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Is it our ‘racism’ or their culture to blame in the ‘BAME blame game’?

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

I almost threw up watching BBC Breakfast on Tuesday.

The first vomit-inducing story was a virtual beatification of the repulsive, dangerous, violent, druggie, criminal scumbag George Floyd. Interview after interview with his friends and family described him as a wonderful person, a ‘gentle giant’ who loved his mom, was a great father (to the family he abandoned!), always helped old ladies cross the road (when he wasn’t mugging them) etc etc. No mention at all was made of his extensive criminal record especially of the time when he held a loaded pistol to a pregnant woman’s stomach in a house he had broken into to force her to hand over all her money and jewelry.

Next we had Raheem Sterling. He’s a footballer who is paid between £300,000 and £350,000 a week (over £15m a year). From what I could see he was complaining about how he had always been a victim of racism. Yeah, right Raheem. You’re getting over £300,000 a week and you’re making out you’re a victim. Sounds like you have a pretty tough life (not)

And then there was someone called Jamelia. She’s apparently a multi-millionaire black singer. She was interviewed for almost 20 minutes about the terrible racism she had suffered throughout her life. Yeah right multi-millionaire Jamelia. Sounds like you really had a tough time, just like multi-millionaire Raheem.

Wherever you look in the media, the ‘BAME blame game’ is the dominant story and the people being blamed for the many problems in some BAME communities are, of course, us nasty, racist whities

What about Afro-American culture?

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s look at a few charts. We’ll start in the USA where all the recent Black Lives Matter looting, murder and mayhem started.

Here’s a chart of the percentage of children in the US by race born into single-parent families from 1940 to 2010 by main racial group:


By 2014-18, the share of families headed by single parents had risen to 75% among African American families, 58% among Hispanic families, 37% among white families and 21% among Asian families.

Or how about this one? It’s the proportion of US children born out of wedlock:

I find the above figures both eye-opening and truly shocking. And, of course they’re never mentioned by the people playing the BAME blame game who keep screaming that Afro-Americans are victims of poverty and poor education and lack of opportunity and racism etc etc etc.

I ain’t no sociologist. But I wonder if some of the underachievement of African Americans has nothing at all to do with slavery or racism or whatever and everything to do with the total breakdown of the traditional family structure? Single-parent families are likely to be more economically-disadvantaged that two-parent families. Moreover, having usually no father has left far too many African American children without a father role model and without parental guidance and control.

Could it be the fact that over 75% of African Americans are born into single-parent households, rather than supposed racism, which has created a massive, too often criminal Afro-American underclass?

Meanwhile back in Britain

The proportion of single parent families in the UK is much lower than in the US.

The single parent statistics published on the site in 2019 show what percentage of different ethnic groups were lone parents according to the 2011 census. Within each ethnic group monitored, the percentage of family types which are single parents are as follows: black (24%), mixed (19%), ‘other’ and white (both 10%) and Asian (8%).

But there’s another possibly interesting chart published by the Office for National Statistics

This shows the proportion of households by ethnic group which are ‘workless’. You’ll notice that the lowest number are in Indian (probably mostly Hindu) households. You’ll also see which ethnic groups and religion have the highest number of workless households. For obvious reasons I will not comment on those as that would be ‘racist’.

But if we’re really all ghastly ‘racists’ in Britain, it’s rather odd that Indian families seem to be much more successful than even white British families. A cynic might even conclude that the failure of certain ethnic or religious groups has nothing at all to do with supposed racism and everything to do with different cultures. A cynic might even conclude that Hindu families have a strong work ethic, a strong belief in the value of education and a strong belief that female children should have the same education and life chances as males. A cynic might even conclude that the relative failure in Britain of blacks and our friends from our favourite religion compared to British Indian Hindus has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with culture.

Then there’s one more chart readers might find interesting. It shows the percentage of males and females from each ethnic group who go to university:

(If you left-click on the chart once, wait a few seconds and then left-click again, it becomes huge and blindingly legible. The red bars are for children from deprived backgrounds – defined as receiving free school meals (FSM). The blue bars are for children from non-deprived households)

This shows that starting at the most likely to go on to higher education are:

  1. Asian females
  2. Black females
  3. Mixed-race females
  4. Asian males
  5. White females
  6. Asian females from deprived backgrounds
  7. Black females from deprived backgrounds
  8. Black males
  9. Mixed-race males
  10. White males
  11. Black males from a deprived background
  12. Asian males from a deprived background
  13. Mixed-race females from a deprived background
  14. Mixed-race males from a deprived background
  15. White females from a deprived background
  16. White males from a deprived background

So there are four ethnic/sex groups more likely to go on to higher education than white females and nine ethnic/sex groups more likely to go on to higher education than white males. Moreover, Asian females from deprived backgrounds and black females from deprived backgrounds are more likely to go to university than black males from non-deprived backgrounds. There are other interesting conclusions you can draw from this chart yourselves.

