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Greenies only lie to us for our own good, don’t they mommy?

(Friday blog by David Craig – proudly banned from commenting by the Times and Sunday Times for insufficient political correctness)

With Greeny, Greta-worshipping stuff you can find whatever figures you want to justify either:

  • Global warming will wipe us out within the next ten years
  • There has been no warming at all
Burn baby burn!

So far this year the two big Global Warming panics/scams (delete as appropriate) concerned the supposedly ‘unprecedented’ and ‘apocalyptic’ wildfires in Australia and more recently in California and Oregon. The BBC and C4 News howled and screamed that never before had so much land been destroyed by wildfires and that this was definite proof of Global Warming.

But here’s a chart that suggests the BBC’s and C4’s howling and screaming are somewhat misleading:

It shows the ‘Global Burned Area’ from 2003 to 2015 taken from satellite observations. If accurate, this suggests that the Global Burned Area has been decreasing. But this chart only goes up to 2015. So maybe it doesn’t prove that this year’s wildfires have been within a normal range.

So, here’s a more up-to-date table showing the number of wildfires and acres burned from the USA since 2010:

If these figures are accurate, they suggest that 2017 and 2018 were well above the 10-year average of 40,787 fires burning 5,144,783 acres. But 2019 and 2020 have been around 25% below the 10-year average. (though this only goes up to 24 August 2020)

Naturally, California’s Greta-worshipping Democrat governor Gavin Nukesom blamed Global Warming “The debate is over, around climate change,” Mr. Newsom told reporters. “This is a climate damn emergency. This is real and it’s happening.”

Meanwhile, Trump was ridiculed by the mainstream media (as usual) for suggesting the fires had nothing to do with Global Warming and that poor forest management due to Greeny environmental policies preventing controlled burnings of fallen trees and scrub were to blame for the extent of the burning:

As one organisation pointed out “Environmentalism is why California stopped grooming forests or doing controlled burns to get rid of deadwood (AKA tinder). All this misbegotten environmentalism has controlled California even as more people have moved into fire zones over the past several decades”.

And nobody dares mention how many fires are started deliberately by Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists as part of their ‘peaceful protests’. Here’s a nice photo from Oregon. It shows a local lady holding an alleged arsonist at gunpoint until the police arrived to haul him away:

She found him on her land with a lot of matches. When asked why he had so many matches, he said he was a smoker. But when asked to show his cigarettes, he was unable to produce any.

You won’t see that story in any of the mainstream media

What about the early snowstorms?

Another story you won’t see reported in any mainstream media is that the US states of Wyoming, Colorado and a few others have just experienced their earliest snowfalls for over 100 years. Boulder Colorado and Denver had their first and earliest snow on September 8 this year and a local weather station is running a competition for people to guess when the second snowfall will come:

Nobody in the mainstream media is going to mention the record early snowfalls in the USA as they don’t fit the Greenies’ Global Warming narrative.

Meanwhile in Australia

Perhaps the most damning example of the idiocies of the environmentalists was during the Australian fires earlier this year.

An Australian named Liam Sheahan cleared trees and shrubs within 100 metres of his home in the hills at Strath Creek, central Victoria, to create a firebreak in case bushfires ever hit. While Mr Sheahan thought that was a ‘common sense’ decision, the local council did not, taking him to court where fines and legal costs left him $100,000 out of pocket

However his decision to clear the land was vindicated when his property was the only one still standing after bushfires devastated the tiny town.

I’ve been trying to find the short video in which an Australian fireman (son of a fire chief) rages against the Greenies for their legislation preventing people creating firebreaks using controlled burning during the Australian winter. But it seems to have disappeared. However, here’s another one in which a Australian public enquiry into the wildfires this year discovers to its astonishment and amazement something that most Australians (except Greta-adoring Greenies) have known for over a hundred years – in a hot dry country you need active forestry and land management to avoid catastrophic fires:

6 comments to Greenies only lie to us for our own good, don’t they mommy?

  • Hardcastle

    I flew into Melbourne during the fires of 2009 and the papers were full of discussion then about the causes.Those older Australians and the Aboriginals were in no doubt then that the problem of bushfires,natural in semi arid areas were being enhanced by environmentalist policies.Those environmentalists were often recent,urban based imports from Europe,with little or no experience of the environment of Australian Bush.But of course they knew best and many of the imports were into influential academic and governmental employment.We found it ironic and amusing that a visit to the Melbourne Art Gallery provided evidence about the realities of climate in Australia.One of Arthur Streetons most famous paintings in the gallery was we were informed,painted on plains air in temperatures of plus 40 degrees.This was in the late 19 th Century.Similarly there were several paintings of severe,natural bushfires,again painted in the 19th Century.It was ironic that the environmentalists chose to ignore the advice of the Aboriginals and their centuries of knowledge and experience of managing the Bush to minimise the effects of naturally occurring bushfires.This included controlled burning of accumulating debris.The sheer arrogance and ignorance is typical of these metropolitan know it alls.

  • A Thorpe

    I wonder whether those paintings are still in the art gallery. It could be said that indigenous people of America, Australia and New Zealand have been left behind after the arrival of white settlers, but perhaps they had the good sense to stick to their traditions which are based on understanding and living close to nature.They are the ones who know what should be done. Our western environmentalists haven’t got a clue and the reality is they are doing the wrong things and damaging the environment.

