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Lies but mostly lies

(Saturday/Sunday blog)

Did China spread Covid-19 on purpose?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But when one sees pictures like this from Wuhan – the city where the Chinese plague started:

And pictures like this from the rest of the world:

where several million have died from the Chinese plague and hundreds of millions have lost their jobs and livelihoods, you really have to wonder whether the spread of the Chinese plague actually was an accident.

One possible plausible explanation is that the Chinese plague was accidentally released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology where it was one of over 2,000 bat viruses being experimented on. But once the Chinese Communist Party found out about the accidental release, they shut down all internal travel within China while continuing international flights as they wanted to see what would happen if their biological weapon was spread around the world.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know the truth.

Lies but mostly lies

On a slightly lighter note, a recent CNN report about the US riots and looting has been widely ridiculed for pretending that they were “mostly peaceful”.

Here’s the original screenshot from the absurd CNN report. It shows the reporter claiming the riots were “mostly peaceful” while the city of Kenosha goes up in flames in the background:

This has led to mockery of CNN’s lies and propaganda. For example:

And this:

And this:

And this:

Most US mainstream has become unwatchable just like our useless libtard, lefty, lying BBC because of its continuous deluge of white-loathing, West-hating, Greta-worshipping, Trump-despising, Izlumophiliac, rapemigrant- loving, globalism-adoring propaganda.

Looks like self-defense to me

And finally, while the mainstream media pillories the white guy who shot three people in the Kenosha riots as being a gun-loving racist, the fact that (from what I can see) he started shooting when he was on the ground being punched and kicked by the usual “mostly peaceful” BLM rioters, makes it look like self-defence to me:

7 comments to Lies but mostly lies

  • Mark

    The video you posted on Wednesday is now gone. YouTube seem to all over the censorship of the truth. God help us.

  • David Craig

    Surprise, surprise. Well, remember, I did warn in Wednesday’s blog:

    “I found that the two YouTube videos I had featured in my blog 4 years ago (which both showed what a hell-hole Paris had become) had both been censored by the virtue-signalling, lefty, progressive, free-speech-hating, globalism-loving moderators at YouTube.

    So here (before it too gets censored) is a short new video of life in today’s vibrant, diverse, multi-culturally-enriched Paris”

  • A Thorpe

    Several million have not died from Covid19. The latest figure is about 840,000. If it was a biological weapon then it wasn’t very good because it mainly killed the elderly and not that many of them. The response, that has resulted in millions of job losses and untold damage to companies, was entirely created by western governments and Boris has excelled in this field of activity.

    I saw a discussion in Unherd yesterday with Prof Levitt and towards the end they discussed a new world order resulting from the virus. My view is that a virus will not do this, it will be geography. Britain was well placed to start the industrial revolution because it was based on coal and iron which we had in abundance, and it started here because we had the scientists and engineers to develop steam power. Compare that with the present situation. Geography has not given us the rare earth metals needed for modern technology. It gave us a small amount of oil and gas which is running out and we prefer to leave coal in the ground. We do not have the materials in the UK and the change to renewable energy will result in an unreliable and expensive energy supply system. Instead of research into nuclear fusion we have diverted research into pointless renewable energy. The only way we can compete with China is to have better ideas and add value to imported materials and energy. That will not happen, geography trumps ideas. China has been buying access to raw materials in Africa when it has its own. This can only be to protect its own supplies. We could have done that but our politicians and those in the rest of the west are beyond useless.

    Farage was criticised for saying that Putin had run rings around Europe over Crimea. The Chinese are doing exactly the same. China is not the problem, our own leaders are the problem and population that supports them.

    I don’t see any connection between events in the USA and China. In the west we have intellectuals who have taken over political institutions and education. They believe in themselves and that they can save the world by a return to living with nature and they just have to destroy our industrial base to achieve a brighter and better future. They have brainwashed several generations of younger people into believing this, not to mention older buffoons like Attenborough and Prince Charles. The intellectuals and the supposed scientists supporting them are the real problem. Our politicians are effectively also now part of the intellectual elite brainwashed by their PPE background and having no knowledge of science and technology, or even economics. The UK depends on an effective opposition in parliament but we have not have that for decades. It is effectively the political classes against the few people who believe in taking personal responsibility for their lives. I thought at one point that it was the slow creep of socialism, but it is democracy that has resulted in the increasing belief of the majority that the state can solve their problems and make their life easier by taking on the responsibility they should have for their own lives.

  • William Boreham

    I see two Mail journalists consider the twittering of the conspiracy theorists not so whacky considering the record of the COVID pandemic since day one.