Perhaps all the idiotic, West-hating, fascist, ignorant, mutton-headed twats from Black Lives Matter and those ‘taking the knee’ could explain how so many more people from different ethnic groups than white ethnic Brits in Britain are going on to higher education if we’re all Klu Klux Klan, BNP mouth-frothing racists and all BAME people in Britain are horrifically oppressed?

A far as I can see from the two UK-based charts above, we’ve made so many efforts to help BAME people in Britain – even those from deprived backgrounds – that they’re now starting to outperform white ethnic British.

Sorry Raheem and Jamelia and Victoria Macdonald from BBC News and all the other BBC and C4 News presenters and all the Black Lives Matter brain-washed ass-holes who protest about anything they can find to be offended by. But I can’t see the terrible supposed racism you’re trying to foist upon us.

I don’t buy the story that BAME communities are victims of racism. It’s just another fraud like supposed Man-Made Climate Change.

Roger Daltrey once sang “we won’t be fooled again”. Unfortunately, subjected to a mainstream media barrage of self-hate, it seems too many white British will be fooled again:

10 comments to Is it our ‘racism’ or their culture to blame in the ‘BAME blame game’?

  • Hardcastle

    Why have commercial organisations rushed to align themselves to BLM? It was always a basic rule of commerce not to declare any political allegiance for obvious reason.It would seem that the “woke” management of some firms have jettisoned this sensible concept.Consequently I have been forced to suspend my life long support of Taylor’s of Harrogate and will no longer buy their products.They are somewhat expensive anyway and their are alternatives.When Yorkshire Tea becomes infected by the woke brigade you know things are serious.

  • loppoman

    As is written elsewhere – once they’ve got the statues, they will come for the people.
    How much confidence,if any, do we have that our government will uphold our laws and protect us?
    At least in the USA, people can protect themselves.

  • Hardcastle

    My earlier post was not posted for some reason,so here goes again although I might have lost my earlier level of rage.This is all about power and you would have thought our politicians would have been the ones to recognise this,even the faux conservatives.An elected government’s primary responsibility is to protect the realm,its citizens and all that implies by ENFORCING the law.That the government and its law enforcement officers and shown such a level of weakness,procrastination if not support for the lawlessness of recent days,tells us all we need to know.They are either too weak and corrupt to act,act not mouth platitudes,or they are actively condoning what is taking place.The DM is today calling the that seek to protect some of our most cherished public monuments as “far right” thugs.They could of course be disgusted British Patriots.If there is violence,then who is responsible? Our authorities who are not doing what they are paid to ,enforcing the peace.Appeasment never pays.You might have expected Boris,with his faux Churchillian posing to be enraged by the desecration of the Cenotaph and Churcill’ statue.It would appear not or he is too afraid and weak to stand against evil.If those Far right thugs are indeed what they say,they are at least my thugs and are merely doing what our elected representatives are failing to do. Civil war anyone? They will be coming for us next.Feeding the crocodile never works.

  • A Thorpe

    What depressing reading this makes. It is obvious that free speech is coming to an end. Why is Taylor’s acting as they have – perhaps it is fear of doing otherwise. And when we do not speak out, in the words of the poem, the mob will eventually come for us.

    The message I pick up from the blog is that the breakdown of marriage is behind all the issues mentioned and it has been my concern for a long time, but I am hardly in a position to comment. I am gay but I have also never wanted to live with anybody and I’m not sure which came first, and I think gay marriage has not helped. Increasingly I appreciate the family life my parents gave to me. Neither were well educated but they saw that grammar school was a way to a better life and they encouraged me to study. I will never know what they gave up to do this for me. Not only has marriage been destroyed but education as well, and I put the blame for declining education on the Labour Party and Shirley Williams in particular. These were two of the aims of the Frankfurt School in their objective to destabilise decent society to enable socialism to take over. The irony is that the poor expected the Labour Party to give them a better life.

