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Australians threatened by China. Will they grovel like we do?

(Wednesday blog)

You won’t see this story on the sinophiliac BBC (Beijing Broadcasting Corporation?) nor on the West-hating C4 News (which I guess now stands for China 4 News?). But it’s possibly quite important as it reveals how powerful China has actually become and how impotent our rulers are because we have become so dependent on the Chinese Communist Party.

Will the Australians grovel to China?

You may be aware that Scott Morrison’s government in Australia has been calling for an international investigation into the origin of the Chinese Covid-19 plague. This initiative has clearly upset the corrupt, lying, dirty, disease-ridden Chinese.

At the end of April a leading Chinese state media editor (basically the Chinese Communist Party) wrote “Australia is always there, making trouble. It is a bit like chewing gum stuck on the sole of China’s shoes. Sometimes you have to find a stone to rub it off”. That’s pretty insulting stuff from one country to another.

But as the Australian Government refused to back off from its demands for an international inquiry into the source of the Chinese Covid-19 plague, the dirty, corrupt, lying, disease-ridden Chinese have moved from insults to action. First the Chinese Communist Party threatened to put an 80% tariff on all barley products from Australia. And now the Chinese Communist Party has banned all beef imports from four major Australian abattoirs – about 35% of all Australian beef exports to China – supposedly due to labelling and hygiene concerns.

Yup, rat-eating, bat-eating, toad-munching, bird-saliva-guzzling, filthy Chinese

are accusing Australian meat producers of poor hygiene. You couldn’t make it up.

We don’t yet know how the Australians will react. While some Australians are outraged at China’s bullying, many Australians (including several billionaires who have become monumentally rich by exporting food and raw materials to China) are pressuring the Australian Government to back down and grovel to the bat-and-rat-munchers.

The lickspittle EU grovels

In the last two weeks, the EU was similarly threatened by the lying, dirty, corrupt, disease-ridden Chinese. An EU report into the Chinese Communist Party’s handling of the Chinese Covid-19 plague had to be censored to remove passages to which the Chinese objected. Then in an op-ed published in China to mark 45 years of EU-China relations, a reference to the coronavirus originating in China was removed at Beijing’s command.

China issues the orders. The EU obeys.

As for the UK – we are now so dependent on China that our leaders prostrate themselves before the Chinese in the hope of getting a post-Brexit trade deal.

My advice – your children and grandchildren had better start learning Chinese so they can ingratiate themselves with our new conquerors

Thank heavens for Sky News Australia

As usual Sky News Australia is the only media outlet where we can get a balanced version of this story:


8 comments to Australians threatened by China. Will they grovel like we do?

  • A Thorpe

    This is what we get when we allow governments to have power over us. It does not matter whether they have that power by force or through the ballot box. It is just different degrees of socialism. Democratic countries do not have the control over their politicians that they believe democracy gives them. The power is not with our elected representatives, it is with the political parties, just like the CCP. We saw how the Tory grandees brought down Thatcher, it wasn’t the voters. She saw the dangers of socialism and eventually realised her support for European trade was being used to create a European socialist block, so she had to go to enable European politicians to increase their power over us. We saw how the Tory party treated Theresa May. We have seen how the Unions and Momentum took control of the Labour Party turning it into an ineffective opposition.

    We do not have free trade anywhere, it is all government controlled trade and this article shows how all governments can control trade, not just the CCP. We need free trade. That is free from government control and free from the control of big corporations who use governments to give them a competitive advantage. Trade must be based on a tariff free, competitive market with consumers in control. This was effectively the basis of trade in the early years of human civilisation when there were no countries and no governments. Free trade was the driver of our development and knowledge. Those same consumers should be voting for limited government and freedom to be responsible for their own lives and creation of wealth for all; wealth that the state cannot destroy by limiting its powers.

    The coronavirus is blamed for the present world problems. It is not the virus, the governments we elected have created the chaos. The UK government and NHS have caused unnecessary deaths by transferring the elderly from hospitals to care homes spreading the infection. We have no idea how many deaths will result from government policies. The deaths in totalitarian regimes are obvious; democratic governments are more subtle.

    This morning we have more chaos being created by the return to work and the useless Grant Shapps. We are encouraged to return to work but we have to observe social distancing on public transport. That means people trying to travel may not be able to get on public transport because the number of passengers on buses and trains will be limited. The unions meanwhile are doing all the can to prevent a return to work by insisting on more protection, and there is no incentive for anybody to return to work when the government is paying them to stay at home. It is the dream scenario of a perfect communist world envisaged by Marx.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I’m sorry, but there is no such thing as ‘Free’ trade, any more than anything else in this world is actually ‘Free’.
    The cost of so-called Free Trade is in jobs – any nation that pays their workers less can undercut others, price-wise. That is the very reason why we are currently in a crisis over the supply of medical equipment – everything has been outsourced to the far east because they can make it cheaper, since they pay their workers less than we do.
    The decision in the 1980’s to transform our economy from a manufacturing and exporting one to one based primarily on service industries has now come back to bite the Tories on the backside in no uncertain manner.
    Free Trade is not so much a policy, as an article of faith, exactly like the EU’s ‘Open Borders’mania. And makes about as much practical sense.

