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Mainstream media bias is truly vomit-inducing

(Friday blog)

I can hardly watch most of the supposed ‘news’ any more as the anti-West, anti-white, anti-democracy bias is so blatant.

Two examples today – “Black Lives Matter” and Hydroxychloroquine

Africa’s weekly “Hiroshima” – Black Lives Matter couldn’t give a damn

The massive media weep-fest over the death of one black American criminal, George Floyd, is totally out of all proportion. And the crowds of brain-dead, supposedly ‘woke’, virtue-signalling progressives marching against racism or whatever seem to me to just show the shallow, hypocrisy of fools desperate for something to be offended by. I imagine most of the people protesting in this picture were the same types who demanded the PM’s advisor, Dominic Cummings, be sacked for allegedly breaking social distancing rules:

In all the reports in the British media nobody ever mentions retired St Louis police officer, David Dorn who was shot by Black Lives Matter looters ransacking his friend’s pawn shop. And nobody mentions that over 90% of all black Americans murdered each year are murdered by other black Americans.

A few days ago, I saw the end of a documentary about the history of chemistry. It ended with a piece about the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and stated that the death toll was around 200,000. I checked later and found that Hiroshima was around 120,000 and Nagasaki about 80,000 dead.

That reminded me of a blog I wrote on Tuesday where the most accurate figures I could find for the number of black Africans killed each week by the greed, corruption, incompetence, violence and stupidity of black African leaders was in excess of 100,000 weekly. So, there’s a “Hiroshima” in Africa every single week as black Africans in the world’s richest continent die from poverty-related causes – malnutrition, disease, polluted water etc etc. But nobody in the Black Lives Matter mobs could give a damn about Africa’s weekly Hiroshima. Nobody mentions it. Black African lives clearly don’t matter to Black Lives Matter

“Drug touted by Trump doesn’t work” study retracted

You probably saw widespread reports in the mainstream media a couple of weeks ago claiming things like “Antimalarial drug touted by President Trump is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients, study says”. This was from the Trump-loathing Washington Post on 22 May. But similar stories were reported in most of the West’s media as the media took great pleasure in ridiculing President Trump’s ignorance. The “drug touted by President Trump” was, of course, Hydroxychloroquine:

The study the media quoted was in the formerly well-respected medical journal The Lancet.

Here’s a typical Trump-hating media report gloating over the study’s results. This one is from CNN a couple of weeks ago:

But here’s a story you won’t see reported anywhere in the mainstream media. Three of the four authors of the Lancet article have now retracted it stating that the original data was unreliable:

Moreover the clinical studies, which had been halted due to the Lancet article, have now been resumed around the world.

I’d bet all the money I don’t have that, having hyperventilated about the original Lancet article in order to ridicule Trump, none of the mainstream media will be terribly enthusiastic about reporting that the Lancet article has now been binned and that Trump might have been right all along.

Slight apologies. The Daily Mail have mentioned the retraction of the Lancet study. But I haven’t see this story anywhere else:

4 comments to Mainstream media bias is truly vomit-inducing

  • Hardcastle

    In my dealings with people,whatever their nationality,religion or class I always employed the rule of” judge as you find” ,believing it to be the most fair and honest way to treat all comers.However,the developments of the past 30 years,perfectly exemplified by the activities of the past few days have gradually eroded my tolerance and belief in fair play and equality for all.I am now suspicious of all people of colour and of muslims in particular and feel our natural hospitality has been severely abused.This must be proof that the liberal agenda has failed miserably in its professed agenda of equality.But perhaps their agenda has nothing to do with such a noble aim but a pretext for marxists revolution.They actually want a race war.They should be careful what they wish for.When the Saxon begins to hate,those well heeled liberal revolutionaries,better watch out.

  • A Thorpe

    This blog regularly brings an element of sanity into an increasingly crazy world. This morning I saw the expression “pandemic of racism”, but a pandemic that only effects white people. How quickly the UK has forgotten the killing of Lee Rigby. A black man was killed by four policemen, the justice system worked and they have been charged. It is not the first time those who we expect to protect us have killed somebody and it happens to white as well as black people. It
    is unfortunate but humans are far from perfect. Without modern technology which allows the news to travel quickly and social media to whip up hatred these events would be largely unnoticed.

    We cannot live our own lives anymore, they have been taken over by uncontrollable technology that distorts every event and can change its importance either to magnify or diminish it with no logic to either.

    I gave up reading newspapers about three years ago because there was no balance in reporting and the online comments became increasingly offensive and uncontrolled by, in this case The Times. I stopped watching BBC News about a year ago and have now stopped watching any TV news. Entertainment is now based entirely on violence, sex or human lives than none of us want for ourselves but yet the masses want it. Is it any wonder than our real lives have become intolerable and beyond understanding for many.

    Hardcastle talks about the liberal agenda, but there is also the environmental movement and many others and they have an influence but I don’t believe there is any elite in control of what is going on. In the west is is democracy at work which is doing the opposite of what most people think. It does not keep politicians in check. It enables a majority of voters to determine what happens to the minority and the majority is not always right. More than anything we need our liberty from the state and that is being taken away by voters who believe that the state can solve their problems. When we have to walk around in masks that take away our individuality it is time to say no.

  • A Thorpe

    There are some pieces on Melanie Phillips. This one is interesting and there are others.

  • The sewer-stream media is making out that the rioting is taking place in cities across the US. Rioting US cities – Atlanta – Seattle – Los Angeles – Chicago – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh – Denver – Salt Lake City – Nashville – Minneapolis – ALL of them under Democrat political control. They have to sort the racism, rioting and looting out, but they just let it fester in order to keep the African-American vote.

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