    I have just watched part of an interview with the old fool, the King to be. He is still pounding on about getting back to nature and the dangers of carbon dioxide, but has no idea what this means and says not living with nature is why we have the pandemic. We were living closer to nature in the middle ages but it did not stop the plague killing huge numbers in Europe. Does he really want us to return to those living conditions? He talks about the precautionary principle which is based on ignorance and superstition and resulted in thousands of women being accused of witchcraft and being killed. Then he talks about getting everybody back to work, Doing what? He hasn’t a clue. Is he being fed nonsense by others and being used?

    I am not fan of Trump but I think at least he understands the importance of the American constitution, which based is the rule of law and a limit on what governments can do. More power has been put in the hands of politicians and the result is the America we see today.

    This erosion of freedom in western societies has been taking place for at least 100 years and seem to be reaching a peak. It cannot be reversed because several generations have now been brainwashed into state dependency.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Motor racing’s multi-millionaire F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton, has been sounding off about statues of people who profited from the slave trade.

    Mixed race driver Lewis Hamilton is employed by Mercedes-Benz, a company that received unlimited funding from Hitler and the Nazi party in the 1930’s for its Grand Prix team, and used the Swastika symbol in its advertising. Mercedes supplied custom-built staff cars to the Nazi leadership, and in 1987 the company admitted that during WW2 it used over forty thousand slave labourers in its factories, making vast profits thereby.

    I haven’t heard that Mr Hamilton has ever expressed the slightest regret about working for a company that has itself admitted exploiting slaves during the lifetimes of many people still living. Indeed he seems delighted to trouser the tens of millions a year that Mercedes throw at him.
    But of course the slaves weren’t black. So, for him, their fate is of course irrelevant.

    The hypocrisy of this man is truly breathtaking.

  • Stillreading

    “As is written elsewhere – once they’ve got the statues, they will come for the people.”
    Only too true! And they won’t except their “own” people either, the educated, articulate non-white historians, medics, scientists. of all of whom there are many in the UK. All such will be viewed as Bountys – “black outside, white inside”, complicit in alleged white superiority. I too was utterly sickened by the weekend’s events and today we hear that all over the UK compliant local Councils, Mayors, Local Government Officers etc. are rolling over to pacify the ignorant, rioting mob and are set on destroying any evidence of our national history. If they weren’t all so ignorant they would know that one should learn the lessons of history, unacceptable as past attitudes may be to us today, not deny it. Right now I feel there is no future at all in my homeland, the country for which my father and grandfathers fought, for my lovely grandchildren. But of course, after a few more years of indoctrination in the prevailing UK left-wing educational ideology, they may well be ripe for joining whatever rioting mob happens by then to predominate. As a matter of interest, what I would like to ask all these idiotic, immature snowflakes is just who, once they’ve destroyed all the UK has created over centuries, will maintain them in the manner to which they are undoubtedly accustomed?

  • loppoman

    One minute silence in Parliament for a criminal and Starmer photographed taking the knee.
    Did this really happen?
    Please tell me I’m not going insane.

  • Loppoman

    Looks like Nigel Farage has been chucked off LBC.
    The truth didn’t go down too well.

  • It is valid data that says more female students are going to university than any other categories shown in the graph on the ethnic and gender breakdown of students.

    However, what is missed is what is being studied at university and the value of those studies to the country.

    20% or less of female students study the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, which are of the highest value to the advancement and maintenance of a technological society.

    Male students tend to go to university in order to study the STEM subjects. Therefore, they are the students who are mostly getting the best value out of the £9,000-a-year tuition fee and cost of food and accommodation. They are also the most able to pay off their student loans. Most of the rest are left to struggle to pay off their student loans – if they ever get employment a a level of remuneration that requires repayment in the first place.

    When we had the best education system in the world and it was paid for by taxes, only around 20% of students went to university. Are we any better off now that 50% of students go to university? – The A Level exams were of a standard that was on par with the university degrees of many developed countries. Now many universities rely on admission tests in order to sort out the wheat from the chaff, most especially with regard to the STEM courses.

    For those reasons, I would say that although male students are not as numerous as female students, they are mostly the ones obtaining the highest qualifications – those most useful and beneficial to the economy, the strength of which everything else depends.

  • Brenda Blessed

    It looks as if the the UK government wants to increase the number of single-parent families into the bargain by allowing divorce in just six months instead of two years. It is now rushing the changes through Parliament. Just one day – Wednesday 17 June – has been given for MPs to debate the Bill.

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