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If Indian Hindus can succeed, why can’t Blacks?

(Friday/weekend blog)

All Whites are racist scum

We all know that Britain and the USA are violent, dangerous, racist hell-holes in which all those from a BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) background are hideously oppressed and often murdered by white supremacists.

Any BLM protestor will tell you that. I mean it’s obvious innit? So we should all be taking the knee in submission and surrender to the BLM mobs in order to expiate our original sin – being white and therefore, by definition, racist.

But there are at least three not insignificant problems with the “all Whities are racist scumbags in the UK and US” narrative:

Problem 1 – Why do tens of millions want to come to the UK and USA?

It’s odd that so many millions, or more probably tens of millions, more BAME folk are desperate to come to these two supposed racist hell-holes – the UK and USA. Given the crap spouted by the BBC, C4 News and the mainstream media, you’d think that most of our BAME friends would be desperate to escape from the UK and USA racist hell-holes and get back to those earthly paradises they or their predecessors originally came from.

Problem 2 – Was colonialism better than Black rule?

If you were to conduct an opinion poll in some sh*t-hole like Zimbabwe or almost any other sub-equatorial African cesspit asking whether people preferred those beastly white colonialists who built roads, railways, schools, universities, sewage works and a legal system or the Black leaders who have looted, raped, pillaged and impoverished their countries due to their greed, corruption, venality and stupidity, you might well find that a majority would welcome back the supposedly ‘dreadful’ white colonialists rather than the current generation of Black thieves, murderers and incompetents who now rule most of Africa.

Problem 3 – Indian Hindus don’t seem to have any problems with supposed ‘racism’

There’s just one other minor, niggling problem with the “all Whites are racist scum” narrative spewed forth by the BLM activists – those pesky Hindus who originally came from India. In almost every profession, you’ll find that Indian Hindus outperform us ghastly racist Whities in both the UK and USA.

Here are just a few headline findings from the latest UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey of ethnicity and professions. (These bullet points all come from the ONS website, not from a White racist scumbag like me):

  • in 2018, 21% of workers in the UK were in ‘professional’ jobs – the highest percentage out of all types of occupation
  • 33% of workers from the Indian ethnic group were in ‘professional’ jobs, the highest percentage out of all ethnic groups in this role
  • 11% of both Indian and White British workers were in ‘manager, director or senior official’ jobs, the highest percentage out of all ethnic groups in this role
  • 10% of workers were in ‘elementary jobs’ – the lowest skilled type of occupation – was highest in the Black (16%) and White Other (15%) ethnic groups
  • the combined Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic group had the lowest percentage of workers in ‘professional’ jobs (18%)
  • 41% of workers from the combined Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnic group were in the 3 least skilled types of occupation (‘elementary’, ‘sales and consumer services’ and ‘process, plants and machine operatives’ jobs), up from 38% in 2017
  • 18% of Black workers were in ‘caring, leisure and other services’ jobs, the highest percentage out of all ethnic groups
  • the Black ethnic group had the lowest percentage of workers in ‘manager, director or senior official’ jobs (5%)

You’ll find lots of interesting charts showing the admirably high performance of Hindu Indians and the shockingly low performance of British Blacks on the ONS website at:

But here are just a few charts from other sources which could seem to pose the question – “If we Whities control everything and are all neanderthal racists, how come Indian Hindus are so successful in both the UK and US (consistently outperforming Whites) whereas Blacks seem to be one of the lowest performing ethnic groups?”

Here are average hourly wages in the UK by ethnic group:

You’ll see that there are three groups which outperform White British. And you’ll see which groups perform worst. I obviously cannot comment on official government statistics as to comment would be ‘waaacciiisssttt’.

Or how about the USA? Here are the percentage of each ethnic group by job type:

(to see the chart more clearly left-click on it once, wait till the image comes up and then left-click again)

Oh dear. You’ll see that the group with the greatest percentage in managerial jobs in the USA come from the Asian community (51%), not from white Americans (40%).

