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Will our rulers reimpose Covid-19 restrictions to fight supposed ‘Climate Change’?

(Monday blog)

Wonderful, wonderful Sky News

On each of the next three days, I propose to feature short videos from possibly the best TV news station in the world – Sky News.

No! Not Sky News UK! Sky News UK is just the same EU-loving, Greta-adoring, West-hating, Trump-loathing, rapemigrant-pandering, BLM-knee-taking, UK-despising leftist propaganda we get from the recidivist liars at the BBC and C4 News.

The best TV news station in the world is, of course, Sky News Australia.

Will our rulers ever give up their control over us?

I think our rulers have been surprised at how easy it has been to use the threat of imminent death from the Chinese Coronavirus plague to cow us into quivering, spineless obedience as we give up all our freedoms. By “our rulers” I mean our politicians, our media, our police, our bureaucrats and various self-proclaimed ‘experts’ plus utterly corrupt international organisations like the ludicrously-misnamed World Health Organisation (WHO) and even more ludicrously-misnamed United Nations (UN).

We’ve allowed ourselves to be locked in our homes, deprived of contact with relatives and friends, in some cases have our livelihoods wrecked and our economies trashed. We’ve even given up freedom of speech as we can now be arrested for even making a comment on social media questioning whether our rulers’ lockdowns were really necessary.

North Korea’s Fatboy Kim must be looking on in admiration at the way our rulers have crushed us into submission.

But looking ahead, one could start to wonder whether our rulers will ever be willing to give up their new-found tools of control over us. So far the signs are not good. It’s beginning to look like our rulers intend to use the threat of supposed Climate Change to continue their 1984-like restrictions on our freedoms and lives.

Already we’re hearing the great and good (with their guaranteed well-paid and well-pensioned jobs for life) talking about how clean our air and seas are and how wildlife is thriving since the Chinese plague lockdowns came into effect. Already our rulers are talking about building a better greener economy. Already (I think) it’s illegal in the UK to build homes with efficient and cheap gas-fired heating. By 2035 it will be illegal to buy a new petrol or hybrid car.

But this is just the start. In order to become supposedly ‘carbon neutral’ to supposedly ‘save the planet’ we can expect a flood of new regulations and restrictions on our lives. After all, the restrictions imposed on us using the excuse of the Chinese plague have shown our rulers how cowardly and docile we are – how easy it is to manipulate and control us.

Here’s the wonderful Sky News Australia warning us of the dystopian future our rulers have planned for us.

(This video is aimed at Australian viewers, but I believe it contains warnings for all of us. The main part starts at around 1 minute 20 seconds)):

10 comments to Will our rulers reimpose Covid-19 restrictions to fight supposed ‘Climate Change’?

  • A Thorpe

    I appreciate the time you give to your research on these issues. I stopped buying a newspaper about three years ago and I haven’t watched any TV news or documentaries for about 6 months. Perhaps it is not a good idea to ignore it completely.

    I’m no longer sure that our rulers as you define them have a plan to make us obedient and give up our freedoms. It suggests a conspiracy and I cannot see how something as big as this could have been planned without it leaking out. The key word is that they are “surprised” about what has happened. Now, considering what has happened to the economy, they are panicking about what happens next. They have absolutely no control over what has happened and no means to correct the mess they have created.

    It is not that the “rulers” have control over us, it is that we have encouraged and accepted the control. If control is the right word. It just looks like utter chaos to me.

    I look back at the history of human civilisation and I can make no sense of many things and they all come down to one issue for me and that is the lack of evidence for human beliefs. It starts with religion and goes through all the superstitions such as witchcraft. All still having a substantial impact on many people today. The only explanation I have for the past is that we did not have the means to understand the natural world and invented explanations, but why were we not able to see that there was no evidence to support any of them? The same applies today, we accept without evidence. The advances in science should have ended that, but billions still follow religions and witchcraft is still practiced in Africa. I am now coming to the conclusion that our knowledge is too advanced for most people to follow and our education systems have been dumbed down, making it even more difficult. Science is being turned into a religion with no evidence to support the “scientific claims”. The rulers only appear to be taking action because the masses are effectively asking for it. It is a positive feedback effect into uncontrolled decline.

