July 2024

Defund dem mutha-f**kin police! Vote Biden/Harris!

(Monday/ Tuesday blog)

Here’s a nice muthaf**kin graph to kick off the week:

It’s a graph of shootings in New York this year (red line) compared to the five previous years.

And here are a couple of tough muthaf**kas:

In the three-day period from Aug.13 through Aug.15, 49 people were shot in New York. This was an impressive five times more than the eight who were shot during the same 72 hours last year. And during the latest weekend more than 30 people were shot according to figures just released.

This brings New York City to more than 1,000 total shooting incidents across the city year to date, already double all of last year, and the summer is not even over — a summer which ironically has witnessed a supposed heightened consciousness and awareness of police shootings of black Americans given the ongoing George Floyd and Black Lives Matters protests.

Most of those shot are Blacks and Latinos shot by other Blacks and Latinos:

In one incident, a man in Queens was shot and killed while simply playing in a basketball tournament that was also part of a barbecue at a local park. Interestingly, news reports accompanying the tragic death actually blame lack of police presence for the violence there. Local residents are reportedly angry that police routinely “stay away” — something, it should be noted, that national BLM protests have demanded all along.

Among the dead was a 25-year-old mother of three children. Priscilla Vasquez was described in local reports as shot in the back of the head by an unknown gunman in the early morning hours of Saturday while standing on a sidewalk in front of a public school, just around the corner from her Bronx home.

Underscoring the senseless and often random nature of much of the violence, her friends and family don’t think she was the intended targeted, also given the gunman appeared to fire wildly and haphazardly. Basically, the gunman was just having a bit of fun spraying bullets around as one does when there are no cops around.

As you may know, under pressure from ‘Defund the Police’ activists New York Democrat mayor Bill de Blasio and his Democrat cronies on the city council have cut the New York police budget by $484m and disbanded the NYPD’s plain-clothes anti-gun-crime unit. Although here’s New York congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

In her opinion, the budget cuts don’t go far enough: “These proposed ‘cuts’ to the NYPD budget are a disingenuous illusion”, said Ms Ocasio-Cortez in a statement. “This is not a victory.”

In just a few months, by pandering to the Antifa/BLM fascists New York’s Democrat bosses have managed to turn back over 20 years of progress against violent crime in the city. The result – those who can afford to leave New York are leaving and the city’s once famous shopping streets have become crime-infested no-go zones:

Maybe John Carpenter’s 1991 supposedly ‘science fiction’ film – Escape from New York – wasn’t science fiction after all?

The same grim scenario is being played out in many other US Democrat-controlled cities – especially Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland – in fact anywhere that Antifa/BLM fascists have taken over the streets and defunded, demoralised police retreat.

I humbly suggest that maybe 150 million to 200 million Americans don’t support the statue-destroying, inner-city-burning, US-hating, intolerant, free-speech-oppressing, fascist Antifa/BLM scum:

I humbly suggest that the rapidly increasing lawlessness and violence, strongly encouraged by Democrat politicians who hope that the chaos will favour their electoral prospects, are why Trump may (will?) win again in November.

As for New York – it’s becoming just another corrupt, crime-ridden, dystopian Democrat sh*t-hole:

8 comments to Defund dem mutha-f**kin police! Vote Biden/Harris!

  • Roy Hartwell

    I might be wrong but doesn’t New York have a very strict policy on gun ownership? From the stats I’ve seen, gun CRIME is lowest where legal gun OWNERSHIP is highest.
    I’m surprised one of those fancy liberal Uni’s hasn’t obtained massive grants to study why that is !!

  • David Craig

    New York is generally perceived to be a highly restrictive state for purchasing, possessing, or carrying firearms, as most firearms regulations are defined at the local level. This is especially the case for New York City and its surrounding suburbs, and larger urban centers throughout the state where most New York State residents live and work. In contrast, most rural areas in New York State have relatively permissive firearms policies, particularly with respect to concealed carry.

  • A Thorpe

    My favourite writer at the moment is Thomas Sowell and he has made the same observation as Roy about gun ownership. I don’t know what he thinks about the present violence. He also claimed that crime increased in the UK when gun ownership was tightened up. The reason he gives is that criminals didn’t want to take the risk of being shot, now they don’t have to, and we have seen in the UK how the law treats home owners who take action against criminals. They become the guilty party.

    I read this weekend that there is an exodus starting in London. Is this the new trend? I can only see life getting worse here when we see the full impact on the economy. Nothing makes sense to me anymore. Mass insanity seems a better explanation than anything else.

  • William Boreham

    The other side of the coin. There’s no doubt American cops are trigger happy – and some are obviously as thick as planks. What on earth was going through this cop’s mind in the current situation in the US, when he shoots an unarmed black 7 times in the back? Did it enter his pea
    brain that every shot was not only a career ending move, but a probable long prison sentence as well.
    Stand by for yet more rioting and looting if there’s anything left to loot.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The word “ostensible” describes most of what is taking place in the political and even in the commercial world these days.

    I use the word “commercial” instead of the words adverts ads and advertisements in order to get past the automatic comment blockers of the online newspapers that still allow comments to their articles, such as the Mail Online.

    The reason being that it is very difficult to get any comments through that refer to the increasing number of adverts on the TV channels and online websites that feature sub-Saharans as part of a mixed come-together crowd or as a whole tribe.