And finally, here are US women’s annual earnings compared to white men’s

I rest my case.

And as for the BLM protesting idiots – please take your BLM placards and insert them as forcibly as possible into that special place where the sun doesn’t shine.

As for me, I won’t be ‘taking the knee’!

Why aren’t Indian Hindus protesting?

Apparently the useless Met police have released pictures of 35 people they want to question in connection with violence at the BLM protests:

As far as I can see, there are Whites and Blacks but no Indian Hindus. I wonder why not? Perhaps the Indian Hindus had better things to do like looking after their families, doing their jobs or studying to improve their lives rather than smashing up our cities in anger at non-existent supposed ‘institutional racism’?

I am a white man and I’m sorry…

And to cheer us up a bit, here’s comedian Dominic Frisby apologising for the worst sin of all – being a white male:

7 comments to If Indian Hindus can succeed, why can’t Blacks?

  • Hardcastle

    Problem is David,this lot do not want to look at facts and make rational,informed decisions.It might be that this madness might just fizzle out when winter sets in and people get back to work,if they get back to work.However this madness has taken on a chilling dimension which I do not think we have witnessed before.We are very close to these people actually killing someone,such is their intolerance and bravery when in a mob and the supposed opposition is in small numbers.What really dismayed me is the number of people and institutions which have rushed to bow the knee to the mob.Even my old school in rural Devon has rushed to announce that the titles of its houes is inappropriate.Drake,Hawkins,Raleigh and Grenville were slaves and colonialists you see.Schools should be educating students to understand historical perspective an not an arrogance that we are now without sin and those in the past were just as fallible as we all still are.When I was teaching,ones personal politics ,never entered the classroom.Students were taught to study issues from all perspectives and left to make up their own minds as and when they matured.Another problem today is that young people today are kept in the educational system too long and most do not experience the realities of working life until,one might say,it is a bit late.We have a very large body of young people ripe for the propaganda as opposed to education of those well placed Marxists and traitors to this country.The only end to this is not going to be pleasant but there are a lot of people out there who are very upset and if they get backed into a corner,they are hard,often trained,and will make mincemeat out of these children who have never worked in any meaningful sense in their short and pampered lives.Remove the money and they will wither away.All the Common Purpose placement are another and more difficult problem and would need a strong,resolute government of the right to offer any serious action.

  • A Thorpe

    Jordan Peterson discusses why people come to the west in his 12 principles of conservatism and he put it down to the west developing rules to live by and that most people here follow them. These rules have developed slowly over centuries and whilst not perfect we know they work. People who live in chaotic countries move to the west, not the other way round. The problem is that activists like BLM have one aim and that is to disrupt these rules and take away our liberty.

    I know little about Africa before colonialism, I suspect it was very tribal. After independence Africa and India looked towards socialism but India realised that capitalism was the way to a better life. Africa has continued down the route of its tribal past and has corrupt, totalitarian leaders. Also, look at the difference between the IQs of Indians and Africans and IQ plays a big part in what people achieve.

    Two black Americans, Thomas Sowell and Larry Elder both agree that government programmes to improve the lives of black Americans have made matters worse and they both single out Johnson and Obama. The “help” has been to make them dependent on the state and break up family life. The outcome has been higher unemployment and poorer education. It is just the same here and it is the same with poorer white families. Black community leaders have not helped, all they have done it to encourage a feeling of being repressed by whites. Sowell points out that the leaders have to do this because otherwise they would be out of well paid and influential positions, and I think this is Obama’s background.

    Where is the leadership generally. It is weak and gives into pressure immediately. We now have the Bank of England and Lloyds offering reparations for their involvement in the slave trade. Reparations are meaningless if they are not paid by the people causing the problem to the people who suffered. What are these organisations afraid of? The Church of England is no better. St Margaret’s Church in Rottingdean is taking down two gravestones that have been there for 60 years because somebody has decided they contain offensive language. The church just complies. History cannot be rewritten or changes by such actions.