    I cannot see any change to the present climate policies coming from governments because of the high level of public support. It will only change when they have to face reality. It will be either complete destruction of our economy or the climate entering a cold period with resulting food shortages.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    So although Harry Hewitt and his husband will doubtless be delighted that their ambition to shut down the world’s airlines has come true (though not because of their sanctimonious, hypocritical lectures), a 90% reduction in air travel appears to have made not the slightest difference to the climate. What a shame that the utter drivel this pair of freeloaders and would-be Hollyweird stars were spouting all last year has been so cruelly exposed for what it is, and so soon.

    However, one of the few pluses from the WuFlu virus has been that it has knocked a big hole in the ‘Climate Change’ industry’s bunfight schedule. Originally, there were more than five hundred and fifty ‘Climate Change’ industry conferences scheduled for 2020. An average, obviously, of more than one per day. What a growing industry to be involved in – no wonder so many middle-class kids are desperate to establish their ‘Green’ cv’s by serving with the Extinction Rebellion stormtroopers.

    Just one, in Madrid last December, hosted no fewer than thirteen thousand registered participants, and nine thousand observers. Doubtless they all travelled to Madrid by totally carbon-free transport, even the Hollyweird celebs and other media stars, and sundry heads of dodgy Latin-American governments who also showed up. Afghanistan alone sent twenty-two delegates…. But strangely enough, when teenage ‘Climate Change’ protesters turned up and demonstrated at the Conference, they were all ejected by the usual security goons employed at all big Corporate events. Which is exactly what these events are, because for the Climate Change industry, it’s all about the ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ – into their pockets.

    The UK’s ‘Conservative’ government intended to host one of these events this year. At a cost to the taxpayer of £450 million. All for the privilege of listening to yet another lecture from the Gretards about what a bunch of uncaring fascists we all are. It’s almost worth the inconvenience of Lockdown to have been spared that.

    As an aside, I wonder what happened to the German-led team of six hundred international ‘Climate Change’ scientists who set off on September 20th 2019 on a year-long $158 million taxpayer-funded jolly to the Arctic? Their massive icebreaker ship was intended to become trapped in the Arctic ice (‘What ice?’ – Al Gore) and drift towards the North Pole, to a point where, I quote, ‘ No other icebreaker will be able to reach us because the ice is too thick.’ Another quote – ‘ ‘’So far we have always been locked out of that region and we lack even the basic observations of the climate processes in the central Arctic from winter,’’ said Markus Rex of Germany’s Alfred Wegener institute, who will lead the expedition.’

    Not a word so far in the mainstream media about how this expedition of worthies has subsequently fared, But interesting to reflect on how scientists make definitive, alarmist claims about ‘Climate Change’ while lacking ‘even the basic observations of the climate process.’ And to reflect on how common sense, rather than ice, seems to have disappeared from the earth.

  • Stillreading

    Great blog yet again, and some marvellous and informative responses. I took a guided minibus tour of several days’ duration down the Great Ocean Road from Sydney to Melbourne 20 years ago and our guide, a well-informed young Australian man of European origin, explained to us how, if the Bush were not cleared regularly, uncontrollable fires would occur in the dry season, usually as a consequence of lightning strikes. Once a fire started, the eucalyptus trees, being rich in oil, spontaneously exploded in the extreme heat, thus causing further fires. It was, therefore, vital to manage the Bush by judicious clearance of debris and by creating firebreaks such as that which the property owner who was prosecuted by the Greenies had done. We were told that on average widespread Bush fires occur around every eleven years anyway, attributable to the size the trees had attained in that time. I remember visiting a small coastal bay, looking for all the world like a quiet bit of Dorset coast, but with the Bush spreading down the hillside to the sand and shingle beach. We were told that in the Bush fire a few years previously the temperature had been so high that the sand turned to glass. Australia is a very beautiful, but extreme country. Only the toughest, most resolute initial European settlers either survived transportation or had the guts to quit their lives as sailors or soldiers in order to tame a fascinating but savage land and establish families. Australians who are able to demonstrate that they descend from First Fleet convicts are inordinately proud of the fact, and good luck to them! How dare Northern hemisphere woke, ignorant, interfering lefties tell them how to manage their countryside!

  • Eric Legge

    It looks to me as if the government is screwing Covid up on purpose. In other words, they are purposefully at cross purposes because Boris and the other ministers, etc., know that the whole Covid thing, climate change, BLM, feminisation, dumbing down, impoverishment, etc., is set out in the decades-old UN’s Agenda 21 Now called Agenda 30.

    For reasons that are not hard to guess, the governments of most countries are not going against Agenda 21. For example, did Boris really have Covid or was it something else? Apparently, others have been offered bribes.

    Dr Vernon Coleman’s latest video on Brand New Tube goes into Agenda 21. He is using that new video site because his videos are taken down by YouTube.

  • A Thorpe

    With reference to Boris screwing things up I was sent a cartoon of him this morning giving a speech with a sign on the lectern saying “stay confused” and he was saying: “You keep your whole self in, you send your whole self out, eat out, help out, shake it all about. You do the Hokey Cokey while we U-turn around and that’s what its all about.”

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