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Trump kicks China’s *ss at the UN

(Monday blog)

Covid-19 melts snowflakes

Never in human history has there been so much whining, bleating and moaning by such total drips about so little.

I am, of course, referring to Britain’s woke, selfie-adoring, social-media-obsessed, snowflake students. As new cases of the Wuhan flu soar amongst student populations, a few thousand of the 700,000 or so students starting university this year have been asked to self-isolate in their comfortable halls of residence for a mere 14 days. From reports on the useless BBC and UK-hating C4 News, students apparently see this request to isolate for a couple of weeks as a total life-destroying disaster which will cause horrific mental health problems from which many may never recover even with intensive support and counselling.

Previous generations of young people have been sent to fight wars and many have died or been horribly wounded. But they showed stoicism and self-sacrifice. Today’s spineless drips can’t even face a couple of weeks confined to their halls of residence:

Many have said they’re already bored out of their little minds. I guess I’m old-fashioned but don’t they have some books to read? Don’t they have loads of academic articles available on the Internet to study? Isn’t this an opportunity for them to get ahead with their learning? Or did they expect university to be like school where there’s no need to learn anything as long as you spout the politically-correct nonsense about supposed Climate Change and supposed Institutional Racism and supposed White Privilege that your supposed ‘teachers’ have brainwashed you with?

Though perhaps when you’re doing worthless courses like Gender Studies, Media Studies and something as ‘academically challenging’ as Golf Course Management, there really isn’t that much to learn?

Others have put “F**K Boris” signs in their windows as if it was one of their human rights to go out and infect people with real jobs who have to work to support their families, as if it was one of their human rights to spread Xi Pingpong’s plague causing more lockdowns, more businesses to close, more people to be ruined.

Trump kicks China’s *ss at the United Nations

Apparently there has just been some huge UN conference. I believe it was done online and many of the speeches were pre-recorded.

We didn’t hear much about this on the UK mainstream media. The only mention I heard was from the BBC that the useless Johnson has pledged the UK to do more greeny rubbish to destroy our economy and UK jobs to meet the Paris Agreement targets that every other country ignores.

So, once again we have to turn to Sky News Australia to give us some of the best bits that our media would never mention.

Here’s a brief Sky News Australia video. It has a bit about the inanimate corpse that is Joe Biden and then two wonderful excerpts from President Trump excoriating the filthy, corrupt, disease-ridden, lying Chinese for the Wuhan flu, for polluting the planet, for destroying many countries’ fish resources and much more.

If only we had just one politician in the UK prepared to tell the truth the way that Trump does.

Let’s hope Trump gets a landslide and four more years:

10 comments to Trump kicks China’s *ss at the UN

  • Stillreading

    While I believe that the useless, woke, left-wing so-called “degrees” you mention should be abolished totally and only the truly academically able should go to university, whilst the majority of school leavers should do a sensible apprenticeship or go out and just get a job (as I and most of my generation had to do) the facts are that these naive youngsters, conditioned by two decades of left-wing ideology, have taken up places to study, for which they are paying upwards of £9K per annum. They are additionally being charged in the region of £600 per month for a room in a hall of residence. These are not small sums. For the tuition they are indebted to the State, for the accommodation most are indebted to their families. In return they should, surely, be receiving some actual face to face teaching, proper lectures, not just being left to log on over a dodgy internet connection to Zoom or Teams? Universities have been bribed, cajoled, in effect forced over the years to maximise on profits at the expense of providing worthwhile degree courses. Extortionate tuition and accomodation fees are the consequence. I do not have any family members caught in the current situation, but were any of my grandchildren to find themselves incarcerated in one room, with no shopping facilities, no communal canteen, not even any laundry facilities, I would be far from delighted. Boris and his increasingly ill-advised “advisors” should have warned all students before terms commenced that if they chose to take up their places and move into their accommodation and start paying for it all, they did so on the assumption that they could well be required to remain there indefinitely, including over the Christmas period. It all smells rather nasty to me. The universities, desperate to receive tuition and accommodation fees, welcomed the students in and then immediately imprisoned them. Those who wish to do so should now be permitted to return home to their families. Those wishing to remain should be able to do so, mixing and mingling at will on the understanding that they will probably take the plague, that a few will probably become seriously ill, one or two may even die and that they will probably not be permitted to leave, not even for Christmas. Their choice. As of course it should now be for the rest of the population. We complied peacefully with lockdown first time around but now we’ve all had enough. Life is for living – and ultimately dying. It isn’t for imprisonment – unless one has committed a serious crime.

  • David Craig

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the £50,000 or so debts many students will amass. Fewer than half will ever earn enough to even start paying off their debts and fewer than 20% will ever pay off their debts before the debts get cancelled after 30 years.

    It’s taxpayers who will have to pick up the tab for tens of billions of unpaid student debt.

    But if you had read Chapter 13 of my book THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON, you would know that.

  • Stillreading

    I have read it David – I’ve had it on my Kindle for several years. And I do of course know that “uni” tuition fees are written off after a number of years. All the youngsters in my family have done/are doing worthwhile degrees which will enhance the Nation’s scientific, medical or cultural base. They either already are, or shortly will be for many years, paying back not only their own tuition debt via personal taxation, but also the tuition debts of – as you rightly imply – those of students doing meaningless subjects. The rights and wrongs of that situation are however irrelevant to the current general student incarceration, which is affecting students across all disciplines.