    It cannot be a coincidence that everything we are going though was in the objectives set down by the Marxist Frankfurt School for disrupting civilised life to bring about Marxist control without a revolution.

  • William Boreham

    I see a lot of speculation the white folk will finally start to fight back against this racial abuse and the fight-back will be epic. I’d love to think so but the evidence suggests otherwise. Because a people subjected to such abuse, especially a hitherto dominant people, should have rebelled years ago given the provocation Nowadays all inter-racial violence ends up with the White(s) being beaten to a pulp, lying in a pool of blood. And the perps invariably walk. Britain’s most recent riots saw police bloodied and battered by leftist thugs. And what was the police response? To kneel before the rioters. Although they remain capable of acting, as they did by arresting a Brit, down to defend the statues, for urinating in public. An offence for which he was immediately sentenced to jail time. While the rioters walk free. I gave up on the white English 50 years ago when canvassing in London’s East End and finding they wouldn’t vote for the one party that would bring an increasing immigration threat to a full stop, because that would be deemed ’racist.’ Walk down that same area today, one would imagine one was walking through Islamabad. Incidentally, 456,682 deaths worldwide from Covid-19 – shock-horror – the world economy shut down. Meanwhile, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, net population growth worldwide so far this year – 38 million.

  • The main reason that Hindus are more successful here than blacks must be because Indian civilization was advanced millennia ago.

    For example, the Buddha lived and taught in India 2500 years ago. There are no gods in Buddhism. Buddhism took off because the people he lived with were advanced enough not to require a God or gods. Much of the West is still not that advanced.

    The sub-Saharan peoples never developed a civilisation. Cultures are far more than skin deep, they take centuries to develop. The blacks never went through the same levels of development as the Hindus.

    I suggest that the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are the least successful here because they originate from the lowest Indian castes that were kept at a low level in India for thousands of years and slowly migrated north in order to escape their Indian oppressors and then took naturally to Islam in order to distinguish themselves from the Indian Hindus.

  • Roy Hartwell

    And a report published in today’s Telegraph shows that those of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi origins have a 20% higher risk of dying from Covid-19 than white European. Black origins however have NO increased risk ! So where does all the BLM hate come from ?

  • twi5ted

    BLM and ER are two sides of the same coin. You can produce all the facts, data and logic but it’s never accepted because they don’t care about equality, or pollution, they care about collapsing society and rebuilding.

    What’s scary now is that the state appears complicit and to support this attempt to usher in marxism. BLM and ER in fact seem to be a merger of state and this new religion. Globally they control the media and all supranational organisations already.

    It does seem we are approaching a period of history chiming and advancements unravelling. I wonder if i will live long enough to see statues of Blair, Starmer and Johnson erected in London. The visionaries that ushered in the democratic republic of britain.

    The two tier justice system we now have goes back to pre enlightenment times. That period started because of separation of religion and state everyone equal in common law. But it seems the advances from the enlightenment are under sustained attack.

    Thankfully, nobody is mad enough to vote for these policies in sufficient numbers. In the UK, US, Australia, Brazil soon Canada they have been rejected. So i presume it will be a supranational global event to impose control – maybe aliens will be faked to arrive to meet Greta as now through her we have evolved to a higher level of existence.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It is of course totally unsurprising that George Floyd has become a hero of the Left.

    After all, he was only displaying the attributes and talents of that other hero of ‘Progressives’, Robert Mugabe. The only difference was that because his ancestors had been brought to the States on a slave ship, Mr Floyd only had downtown Minneapolis to operate in. Whereas Mugabe was presented with an entire nation on a plate, by the government of the United Kingdom.

    George Floyd, had he been born in Africa instead, was in possession of the principal qualities required to become a ‘successful’ African Head of State – a predisposition to enrich himself through the threat and the practice of violence against his own community, while at the same time demanding assistance from white people. So without historic slavery, George might thus at this very moment have been in a position to demand increased aid from Boris Johnson and the UK taxpayer.

    No wonder the Left thinks that Slavery has much to answer for.

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