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The (multi-)cultural enrichment of Paris?

(Wednesday blog)

Polio forever!

Turning on the BBC news this morning, I learnt that polio has finally been eradicated – except for in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Unfortunately the BBC ‘experts’ were unable to suggest why polio might still be prevalent in these two wonderful countries.

I did wonder whether it might have something to do with the fact that the religion practised in these two backward, misery-ridden, excrement-covered sh*t-holes (sorry, I meant ‘earthly paradises’) encourages its believers to murder polio vaccination teams:

In one year it was reported (not of course by the BBC) that more people are killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan trying to vaccinate children against polio than die from the disease itself. I believe that vaccination teams have now been withdrawn from many parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan so we can expect polio deformities and deaths to shoot up.

But this explanation doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone at the BBC.

Anyway, talking of the world’s most enriching, most scientifically-advanced religion, let’s take a trip to Paris today.

Visit Paris and be (multi-)culturally enriched

Paris has always had the reputation of being a beacon of European culture. It’s not difficult to see why:

I used to love going to  Paris. When I was an awful lot younger, if you wanted to get off with a girl, you just invited her to Paris for a weekend. A huge amount of food, drink and sex were guaranteed.

But Paris has changed.

First there was the Eastern European (mainly gypsy) invasion. Here are some gypsies helping a French woman withdraw money from an ATM:

The aggressive begging, pick-pocketing and muggings got so bad that the staff at the Louvre went on strike demanding police protection:

But the East-European enrichment of Paris was nothing compared to the more recent multi-cultural enrichment which followed the EU’s decision (at EU boss Merkel’s orders) to open the EU’s borders to every piece of Third-World garbage that fancied an easy life living off European taxpayers’ enforced generosity supplemented by crime – theft, pimping, drug-dealing, mugging etc etc etc.

Paris has gone from being super-cultural to becoming super-multi-cultural:

What an improvement. Hooray for multi-culturalism!

Even better, many of those now living in Paris seem to have shown little inclination to accept traditional French values because their own rich, colourful, vibrant cultures are obviously far superior to boring old French culture:

Anyway, why should they assimilate? After all, we all agree that multi-culturalism and diversity and inter-communal violence are much better than boring mono-culturalism and socially-cohesive communities.

Paris is now so enriched and diverse and vibrant that arriving on the Eurostar train from London to Paris Gare du Nord is a little like arriving at Mogadishu Central Station:

I don’t know who these men are. Perhaps they’re in the Paris Gare du Nord train station to help weary travellers with carrying their luggage and wallets?

I was looking back over my blogs and found one I had written 4 years ago about the decline of Paris from being the City of Light to looking more like the usual Third-World cess-pit. This is Paris today:

And here’s another attractive picture of the City of Light:

Yup, the above two pictures are from Paris, not Soweto. Here’s Soweto:

It’s almost difficult to tell Paris and Soweto apart?

I found that the two YouTube videos I had featured in my blog 4 years ago (which both showed what a hell-hole Paris had become) had both been censored by the virtue-signalling, lefty, progressive, free-speech-hating, globalism-loving moderators at YouTube.

So here (before it too gets censored) is a short new video of life in today’s vibrant, diverse, multi-culturally-enriched Paris:

4 comments to The (multi-)cultural enrichment of Paris?

  • Stillreading

    Three years ago a middle-aged female friend, a classicist and fluent speaker of Italian and French, visited Paris, the city in which as a young woman she had lived and studied for a year, and was appalled by what she and the friend who went with her, witnessed and experienced. Apart from around a few cultural landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, where the gun-toting gendarmerie were in evidence, the alien invasion was in full swing. Two attempts at theft were made on my friend, one in the street by two women clearly of African origin, and one actually in a cafe, where a gypsy woman tried to seize her handbag which, fortunately, was slung across her body. Beggars littered the pavements. When my friend recounted her experience she was almost in tears. Culturally, the city of her youth, with its “Rive Gauche” tradition of innovation in art and literature and its sense of freedom and safety to wander at will, absorbing its essentially French nature and admiring its beauty, had disappeared, to be taken over by those of totally alien cultures. Just like London has been taken over in fact.

  • Cliff Hatton

    Who’d have thought it would have ended up like this? When the doors were thrown open to all and sundry the future looked so bright! WHAT a surprise and disappointment to find Europe being dragged into the cess-pit of hell..

    I mean…who’d have thought it?

  • A Thorpe

    With reference to the video of Paris, there are videos by Katie Hopkins on what she calls Skid Row in LA. These show poverty and filthy, rat infested streets.

    The picture of the Paris shanty town reminds me of my first trip abroad as a student in 1966 which was by train to southern Italy. When arriving in Rome we passed through similar living conditions. It was a shock to see it. Now it could be the new normal.

    But look on the positive side. All the trouble makers in the video have brought much needed skills to Europe that our own population are too lazy or stupid to acquire. They are essential to maintaining our standard of living and ensuring that it improves.

    We are not being dragged into the cesspit of hell as Cliff says, we are being taken on this wonderful journey by our farsighted leaders.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    How about ‘Multi-Cultural Enrichment’ as a new Olympic event for next year?

    It could replace the Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo, Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling, Fencing, Archery, Javelin- and Hammer-throwing, and Shot-Put competitions, and would be satisfactorily ‘Diverse’ enough for everyone.

    Amend the rowing events by replacing the boats with rubber dinghies, and you’d have all you need for a perfect Olympic Games for the 2020’s.

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