October 2022
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A website you must NEVER visit! A video you must NEVER watch!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Don’t become guilty of “wrong-thought”

The purpose of this Monday’s and Tuesday’s blog is to beseech you to never watch this 9-minute website video:

(were you to visit this video and click on play, you might get misdirected once or twice to some unwanted other websites. But you just need to close those to play the video you should NOT under any circumstances watch)

The reason you should NOT visit this website and NOT watch the video, is that you might get a bad impression of something of which our thought-police will not allow you to get a bad impression. Getting a bad impression of this something would constitute “wrong-thought”. And nowadays you can be fired from your job, ostracised by your friends, cancelled and even prosecuted for “wrong-thought”.

If you do watch the website video mentioned above, I take no responsibility for the consequences as I have already advised you NOT to go there.

As I am sure you will take my advice to NEVER visit the website and NEVER watch the video, I need not write anything more.

Oh Prince Andrew – what have you done?

As our noble Prince Andrew denies ever having any recollections about anything, apart from (if I remember correctly) a convenient visit to Pizza Express on the precise day a certain young American lady claimed to be in London, here’s a very short video you can watch. It comes from an interview Donald Trump did in 2015 – before he became President and long before the whole Jeffrey Epstein affair became a public scandal.

In the interview Trump is asked about links between Jeffrey Epstein and former President Clinton. Trump replies that Jeffrey Epstein’s private island was “a cesspool” and that the interviewer should “ask Prince Andrew about it”. Trump smirks as he mentions our great and noble (but memory-challenged) Prince. Of all the people Trump could have mentioned, why did he choose our honourable but slightly forgetful Prince Andrew?

This suggests that way back in 2015 Trump knew an awful lot about what was happening on Epstein’s private island and about Prince Andrew’s possible enthusiastic participation (which the Prince sadly seems to have forgotten).

Oh Prince Andrew – what have you done?

5 comments to A website you must NEVER visit! A video you must NEVER watch!

  • A Thorpe

    We have definitely gone downhill since the days of the Roman Colosseum.

  • William Boreham

    We are losing the war, in the Mail today:

    Police are considering dropping the terms ‘Islamist terror’ and ‘jihadi’ because they ‘don’t help community relations.’
    Alternatives suggested include ‘faith-claimed terrorism’, ‘terrorists abusing religious motivations’ and ‘adherents of Osama bin Laden’s ideology,’ The Times reported.
    A Muslim police organisation claimed today’s official terminology fuelled negative perceptions, stereotypes, discrimination and Islamophobia.
    The issue was put forward at an online conference which was addressed by Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the head of counter-terrorism policing. 

    Neil Basu – of Indian origin – no wonder he claimed that right wing terrorism is more dangerous to the general public than the Islamic variety!

  • A Thorpe

    William, here is a quote from Thomas Sowell: “Are we to indulge in absolute fantasy and say that statistical ‘diversity’ promotes better intergroup relations, against blatant evidence that it is poisoning people against one another?” It is from his book The Barbarians are inside the gates.

  • In order to overcome him, the evil-inclined, lying-inclined rabble always tries to turn the noble, honest man into the evil man and himself, the weak, despicable man, into the good man. Their weakness and vices are made out to be good and moral and the noble man’s strength, creativity and lack of pity are made out to be bad and immoral, even though they are what keeps everything in order, running and advancing naturally.

    On ITV’s GMB this morning there was a discussion on Lewis Hamilton, taking the knee for BLM and getting diversity into Formula 1.

    Apparently, the only realistic way to make F1 more diverse is to make the boards of directors of the companies involved in it more diverse. In other words, make a company, such as Mercedes Benz, diverse enough so that it can further the promotion of diversity in the F1 drivers.

    As anyone should realise, doing that would no doubt put paid to Mercedes. Mercedes is Mercedes because of German engineering genius and superb organisational abilities.

    The 19th-century philosopher, Fridrich Nietzsche, explores this eternal state of affairs in his book, written in 1887, On the Genealogy of Morals (or Morality, depending on the translation). Here are a few extracts:

    ‘We weak people are just weak; it is good to do nothing for which we are not strong enough’ – but this grim state of affairs, this cleverness of the lowest rank
    which even insects possess (which play dead, in order not to ‘do too much’ when in great danger), has, thanks to the counterfeiting and self-deception of powerlessness, clothed itself in the finery of self-denying, quiet, patient virtue, as though the weakness of the weak were itself – I mean its essence, its effect, its whole unique, unavoidable, irredeemable reality – a voluntary achievement, something wanted, chosen, a deed, an accomplishment. This type of man needs to believe in an unbiased ‘subject’ with freedom of choice, because he has an instinct of self-preservation and self-affirmation in which every lie is sanctified. The reason the subject (or, as we more colloquially say, the soul) has been, until now, the best doctrine on earth, is perhaps because it facilitated that sublime self-deception whereby the majority of the dying, the weak and the oppressed of every kind could construe weakness itself as freedom, and their particular mode of existence as an accomplishment.”

    “Would anyone like to have a little look down into the secret of how ideals are fabricated on this earth? Who has enough pluck? . . . Come on!”

    “This workshop where ideals are fabricated – it seems to me just to stink of lies.”

    This is what the liberals are trying to perpetrate right now with all of the phony virtue-signalling while trying to stifle free speech that challenges their idealism, stirring up riots and staging false-flag events.

    The book can be bought in bookshops or online and there are several free PDF downloads available. There is also a free audio book of it on YouTube.

    As usual, some translations are better than others. My preferred translator is Walter Kaufmann.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I have little sympathy for the Windsors/Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, and nor do I relish the prospect of Andrew’s dotty brother Charles ascending the throne.
    But I dread the idea of the kind of ‘Woke’, ‘Diverse’ President that we would undoubtedly be lumbered with in the event of a probably disastrous Charles the Third reign.
    Are there no representatives in existence of the Plantaganet or Tudor lines that we could substitute for our hired German functionaries? They have grown extremely tiresome.

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