the climate is the problem and physics proves that we cannot. As long as this delusion continues we will never invest in the research needed to understand climate change. We have the proxy temperature from ice cores that show a pattern of ice ages and interglacials and we know that we are in a period of increasing temperatures. However, there isn’t a smooth change and we have evidence of warm and cold periods over the last 2000 years. We cannot change this but we can understand and plan, and cold is our enemy, not heat.

    With increasing knowledge in every area the human race seems to be increasing in ignorance and stupidity.

  • Roy Hartwell

    A Thorpe I do agree that averages tend to be misinterpreted too often. I gave the above figures as an interesting illustration of how real data is ignored by those who subscribe to the AGW scam. It always makes me shout at the TV when the weatherman (person?) warns us that ‘temperatures are going to be above/below average) when anyone with basic maths knows that that is how averages work!!
    It certainly is in the realms of fantasy to quote ‘average’ global temperatures on data points that only cover probably 10% of the earth’s surface and in most cases come from sites compromised by the UHI factor. Still, science no longer seems to be based on real data any more, people are willing to accept the output of algorithms !

  • Branda Blessed

    The climate-change fraud is of far less concern to me than the Covid-19 fraud because the climate is not in danger, but we as a species are certainly directly in danger of the Covid-19 fraud.

    I could not be more concerned about the Covid-19 fraud being used by the same control freaks to gain control of the DNA of the world’s population via mRNA nanotechnology vaccines. Obviously because if they can control our DNA they can control us.

    DNA can be manipulated to disable the human immune system. The HIV virus does just that. People with full- blown AIDS die from other diseases due to having a disabled immune system..

    DNA can be manipulated to make people sterile. GM crops are sterile. Farmers have to buy the patented seeds from companies such as Monsanto.

    Genes are able to bring about cancer in people. For example, women found to have certain genetic profiles are warned that their genes could give them breast and cervical cancer.

    Were you aware that an Australian Covid-19 vaccine has been abandoned by the Australian government because it makes vaccinated people test positive for HIV? Apparently, the vaccine contains some of the DNA of the HIV virus.

    This looks to me as if the Australian vaccine developers were not able to hide the HIV DNA because surely they would have tested the vaccinated people for HIV in the trials.

    COVID-19: Australia abandons local vaccine candidate due to false HIV-positive results –

  • A Thorpe

    Roy, you make an important point about where temperatures are measured, and many have been closed compared to the past. It makes no sense to place a thermometer somewhere and then adjust it. It should be placed where it does not need adjustment.

    What concerns me also is that we had a standard with the Stephenson screens, but they were only used on land. 70% of the surface is water and sea water temperature is used, not the air temperature above the sea. There is another problem because land temperature measurement is mostly not at sea level and air temperatures decrease with height because of gravity.

    Temperature is not the way to determine whether the earth is heating or cooling. We should calculate the thermal energy in the earth’s system. Not easily done of course.

  • william boreham

    Western environmentalists are the useful idiots of the Chinese Communist Party, says a report from the Global Warming Policy Foundation.
    China’s green credentials are often praised by Western environmental groups who apparently believe that China is serious about cutting its carbon dioxide emissions.
    But according to a report by long-time China watcher Patricia Adams these groups are merely the dupes of communist propaganda:

    The report:

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I read the other daythat the Government’s ‘Behaviour Change’ specialists are starting up a new unit designed to ‘nudge’ the UK voters into the correct way of thinking.

    The new ‘behaviour change and public engagement team’, which is working from inside the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy department, is focused on how to get public buy-in for further emissions cuts, which will be ‘targeted at what we eat and how we travel and heat our homes.’

    This unit will be headed by someone called Gervase Pouldon, ‘a former environmental journalist and committed vegan’.

    Could he perchance be the same Gervase Pouldon whom I also see used to be listed as an Intern at an organization called ‘chinadialogue’? ‘chinadialogue’, I read, is an ‘independent, non-profit organisation’ based in London and, er, Beijing that focuses on ‘environmental’ issues in China.

    Curiously enough, China is a country that is currently engaged in a hell-for-leather energy supply expansion programme involving literally hundreds of coal-fired power stations. Hey ho….

    Fascinating that after telling us what chemicals we must allow the Government to put in our bodies, they now intend to tell us what food they’ll permit us to eat, because ‘Science’. The farming community, traditional Tory supporters, will find that news interesting.

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