    I do know about physics and I have tried to explain the faults in human caused climate change to people, but I encounter closed minds. They know nothing about physics and are unwilling to think or have their views challenged. However, I know little about biology, but I see different views being expressed and they cannot all be correct and perhaps none of them are correct. But it is for politicians to decide policy, not scientists. They are giving up responsibility so that they can pass on blame if necessary. It is all part of the spiral into decline. Eisenhower warned of this in the sixties with his farewell address.

    I cannot see that one news channel can have any influence but at least they are there.

    Regarding the coronavirus, I saw an interesting graph from Sweden. It is a plot of monthly deaths in Sweden from 1850 to 2020 and it shows how insignificant the Covid19 deaths are. I cannot find the original data but the graph is in a letter found on

  • William Boreham

    The cretinous Theresa May’s last act before being ousted was to stick two fingers up to the British domestic consumers making it law that we have zero CO2 emissions by 2050. That will leave us with the living standards of the average Zimbabwean.
    The hidden cost of rewireing the UK:
    “Table 5 summarises the direct costs to householders considered in this paper. The total bill is £410 billion, an average of £15,000 per household.19 To this must be added the £56 billion cost of upgrading the distribution system (£2000 per household). Other expenditure will also be necessary. Heat pumps only work in well insulated and draught-proofed spaces, but the cost of retrofitting insulation measures is not considered here. Nor are the expected increases in the cost of electricity, or the cost of replacing thousands of distribution transformers, but these figures will certainly be significant.”

  • twi5ted

    Interesting that Murdoch is investing in GB News which i understand will launch next year. I appreciate soft left is baked into our media because of the legislation they have to operate within but would be fantastic to have a break from the hard left output we currently endure.

  • Stillreading

    The most significant statement over the weekend was that made by Prof. Carl Heneghan, of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford. According to Prof. Heneghan, as ever more testing is being carried out, people are being wrongly diagnosed as having Covid-19, with all that entails in the way of self-isolating and soon, doubtless, closing schools again, thus further damaging the education of the nation’s children, when in reality all that has been found in thousands of people is mitochondrial DNA fragments which are incapable of transmitting infection. People found to have these fragments may either have already suffered from mild covid and not have known, or have acquired such a mininmal quantity of virus that their immune systems have successfully fought it off. (Back again to the importance of viral load.) As for the climate change idiocy, the Prime Minister is telling everyone to get back to the office rather than work on line from home, while at the same time permitting railway services to continue with a reduced service and instructing operators to enforce “distancing” by limiting numbers on board! Couldn’t make it up, could you? Has this Government got a consistent, cohesive policy on ANYTHING? In my home town, pre-plague grid-lock road travel has been exacerbated by the appearance of thousands of orange cones, labelled “covid-19 emergency cycle routes” or similar ridiculous words. As I negotiate the confusing, time-consuming, fuel guzzling new driver routes, I have a bizarre mental picture of a gigantic coronavirus pedalling furiously along the “temporary” lanes to find its next victim, while unfortunate motorists, desperate to get to the office or return home at the end of the day, sit immobile in what has become one gigantic car park, listening to Auntie pouring out her latest leftie propaganda and extolling the virtues of Saint Greta. (Incidentally, I have yet actually to see a cyclist in one of these new lanes.)

  • A Thorpe

    I made a comment earlier that seems to have vanished and I am not going to recreate it, but I will make an observation on the comment from Stillreading. Prof Heneghan is from the centre for evidence-based medicine. I wonder what the medicine from other places is based on if it is not evidence? All science is based on evidence. We do not have centres for evidence-based physics or chemistry for good reason, which is that it is unnecessary, or at least that has been true in the past. Perhaps the IPCC needs to be called a centre for nonevidence-based climate change and we should be asking for more evidence on all medical and health issues.

