October 2022
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BLM idiots’ spectacular own goal?

(Wednesday blog)

Just a short blog today to celebrate a truly remarkable own goal by the self-regarding, virtue-signalling, historically-challenged, narcissistic, free-speech-hating, West-loathing, libtard, fascist idiots rioting supposedly for Black Lives Matter (BLM).

A great victory for Seattle’s BLM rioters?

As you’ll probably know, the US city of Seattle was the scene of some of the worst BLM protests/riots:

And it was in Seattle that the violent protestors/rioters chased the police out to establish the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ):

And it was in Seattle that the BLM dumbass protestors/rioters screamed loudest for the police to be defunded:

Well, the good news is that the protestors/rioters seem to have won. This Monday the (mainly white, democrat-supporting) Seattle City Council took votes to rebalance Seattle’s battered 2020 budget and start reducing the size and scope of the Police Department. It also promised to make more dramatic changes to public safety services next year.

Budget amendments passed by the council are intended to shrink the force by up to 100 officers through layoffs and attrition this year; dismantle a team that removes some homeless encampments; and cut the wages of Police Department command staff between September and December, among other actions

Hooray for the protestors/rioters! Hooray for BLM’s courageous fight against Seattle’s supposedly ghastly, waaccisst, police!

Oops – she’s black!

There’s only one small problem with the (mainly white?) BLM rioters’ great victory against the supposedly waaccisst Seattle police. The boss of Seattle police is not only an African American, she’s also a woman – Carmen Best:

From what I understand, Carmen Best has spent 28 years in the Seattle Police Department during which time she worked her way up from being an ordinary cop to being in charge of the Department. And now (from what I understand) faced with the hostility from Seattle’s mainly white city council and mainly white BLM rioters, Carmen Best has resigned.

Carmen Best was one of America’s most respected and capable African American law enforcement officers. She was also an inspiration to other African Americans by showing that with hard work and talent there were no limits to what African Americans could achieve. But now, thanks to the mainly white BLM rioters and mainly white Seattle City Council, Carmen Best will soon be gone.

Well done you (mostly white) virtue-signalling, West-hating, free-speech-loathing, self-regarding BLM idiots. Well done! You’ve managed to chase out one of America’s leading black police officers.

You dumbass idiots!


5 comments to BLM idiots’ spectacular own goal?

  • A Thorpe

    I think we now know who the next US president will be. Biden will win, stand down and Kamala Harris will take over. Seattle shows the new future for the USA.

  • William Boreham

    I see Joe Biden (predictably) has picked a ‘black’ woman to run as his VP running mate. Kamala Harris doesn’t look like a typical Black/American to me. Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago a more typical example. It must have some political and career advantage to claim to be ‘black’ in America when one is of mixed race. I recall Halle Berry on stage at the Oscars, trilling about being the first ‘black’ actress to win the Oscar, when the camera panned over to her mother in the audience, a blond white woman born in Liverpool!

  • David Fabb
    August 12, 2020 15.22 pm

    Kamalla Harris, her Father and Grandfather were interviewed on the India TV overseas network this morning. The Lady is from INDIA (the Bombay, Callcutta one)
    When Sleepy Joe falls over and the Chancellor takes over from Boris the wheel will have turned full circle.

  • Brenda Blessed

    BLM = B****s Love Mayhem. They want law and order off their backs so that they can behave and multiply like their brethren in Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, etc.

    In my opinion, the secret Trump voters will win for him just as they did last time. The intelligent whites, blacks and Hispanics – the ones who don’t vote Democrat – must be terrified by the writing that they can see on the wall. Put there by BLM and Covid-19, both of which all too conveniently came out from under their rocks in US election year.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Even if Trump wins again, the Soros-financed far Left, the mainstream media, and the Republicans In Name Only will still continue to do all they can to deny the legitimacy of his election, and will again use every single legal and illegal method they can come up with to bring him down. Things will probably get even nastier than they already are.

    It’s amazing that Trump has managed to survive a whole term in office despite the distraction of all the stuff that’s been thrown at him over the last four years. But it’s certainly stopped him from getting much of his agenda done, and obviously prevented the ‘Cleaning of the Swamp’. And is likely to do so again.
    It’s difficult to see how democracy can continue to survive the absolute refusal of an opposition to accept an election result that it doesn’t like.

    We in the UK should be grateful to Trump that for the first time that I can remember, a US President has not started a new war during his entire four year term, thus precluding the inevitability of the UK being dragged in. While Biden has enthusiastically voted in support of every dumb US military intervention over the last thirty years.

    As President, Biden would almost certainly want an ‘Intervention’ of his own, in an attempt to demonstrate that he’s not actually ga-ga. And our pathetic government would be delighted to commit the UK’s new ‘Common Purpose’, ‘Gender-Neutral’, ‘Inclusive’ armed farces in support of yet another ruinously expensive disaster in the middle or far east.

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