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Don’t let creepy Joe anywhere near your daughter

(weekend blog)

Very short memories?

In Wednesday’s blog, I focused on the lying Democrat liars’ very short memories as they queued up during the Democrat convention this week to blame President Trump for acting too slowly on the Chinese Covid-19 plague. Yet when the Chinese plague originally reached the USA in January 2020, they all queued up to accuse Trump of exaggerating the danger of the Chinese Covid-19 plague to create a fake crisis.

Trump’s harshest critics in January included Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden who called Trump’s warnings about the Chinese virus and ban on flights from China “Hysterical Xenophobia” and “Fear Mongering”. And New York Mayor Democrat Bill de Blasio assured New Yorkers that Covid-19 was “no worse than a common cold”. Here’s Mayor Bill de Blasio on 25 January 2020 encouraging people to get out and celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year in New York’s Chinatown:

New York has now had over 23,000 Covid-19 deaths. London (which has a similar population to New York of about 8.5 million) has had around 8,300 Chinese plague deaths.


I wonder how many of New York’s coronavirus dead got infected by following Mayor Bill de Blasio’s encouragement to get out, mix with large crowds and have fun while Trump was warning about the dangers of the Chinese plague?

The woman with the USA’s shortest memory?

But the ‘forgetfulness’ of people like Joe Biden and New York mayor Bill de Blasio are nothing compared to the recent memory lapse of the fragrant Kamala Harris – now Biden’s chosen candidate for Vice President.

At an event in Carson City, Nevada, on April 2, 2019, a reporter asked Harris the following question: “As somebody who has a relationship with Vice President Biden, what message would you give the women who feel like their space has been invaded in the past, by the vice president?”

Harris replied: “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.”

At that time, four women had publicly accused Biden of inappropriately touching them.

However, now that Kamala Harris has been chosen to be Biden’s pick for Vice President, she is claiming that creepy touchy-feely Joe Biden is absolutely the best man to lead America.

Maybe Kamala has ‘forgotten’ all the women who have accused her new best friend for life, Joe Biden, of having wandering hands and a tendency to sniff women’s hair?

Kamala’s sudden reverse ferret on Biden’s suitability to be president could remind the more cynical amongst us of the famous Groucho Marx quote: “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others”

6 comments to Don’t let creepy Joe anywhere near your daughter

  • A Thorpe

    I think there are so many differences and errors in the data collection that comparisons of deaths between countries should be avoided. I did a check on the population density and NY is 6 times that of London, which could be a factor. Also because of different health care systems it could be possible that in NY they did not seek medical help quickly and this seems to be a factor in deaths. What we are seeing is the shambolic response of all politicians and they are more concerned with blaming each other than with the health of the population they serve.

    We should question Obama’s motives. He supported Hilary against his own VP at the last election and now Biden is the best there is. Can we trust any of them, including our own?

  • twi5ted

    Given the coordinated response across the world then it does look more and more like a hoax. Less about a virus, as creepy career politician Biden revealed in this speech this is about climate change, destroying the fossil fuel industry and forcing electric cars and transportation while shutting down air travel.

    Very scary times ahead if we are not allowed to travel. Borderless world with few jobs or opportunities not linked to government corruption. At the same time, the sun activity dropping leading to colder and harsher winters in europe. Maybe time to prepare for the worst.

  • A Thorpe

    twi5ted, I agree, it looks like a worldwide coordinated response to the virus, but what troubles me about it is that world leaders are not known to act collectively and so quickly. It normally takes several conferences in exotic places over many years. Even then there is not full agreement and nothing they have done before has shut down economies and taken away our freedoms to the extent that the virus policies have done.

    As you say there seems to be a link between climate change and virus policies, and the latter have done what the climate policies failed to do regarding travel. There is a difference, whilst many have been brainwashed into accepting that we can change the climate, they haven’t been willing to change their lifestyle very much. Now there seems to be a willingness to give up everything we value, disrupting education, the pleasures of life and our economy, and all done without any hesitation on our part.

    I can’t understand how any of this has happened and I don’t find any of the theories convincing. Eisenhower warned in his farewell address of a scientific-technological elite taking over public policy. But they are not scientists. Certainly, in the case of climate science, they are perverting science to lie to us. It might be the same with the virus, but I don’t know enough about it. But then, why are we so willing to go along with something that is causing so much disruption to our lives and our future?

  • William Boreham

    Last couple of videos I’ve seen of Biden, he does appear to suffering the early stages of dementia, that’s why his choice of VP was so important. Presumably, as far as the Democrat Party was concerned, the next president had to be a female and black.- and Kamala Harris ticked all the boxes. But American politics is still in many ways, totally baffling to me. Take Obama, heralded as America’s first ‘black’ president. But from, what? 44million authentic Black/Americans, their first ‘black’ president had a white mother, who brought him up alone as, predictably, his black Kenyan father flew the coop back to his wife in Kenya soon after he was born – we are told in Hawaii? Again with this Kamala Harris choice; she had an Indian (not Red) mother and a Jamaica born father, who, as is normal with black males, left the mother to bring up Kamala on her own. So again, possibly the next American president after Biden goes full gibbering idiot may well be female and ‘black’ but in reality she’ll be yet another ersatz African/American. You’d think they’d begin to notice.

  • The liberal mindset, is clearly not merely a psychological state that can be put right with therapy.

    It is something very much deeper – something incurable at the physiological level.

    The nineteenth-century philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, called it physiological exhaustion.

    A state in which the instincts built up over millennia of experience, have degenerated and become depraved and consequently self-destructive.

    The physiologically exhausted are driven people. A good example being the man-hating radical feminists. We should all know by now what the physiological state of most of them are by now.

    Unfortunately, they are not decadent enough not to be able to see how they can come to power. In their case it is by pursuing and establishing social and sexual equality.

    It’s all sophistry, proven by their ignoring the
    Islamic treatment of women and their favouring transexual equality over female equality. Find one of
    them, or a liberal for that matter, who sees transexual rights as infringing the much larger women’s rights.

    This is what Nietzsche had to say on the matter: “I call an animal, a species, an individual depraved
    [physiologically exhausted] when it loses its instincts, when it chooses, when it prefers what is harmful to it.”

    The only ways that a society can recover from a devastating infection of this kind of depravity is to render its adherents in power impotent by replacing them with sound people or go down and then rebuild from the bottom up.

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