July 2024

Douglas Murray at his best?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I normally never watch any Youtube videos longer than about five minutes. I believe that if someone has something important to say, five minutes should be enough. Therefore there’s no need to go blethering on and on and on…..

But even though this recent Douglas Murray video is over 45 minutes long, I found it curiously addictive.

Douglas Murray is, of course, the author of “THE STRANGE DEATH OF EUROPE Immigration, Identity, Islam” (2018) and more recently “THE MADNESS OF CROWDS Gender, Race and Identity” (2019)

In this video, in his wonderfully articulate, incisive and yet understated way, Douglas Murray exposes the rise and dangers of the Gadarene rush to cultural fascism and its intolerance of anyone who doesn’t prostrate themselves to the new religion of wokeness.

With so little worth watching on the TV – unless you’re a braindead fan of Love Island, the fat-assed Kardashians, the awful X-factor or the worthless Gogglebox – it might be worth sacrificing 45 minutes of your life to what may be one of Douglas Murray’s best and most prophetic videos.

To quote C S Lewis “When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.”

10 comments to Douglas Murray at his best?

  • Loppoman

    How come we can’t get guys like Douglas to run our country?
    Great interview – anyone with a brain can agree with 100% of what he’s saying.
    Worrying, though, what he’s saying about America.

  • A Thorpe

    I got a notification which I thought was the same video, but it was an 11 minute extract so not sure how representative. Reading the comments on that video, several were saying, OK, but what are we going to do about it, and that is really the issue. In the video I watched Douglas was suggesting that we ignore people saying things we don’t agree with. That is fine if they have no impact on society but huge numbers are listening to them. One comment said force is the only way and Thomas Sowell has said the same “If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilisation then be prepared to accept barbarism”. At the moment force, violence and destruction seem to be destroying our civilisation.

    I’m not sure whether Douglas was asked about entering politics, but the answer was something like they would eventually just be drawn into the Westminster blob and achieve nothing. It is now more like all politicians and the media against the people. Our votes no longer matter.

  • All of the decadent rot started with sexual and social equality. The levelling of mountain into valley, negating the potential difference – voltage – that drives a culture. The philosopher, Nietzsche, warned about that in the second half of the 18th century – emphatically!

    This quote from what Murray said in the video is the best part of an excellent discussion, in my opinion.

    “Historically, what does it mean when someone wishes to go around parading themselves as a person of virtue? – Almost certainly it means that they are guilty of every vice that you can think of and then some you haven’t thought of. It’s a very reliable rule, isn’t it?”

    The vital point here is that these woke social justice warriors are driven secret vice-ridden deviants. They are not going to be persuaded of anything by reason. They are masters of detecting weaknesses and exploiting them. They started off by attacking the greatest weakness – the natural order of rank – with the ideology of social and sexual equality. Now they are attacking all of the other weaknesses.

  • Correction: The philosopher, Nietzsche, warned about that in the second half of the 19th century – emphatically!

  • Stillreading

    Excellent video and well worth watching, particularly when he gets into his stride after the first 10 minutes. I could not disagree with anything he said. The interview with Laurence Fox, which pops up on the screen following Murray, is worth another 30 minutes of time too. He has suffered appreciably since he dared to make a comment on – I think – Question Time on Auntie Beeb some months ago, to which the woke brigade took exception. To not insignificant detrimental effect for Fox, since his career as an actor is closely related to perception of his character and much of the theatrical world, his alma mater RADA included, is now prostrating itself before the doctrines of Woke and BLM. As both Murray and Fox correctly stated, we have a generation so ignorant of British history that they are incapable of making objective assessments of the causes and consequences, for good as well as evil, of slavery or war. Neither Murray nor Fox appear very optimistic for the future of Judaeo-Christian culture and Western civilization and I have to say I share their pessimism. Regarding the Plague, we now apparently have “Moon Shots”. Does anyone know what they are?? And Covid Marshals – who will they be? People of integrity and probity? Why do I doubt that? And from whom and on what bases will their powers to interfere with my actions and even to arrest me derive? And the “Rule of 6”, meaning that no couple with three or more young children may admit husband-and-wife grandparents, couples who may have been married half a century, into their home unless they kick one of the kids out first! (I think, though, that the same seven can meet at the pub – provided one member of the party sits at an adjoining table, carrying on a shouted conversation across the gap, whilst possibly being breathed upon by a group of five total strangers sharing the table!) The systematic destruction of our economy, of our culture, of family life, continues. Will the population tolerate it? You can hold down the valve on a pressure cooker for just so long, but eventually it WILL explode!

  • William Boreham

    One can hardly miss since this blog was published that the screwballs running this country have announced yet another lockdown, so a 10 minute video of a voice of sanity on the subject might be appropriate for the coming few days.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It’s absolutely ludicrous, to shut down our entire society because of a virus which, despite the fact that there is no known cure, has (allegedly) killed just 0.06 of the total population.

    It’s hardly the Black Death. There are 1,257 hospitals in the UK. At it’s absolute peak on 2nd April, there were 644 deaths in hospital attributed to C-19. And the overwhelming majority of these deaths were of people over 70 who were already suffering from pre-existing conditions.

    I’m quite sure Johnson’s new Covid Gestapo will be very selective about which areas they visit, and what sort of people they will be making an example of. And I’m quite sure we can all make a pretty educated guess about which areas they will be very careful to avoid.

    The longer this goes on, and the more disproportionate the repression is, the more it will become apparent that this has been an amazingly convenient ‘pandemic’ for those who wish to exercise untrammelled power over us.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    That’s 0.06% of the total population!

  • Brenda Blessed

    There is something extremely diabolical going on that must be capable of delivering a huge pay off to those who are behind it.

    The above-mentioned are obviously corralling the population mentally in order to be able to vaccinate it with a high-tech tag that could be a digital ID and may be able to change DNA in such a way that future updates may turn the population into a genetically modified product that may be rendered sterile in the same way that GM foods are that do not produce living seeds and have to be bought by farmers every season from companies such as Monsanto.

  • chris

    The UK is now being ‘pimped out’ to at least 2 inimical globalist factions.

    In my view Brexit has exposed 2 global cabals who want control of the UK.
    (1)The (Soros/BLM/XLR controlled) EU and its invisible partners who want our high level skills, resources and servitude but only until we are sucked dry and valueless.

    (2)Big Pharma, ‘Big Comms’ ‘Big destruction Weapons’ and Big Energy who just want our money, drug dependence fear and immobility.

    I know which side Boris is on, but either option is slavery.

    Not mine!

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