October 2022
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BLM scum really seem to hate Blacks!

(Thursday blog)

Yesterday I briefly congratulated the fascist scum pretending to be BLM (Black Lives Matter) protestors for scoring a spectacular own goal when they apparently managed to force one of the USA’s highest-ranking and most inspirational African-American police chiefs, Carmen Best, to resign after 28 years in the Seattle Police Department:

Now the fascist scum pretending to be BLM supporters seem to be trying to play the same trick – pretending to be angry about supposed racial injustice, they’ve started rioting and looting for justice in Chicago.

On Monday night, looters claiming to be protesting about the police shooting one of the usual violent, dangerous African American criminals descended on Chicago’s ‘Magnificent Mile’ – an upmarket shopping area.

Protestors/looters were caught on camera shoving shopping bags full of stolen goods and equipment into their cars. Some ATM machines were also damaged and broken into, along with cash registers that were stolen. At least one bank had also been broken into.

Videos of the vandalism showed huge crowds of people smashing their way into businesses and streaming out of the broken windows and doors with clothes and other merchandise. They loaded up vehicles, some moving slowly and deliberately, apparently not worried about being caught by police or being recorded by scores of cellphone cameras:

Vehicles drove away slowly, some leaving behind boxes of rocks that they had apparently brought to shatter the windows. Stores miles from downtown were also ransacked, their parking lots littered with glass and boxes that once contained television sets and other electronics.

When they weren’t filling up their cars with loads of looted stuff, the supposed protestors screamed abuse at Chicago  Mayor Lori Lightfoot and demanded the Chicago Police Department (CPD) be defunded:

Here’s Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot:

Yup, you guessed – she’s an African American. She’s not some ghastly, waaccissst supposed white supremacist.

And here’s Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown explaining that what happened in Chicago was violent criminality which had nothing to do with any legitimate protests.

Oh, and by the way, David Brown is an African American – the kind of African American the BLM protestors/looters claim to support but really seem to hate.

Why do BLMers hate people like Carmen Best and Lori Lightfoot and David Brown so much? Because the supposed BLM protestors are really West-hating, Trump-loathing, violent, Democrat-voting lefties who hate any person in authority even if (especially if?) they’re actually black:

3 comments to BLM scum really seem to hate Blacks!

  • A Thorpe

    The BLM objective is oppression of black people to create division in society. The are socialists or marxists (both the same in my view) and they are using black people to gain power, locally and nationally. This is how Obama rose to power. He was a community leader enjoying power by creating fake oppression and it gave him the power he craved as president to continue his oppression and the slow march of America to a socialist hell hole. The black people who speak out against BLM are attacked and hounded out of office as we see here.

  • loppoman

    In this case, the blacks are simply “useful idiots” serving a purpose.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    If voters decide to back Biden in order to regain a quiet life, and if Biden thinks he’s in for an easy ride as President, they’re all wrong.

    No matter how many concessions are made to Antifa, BLM, and ER, it will never be enough; they will always demand more, and back it up by more violence. This is just the way they operate. And they will not stop, at least not of their own volition, until the West is turned into a version of North Korea.

    Unless leaders can be found (and unfortunately leaders are born, not made) with the courage to not care about political correctness or accusations of racism (the equivalent of accusations of Witchcraft in the Middle Ages), and the general population becomes scared enough to back them up, we are basically screwed.

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