    And I see that sites like gofundme are quite willing to accept donation for low-life criminal scum in the US, but not for patriots like Kyle Rittenhouse. I was willing to offer a few bob to his defence fund, but I see he has the services of a ‘high profile lawyer.’ representing him – good luck with that with all the US media against him. I wouldn’t want to sit on that jury with BLM packing the courtroom. “Atlanta-based attorney Lin Wood said video footage of the altercation would vindicate Kyle Rittenhouse despite what he described as misinformation being spread by the media.”

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Democracy itself is not the problem. Correctly and reasonably honestly applied, it resulted in the steady improvement of the lives of ordinary working people over the last century and a half.

    The problem is the emergence of a deeply corrupt political class that has learned how to manipulate democracy by restricting voters’ choice to two political parties which have essentially similar political objectives, and which are dedicated to ensuring that the opinions of the voting public should, in reality, carry no weight in national affairs at all. As demonstrated conclusively by the attitude and actions of the senior politicians of all three parties over the referendum.

    In other words, that the public now exists to serve the politicians, rather than the opposite which, generally, has been the case over the last hundred and fifty-odd years.

    This is backed up by a newly politicised Civil Service. And by an educational system that no longer believes in teaching pupils and students to think for themselves and now refuses to employ academics who display signs of independent thought.

    The long march of Marxist International Socialism did not end with the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. It merely changed its methods; not its objectives.

  • Hardcastle

    Spot on Jeffrey,but what can be done when they are in control of all the levers of influence and power? Total financial collapse,not an impossibility by any means,or revolution/civil war,again quite possible given recent events.They are certainly full of confidence because they are not really concealing their intentions any more.This confidence could be their downfall but the meak acceptance of facecoverings by so many suggests their confidence might not be misplaced.

  • Stillreading

    Since well before the end of the last century, the buzz word throughout the West and above all in the UK, has been “safety”. The powers that be have only to say that something is “unsafe” for it to be immediately banned, often by legislation. People expect “safety” above everything else and this expectation has been encouraged by the legal profession, with its culture of encouraging the public to take action in the event of almost every ill or accident or minor mishap. This culture has gone a long way towards inhibiting the normal inborn childhood desire for adventure and for the stretching of personal parameters of physical and psychological potential and is partially, therefore, responsible for the increase in violence amongst young males as soon as they are let off the parental or school leash. Every media referral to the plague makes reference to “safety” and if we are to be believed a mere breath of fresh air is liable to lie an individual low with a life-threatening case of covid-19. It is this preference for “safety” over every other consideration which has lead to the widespread eagerness to wear masks. To deny the existence of covid-19 is idiotic – it does exist, in severe cases it causes observable pathology never before seen, if you get it badly it will possibly be fatal. Death is more likely, it seems, in those with various pre-existing conditions. Some of these of course are remediable by the individual. Obesity for instance, Type II diabetes (frequently arising from the former), various lung conditions, some at least of which are a consequence of smoking, something again for which the individual can and must take responsibility. But generally speaking the obese and smokers are unwilling to help themselves. The older seem to be more vulnerable, but so what? We are all more vulnerable to every illness and injury as we grow older. I can say this because I am myself old and therefore am supposedly significantly at risk of dying if I get the plague. But common sense tells me that much as I enjoy life, and reluctant as I am to quit it right now, I have to go some time and if I go a bit earlier because I contract covid-19, then that’s a price which has to be paid by me and my contemporaries, in order for society to continue to function, for my children to continue in their professions and earn their livings and pay their mortgages, for my grandchildren and great grandchildren to be educated, just as in previous centuries my predecessors slogged away in agriculture or heavy industry, living lives in which they were exhausted old men and women by 60 and died at least a decade before they had reached my age. When the old age pension was introduced, payable at 65, it was estimated that on average few would claim it for more than 5 years. Yes – several thousand of the oldest and/or least physically and mentally able in society, those living in what I regard as purgatory in Care Homes (somewhat of a misnomer in many instances) died a few months earlier, of covid-19, than they might otherwise have done. But again, is this such a tragedy? Most of us die of something and it’s usually prolonged and fairly uncomfortable. Few of us expire peacefully and painlessly in our sleep after a riotous night on the tiles! I know I risk offending many by making such a comment, but since I am well and truly in the age category concerned, I maintain my right to do so. I do not want to see the life which I worked very hard to provide for my children – their education, their values and attitudes, all of which have been passed down to my grandchildren and made them the wonderful young people they now are – wilfully destroyed and excruciating taxes imposed on them as a consequence by the policies of a government which seems entirely to have lost its way and is acting on the “advice” of a few far from unbiased scientists.

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