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Is Joe Biden the new El ‘Private Godfrey’ Cid?

(Thursday blog)

Today I wanted to focus on Joe Biden’s increasingly obvious and increasingly worrying mental decline as we never hear anything about this in the Trump-loathing, Democrat-adoring UK mainstream media.

I don’t know how many readers are old enough to remember the 1961 film El Cid starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren:

At the end of the film Charlton Heston (El Cid) dies trying to defend Spain against the invading Moor (Muzlim) army. But with the help of an iron frame, Heston’s generals prop up his corpse, dressed in armour and holding a banner, on the back of his horse Babieca. Guided by two of his generals riding on either side, the horse carrying El Cid leads a charge against the Moors. Believing that El Cid has risen from the dead, the terrified Moors flee and are thoroughly beaten.

That brings us to Joe Biden. Sleepy Joe may actually still be alive. His body is still moving, but his brain seems to be going going gone. Yet the Democrats are desperately propping him up just like the Spaniards in El Cid propped up the dead Charlton Heston. Although, unfortunately Biden is no Charlton Heston. He’s more like Private Godfrey in Dads’ Army:

Joe ‘Private Godfrey’ Biden has a teleprompter in his basement to tell him what to say when he is fed easy pre-prepared questions supposedly asked by ordinary members of the public. He accidentally revealed this when holding up a photo of himself and his two sons during a basement broadcast:

Occasionally Biden is allowed out of his basement to give a short speech somewhere or other and he’s typically pictured waving to an empty field as nobody can be bothered to turn up to listen to him:

After each speech, Biden is hurried away by his minders to avoid him taking any questions from reporters.

Each time, he does give a speech, Biden gets confused, loses his way and just starts rambling incoherently.

You wouldn’t be aware of any of this if you only followed the Biden-adoring, Trump-despising UK mainstream media. But it’s difficult to imagine the howls of mockery and derision from the BBC, C4 News (Jon Snow, Krishnan Whatever and Kathy Newman) and the UK newspapers if Trump was making the same gaffes as Biden.

Biden has declined so dramatically, that one might wonder whether Biden is the new El Cid, a sort of Private Godfrey already totally useless but propped up by his generals to win the election by conning moderate voters before being unceremoniously dumped by the more extreme wing of the Democrat Party and replaced by the much more radical Kamala Harris, the Bernie Bros and the Squad:

The vice president’s role is usually clearly subordinate to that of the president. But Kamala Harris is already talking in her speeches about “a Harris administration with Joe Biden”.

There are loads of wonderful videos highlighting Joe ‘El Private Godfery Cid’ Biden’s mental incapacity:

But here’s one pointing out that Biden is just being used like an already dead El Cid, by the real powers in the Democrat Party led by the very ambitious Kamala Harris and the leftists.

God help America!

5 comments to Is Joe Biden the new El ‘Private Godfrey’ Cid?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Rather than the Spanish hero who fought the Muslims, Biden increasingly resembles the hapless, inept Commandant Lassard, from the ‘Police Academy’ series of American film comedies.

    A Biden administration will be run by Harris, but they will keep Biden on so they can blame the old white guy for any unpopular or unsuccessful initiatives that Harris comes up with.

  • A Thorpe

    It isn’t just Biden, the leaders and choices we have in the west are completely uninspiring. I’m not impressed with Trump either and he has made numerous gaffs. He isn’t an impressive speaker which doesn’t help him.

    Gone are the days of Thatcher and Reagan, and even people who did not agree with their views, must admit that they were impressive leaders compared to today’s mob. They had a clear vision and they were determined to implement it, which is lacking today.

    Changing the subject a bit, I got an email this morning from the Coalition for Marriage about Abbott being disqualified from office because he does not support same sex marriage. Family life has to be the backbone of human society and this has been slowly breaking down and more of family responsibilities for caring for the young and elderly passed onto the state, because a career is more important. Thatcher and Reagan would be appalled to see what it going on today.

  • William Boreham

    What is it about a nation of, what? 330 million? That when they finally got round to voting in a black president that all they could find amongst their black population without a rap sheet had a white mother and a (predictably) absent Kenyan father. Now it looks as if their first female president will also have little connection with genuine African/Americans as she is of Indian/Jamaican origin. Personally if they have to have a female president, my choice would be the delectable Tulsi Gabbard.

  • Colin Roxburgh

    A good article, it is now known as the Harris Biden ticket. I hope for America’s sake it’s a Trump landslide.

  • Brenda Blessed

    I disagree with Thorpe that Trump is an unimpressive speaker. Have a look at his his speeches in full on YouTube, such as the recent rally speech in Arizona.

    Note that neither the packed audience nor Trump himself are distancing or wearing masks. In Nevada, he had to hold a similar packed rally in an indoor stadium that was 50 miles out of town No outdoor stadiums would allow him to make use of them.

    The reason he won last time were his rallies in the swing states, He won all of them plus a few Democrat states. The mainstream media here and in the USA try their best to make his speeches look unimpressive.

    Here is a particularly good one, in my opinion.

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