    Ostensibly, the reason for these adverts is to create racial harmony, but in my opinion, the real reason is to pave the way for mass migration here from Africa due to “climate change”, which we should all know by now is itself a fake agenda.

    In any case, the migrants in France want to get to the UK at all costs because they say that the British people are less racist than the French, Italians, Germans, etc.

    Just try and put some official population data from our 2011 census or from sub-Saharan Africa in as a comment. Even quotes from the best encyclopedias won’t get through Why? – They, the incompetent decadent liberals who have used equality to worm their way into becoming the heads of almost everything, don’t want people to be made aware that the black population of the UK is only a tiny minority of 3% as measured by the 2011 census and they don’t want us to be made aware of the fact that most sub-Saharan countries are set to double their populations by 2050. Even Bill Gates has said that in interviews that are still available online.

    There must be a very good reason for blocking such truth. I say that it is to keep the public in the dark as much as possible so that it will be much more accepting of migration here due to “climate change”.

    The education system was dumbed down, ostensibly in order to get 50% of students into university. A supremely stupid goal in any case. But, in my opinion, the real reason is to draw immigrants in to do the work that our people are no longer qualified to do.

    Why else would the government drop study bursaries for nurses when there is a huge shortage of them? – Because it prefers to bring them here from the third world.

    Ostensibly the main reason for making everything as diverse as possible is to make everything work much better. Since the reverse is what really happens, there must be some other main reason. In my opinion, it is to undermine the indigenous population in order to render the country less nationalistic and more inclined to vote Labour and want to rejoin the EU.

    And what about the ostensible-ridden Covid-19 “pandemic” and BLM protests?

    I could give many other examples of how ostensibly real the states of affairs have become in this country, the USA, EU and the countries that used to be part of the British Empire.

    It looks to me as if the increasingly ostensible world is well on its way to becoming an evil virtual reality?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    If de-funding the police in major cities means even more drug gang bruthas being able to take each other out, I’m all for it. It would appear that in reality they hate each other far more than they hate Whitey, so let ’em get on with it.

    And if Cressida Strap-On’s Met Police ‘Service’ was de-funded, would anyone really notice the difference? They don’t seem to do anything much nowadays except flee in terror from rave party thugs, and threaten conservative social media posters.

    Lots of cops driving around in London in vans at the moment, but they never seem to stop and do anything. In fact it’s amazing just how well-behaved a society we are, in view of our largely non-existent policing.

  • Stillreading

    Boris, with whom I have become increasingly disillusioned of late, has significantly redeemed himself today by speaking out unambiguously in support of our once great Nation’s Imperial Past and deploring the attempt to remove the group singing of Land of Hope & Glory and Rule Britannia from the last night of the Proms. To a certain extent, any decision for the longer term future has been postponed, since this year there will be no singing anyway and (I assume) no live audience, so the rendering of these two time-honoured pieces will be instrumental only. That gives the BBC a full year in which to meddle and manipulate in order to ensure that never again shall we see and hear this glorious choral commemoration of our past. Actually, I am surprised that anyone who so deplores our past can bear to attend any event in the Albert Hall, that magnificent music venue constructed in the reign of that arch-Imperialist, Queen Victoria, and named after her beloved husband. Of course, I doubt that many of the woefully ignorant, woke “yoof” who attend the proms “because it shows you got a bit o’ culture” know sufficient history to be aware of this fact.

  • A Thorpe

    Brenda, I do hope that you are wrong. I’m trying to make sense of it all, but I am increasingly thinking it is just mounting chaos with no conspiracy or plan of any kind and that it relates back to WWII which resulted in a complete loss of will power in the west to determine where we wanted to go after the war. Churchill certainly knew what he wanted to achieve during the war, but he wasn’t good as a peace time PM. The only two world leaders with the same clear vision, and at the same time, were Thatcher and Reagan. They both believed in freedom and personal responsibility, but what they did to achieve that has been reversed. I think there is a trend to socialism because of democracy associated with our political system which is based on political parties. We need to get rid of the parties and have entirely independent MPs. The parties are obsessed with power and the way they achieve it is by offering more state support than the other parties and that is the route we have been going down, with each election increasing the size of the state, but with absolutely no vision of the future. Thatcher and Reagan both wanted a small state.

    We live in the most advanced period of human history, brought about by advances in science. However, what concerns me is how science has been perverted, apparently by “scientists”. I am absolutely certain that the claimed physics supporting human caused climate change is wrong, because I studied the subject. What I don’t understand is how scientists can lie about it and, even more puzzling, why physics students cannot work it out and prefer to go along with the fraud. I know much less about medicine and viruses (almost nothing) but I can see that there are different views and that none of the governments seem to be doing anything to resolve the differences or provide evidence to support their decisions. Perhaps they all thought a lockdown would deal with the problem quickly and then it would be over, but they were wrong about that. I suspect the government is now in a bigger state of panic than most of the population.

    Eisenhower warned of a “scientific-technical elite” being created and funded by governments and taking over policy making. I doubt he could have imagined at the time that they would pervert science to create insane policies. The combined policies of climate and virus have brought chaos to western economies and the governments have no idea how to resolve it. The Chinese and Russian leaders do have visions, not ones we want to share. We can only watch to see what finally happens because our leaders have been taking the easy route by trying to keep everything ticking along – just like a giant plate spinning act with more and more plates being added and less ability to keep them spinning.

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