  • A Thorpe

    All they need is a computer model they don’t understand. They put rubbish in and get rubbish out and get paid by the government (taxpayers again) to advise them on climate and health policies. Something economists have been doing for decades.

  • Hardcastle

    If those students had any backbone they would be out on the street protesting,after all,isn’t that what being a student is all about.Challenge the status quo,that is your divine function.Perhaps many of you are too tired after the BLM and Extiction Rebellion protests to be bothered when something really worthy of a protest turns up.So many entitled,often without even a basic experience of the working world,told how wonderful and’brilliant” they are,what can you expect.I know some brilliant young people who do not fit this stereotype,but they are in a minority.The infantalisation of so many of ou younger generation will need a severe encounter with realism to shake them out of their delusions.It is going to happen very soon,then watch them bleat.

  • Stillreading

    You are right Hardcastle and this is, indeed, an occasion for legitimate student protest. I understand though, from several news sources, that many are, literally, locked in – guards on gates and even outside their individual room doors, the only justification for leaving being to go for a covid test when, presumably upon proof of an appointment, the detainee is released. This is no longer, at least in my view, democracy. It is dictatorship. As for the 10 p.m. curfew, surely anyone with a modicum of sense could have foreseen that a mass exodus of semi-oiled drinkers and diners, as the clock strikes, at such a relatively early hour, would lead to congregations of frustrated folk seeking the nearest off-licence and a private location in which to continue the process of inebriation. Personally, as I am rather old and I quite want to live a few more years yet, I am being careful about where I go and with whom I associate. I accept, though, that even so I may “get it” and that it might finish me off, but I’d rather that, knowing I’d seen my family as and when I wished, that live indefinitely in isolation. Because that’s what it is – indefinite. The virus is not going away, it is uncontrollable, if life as we know it is not to be utterly destroyed we just have to accept its threat and deal with it, each of us in our preferred fashion. Realistically, there is no hope of an effective vaccine, available to all, for many months, probably years.

  • Brenda Blessed

    MSM Totally IGNORE Trafalgar Square Anti-Lockdown Protest –

    The following video’s title has been dumbed-down on YouTube in order to avoid being banned or made not to appear in searches.

    The word used in the title is “crowds” instead of “anti-lockdown protest”.

    Don’t forget that large numbers were turned away, road blacks appeared on many roads and coaches were turned back.

  • This self-made ex grammar school pupil, one of 7 kids brought up in council houses by parents who got nowt from any “social” and did 4 years extended National Service in the RAF
    may be excused by being aghast at the generally feeble “Uni-kids” who are brain-dead to see the world as owing them a well-remunerated future for having endured a university education denied to 90% of my generation. The best thing any government with cahonas could do is to bring back National Service, still compulsory in many states. It might well imbue some backbone and discipline into the flakes who cant be arsed to behave themselves for a couple of weeks. Remember, for many years I believe the biggest buyer of booze has been the Students Union!

  • A Thorpe

    Stillreading, I have similar feelings about getting the virus as you, but I think there is cause for optimism. The government and media are spreading more panic about the cases but we know the test is not reliable and there is no indication that the people identified are sick or infectious and that is verified by deaths not increasing. Viruses also become weaker as they spread through the population, so in theory we should have less concern, however our stupid government insisted on lockdown and limited the spread through the younger population who would not suffer as much as us oldies. We will find out in time. On the plus side, I don’t know anybody who has had it and none of them know anybody. Common sense got us to this age so lets rely on that, but one day the odds will be against us.

    You mentioned the vaccine and I am more concerned about having a vaccine forced on us that has not been properly tested. The anti-vaccine squad are being depicted as loonies but I’m beginning to question the reliance on vaccines. When we have the flu jab, it prevents us getting the flu if the strains are correct, but that has to mean that our immune system is not required to do the job and I have seen several “experts” saying the vaccines are weakening our immune systems. It seems to make sense to me, but big pharma is not going to give up its income easily. There is still a lot to be debated and I don’t expect any clarity from the government.

  • Parliament, media, social media and academia here are obviously all one big liberal club that took decades to form by using the equality lie as the rotting agent that allowed the infection to take off. That has to be the case for all of the one-way traffic here and also worldwide.

    Did you see Andrew Neil on GMB on Monday morning?

    Neil has the backing of the Discovery channel to create a new news channel called GB News. Apparently, its aim is to counter the agenda biases of the mainstream media.

    Apparently, Rupert Murdoch intends to create a similar news channel.

    What’s the betting that GB News will just be a more sophisticated sophist outfit that by taking away a little of the lies of the MSM, will really be confirming what is not taken away.

    Andrew Neil criticised John Humphries for criticising the BBC’s bias only immediately after he quit working for it.

    But, as far as I know, Neil has never criticised the BBC for its biased agendas, not while he was working for it or now that he has quit it.

    I’ll watch the GB News on Freeview, but if it fails to provide alternative views on Covid, climate change and immigration/migration, then I’ll just laugh it off.

    I only watch ITV’s GMB because you can’t criticise what you don’t watch. I find the BBC’s morning show too godawful to watch. I channel-hop into it from time to time for a few minutes at most unless I see something worth using in comments.

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