    There is draft letter at this website:

    which contains a graph of monthly deaths in Sweden from 1851 to 2020. It shows a huge peak in 1918 and smaller peaks since and the coronavirus peak, although I would like to have more time to see what the future brings. However, it appears to show that the coronavirus response was unjustified when compared with other epidemics.

  • Lionel

    A priceless video clip – the BBC should play it back to back with one of their own efforts if they were interested in true balance.

    Extinction Rebellion are now getting their second wind. Here in the far south-west we are getting fancy dress parades and my local bus shelter has been vandalised with posters accusing our local MP of not supporting their cause.

  • Mark

    On another note, the LGBT lot seem to be quite about what happened in Brum.

  • Stillreading

    ” Prof Heneghan is from the centre for evidence-based medicine. I wonder what the medicine from other places is based on if it is not evidence? All science is based on evidence.” You make an interesting point for discussion, Thorpe, but I suppose the short answer is that whereas physics is physics and indisputable, and chemistry is chemistry and can be tested by experiment and results observed, documented and subjected to statistical analysis, medicine is in fact an art as well as a science. As such, it is susceptible to human influence, that either of the patient or of the practitioner. How else can the placebo effect be explained? We have evidence to demonstrate that certain medications, when taken in the correct dosages as calibrated according to severity of the disease, patient weight, age and comorbidities, cure certain conditions, but we equally know that a chalk pill if administered by a convincing practitioner and swallowed by a believing patient, will have a beneficial effect in certain conditions, particularly chronic pain. This is the reason why personal face to face interaction of patient and practitioner is of the essence in medical practice. The practitioner is assessing not only the condition which has brought a patient to the consultation, but the entire patient – demeanour, facial expression, stance, gait. It is appalling to learn that following the covid experiment in on-line consultation, future diagnosis is likely to be done via Skype or Zoom, and probably on a tiny phone screen!

  • Brenda Blessed

    A Thorpe: “I’m no longer sure that our rulers as you define them have a plan to make us obedient and give up our freedoms. It suggests a conspiracy and I cannot see how something as big as this could have been planned without it leaking out.”

    The control is established by a few sociopathic people at the top of the control pyramid, who know what the agendas and the strategies are. George Soros is the best-known of them. The people who implement the Marxist-control agendas are under their control because they will get fired or have compromising information on them released. The king pins seek to hire people who are seriously compromised to begin with, such as being paedophiles, etc. The people lower down in the pyramid just carry out the orders they are given without question. It is relatively easy to maintain that kind of control. The employees at the top of the pyramid, who are very well paid, will do almost anything to maintain their status and standard of living and what is taking place now is not against any laws, so that makes tagging along all the easier.

    Joe Biden had a few interesting things to say in the video linked to below, along with his usual BS. He was speaking in a hall or church and said that US TV adverts are mostly BAME. The US has a larger BAME population than the UK, which is around 15% and as such does not justify having 80 to 90%+ of adverts containing various proportions of BAME content, with the level of mixed-race couples increasing. This has to be an agenda. Ostensibly to fight institutional and unconscious racism, but no doubt aimed at acclimatising the UK into acceptance of migration from the third world with “climate change” given as the excuse for the migration. If the streets suddenly became full of BAME people the indigenous people would know that they have been had. But that probably won’t be the case if BAME faces are common in television programmes and adverts for a long period.

    Here is what Biden says in the video:

    “The main reasons why I am optimistic: because of your generation of black, white, Hispanic and Asian Americans. Did you ever think that you would turn on a TV and roughly two out of three adverts would be biracial couples selling a product?”

    Joe Biden Delivers One Of His Most BIZARRE Speeches Yet –

  • A Thorpe

    This link provides interesting reading on whether there will be a second wave

    It is the first that convinces me that there will not be one and it is a very easy read.

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