  • A Thorpe

    Jeffrey, free trade means no tariffs imposed by governments. Customers need competition which is why goods have to be produced at different prices without state interference. That is another aspect of free trade. You also miss another key point which is that we have to trade to survive. The UK had everything it needed during the industrial revolution – coal for energy, iron for manufacturing. Now we have to import materials to manufacture, or buy manufactured goods. In both cases we need money to import, which means we have to export. If we pay ourselves too much, nobody will buy, because they can buy cheaper and probably better elsewhere. Poor quality and poor designs are two other factors, and they contributed to the collapse of our car industry. We did not even want our own overpriced goods. You cannot blame the Tories. We contributed to it and unions demanding unrealistic pay increases made it worse. Both Tory and Labour governments have thrown endless amounts of money at failing private and state businesses. They need to be allowed to fail, this is also what free trade is about. When businesses work out that customers are in control then they will respond accordingly and we will also learn that the world does not owe us a living. The Chinese need another revolution to kick out the CCP. Trump has restored some industries such as steel, but it is paid for by taxes from efficient industries, so in the end it achieves nothing. You are right in a way that there is no free trade, but it is because we have allowed it to happen. Democracy is an illusion that most of the world believes in, but it has resulted only in socialist state control, or state controlled capitalism, which also does not work, since it put politicians and corporations in control.

  • chris

    Vanessa Beeley has written a really informative article in Off-Guardian (10th May). She analyses our .gov response to this virus and the many many links to big Pharma. Cummings, Whitty, Hancock, Vallance; all have undeclared links and ties to the big data and big drug/healthcare companies. (interestingly, not ‘patsy’ Boris)

    Drug companies and private health care need/want massive profits. Vaccines and cancer treatments are endless and massive income/profit sources. On the other hand, ‘cures’ are useless to them. Imagine if Tesla made a car that never broke down or needed charging. Highly profitable vaccines and cancer treatments are the drug industry’s euivalent to the manufacturing industry’s planned obsolescence!

    Higher up the food chain, it is clear that China made and exported most of the basic ingredients for drug companies to package up and sell. Apparently most/all antibiotic drugs are based on ingredients made in China. So even drug companies ‘off shored’ manufacture.

    Whitty’s prognostications about the need for vaccines before we can return to normal are, in my view, based on his ties to Gates CEPI and the drug companies. I suspect he is paving the way (with CEPI) for mandatory annual vaccination in order to be permitted human contact at work or elsewhere.

    I also ‘smell a rat’ in that China may end up profiting from its production of CV vaccine ingredients/know how. After all, why was Wuhan lab investigating/creating this virus in the first place? As a basis for pointless theoretical research? Or as a means of creating the need for vaccines.

    Perhaps CCP fears this or one of many other possible nefarious reasons for investigating/creating this virus could become public knowledge if there is a proper international investigation. Australia seems more independent of CCP influence. But the EU and the US Democrats are bought and paid for (as you say) lickspittles courtesy of Obama, Soros, Gates, etc etc. Our .gov Sage committee is full of eminent people with un-declared conflicts of interest. Sir Patrick Vallance was president of research and development at Glaxo Smith Kline from 2012 until 2018. Overtly he and .gov support Astra Zeneca to produce a vaccine but GSK is also in the running with the Gates foundation. I dont need 2 guesses to know who the government will choose as vaccine provider.

    If the general public realised how much money will be made by the successful drug company to be first with a vaccine, (especially those internationally approved by CEPI) they might be more suspicious of the motives for .gov enforced lockdown.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Of course I’m aware that ‘Free’ trade is a useful political euphemism for unregulated trade. But the undeniable fact is that Free Trade nations are always going to come second to Corporatist nations that can dump products cheaply on them, destroying their manufacturing industries in a targeted way, and then taking over the market and hiking prices. There is nothing at all wrong, either morally or practically, in a government protecting its own industries from unfair competition. The consequences of doing otherwise should be obvious, and are not only financial – the social consequences can be seen on our blighted and bloodstained streets every day, and in the drivel that emanates via our television sets from vapid nonentities who are famous just for being famous, rather than from doing anything remotely useful for the nation.

    In the 1980’s, Thatcher defeated the Trade Unions. Great, I thought, like every other sensible person – now we finally have an opportunity to get on with rebuilding British manufacturing industry without any more sabotage from the politically motivated Union rabble. But the government decided that a service economy was the way to go, and investors happily acquiesced, because they could make a quicker buck from playing the money and property markets than they could by investing in Britain’s future. Greed was good, but you can’t trade when you’re not making anything to trade with. What do you do, then? You live ‘on tick’, or by manipulating money that actually only exists on the screen of a computer.

    So we ended up in a situation where Bentley and Rolls-Royce are both owned by the Germans, and the only place you can get a Merlin engine from a Spitfire serviced now is in Stuttgart, courtesy of Daimler Benz who made the engines for Messerschmitts. And in a situation where we are totally dependent on some rather unpleasant people in the far east for, literally, vitally important equipment and medicines., because we have willfully destroyed our ability to make anything of the kind here. Utter madness.

    Obviously Germany did not make that mistake – its bankers have continued to support their domestic industry with long-term investment. Germany has made several other disastrous mistakes, but not that particular one (nor was it stupid enough to nationalise its car industry). And the EU makes sure to protect the manufacturing industries of its own main countries by selective tariffs, as indeed it should.

  • david brown

    Chris interesting points but I think a degree conspiracy theory.
    very good on how Wall Street transferred /out sourced manufacturing to China.
    China has lied about the source of coronavirus -claiming it was the so called wet market. When all evidence points to the Wuhan Virology Institute. I doubt it was being developed for the military as a potential bio-weapon. Not a planed leak of the virus but one China might profit from. Such as using front companies to buy up our assets at bargain prices.
    First case in England was two Chinese Tourists in York back in January. The Chinese own most of the Italian designer labels. Staff returning to Italy after Chinese new year bought it back with them out of the first 70 in Italy to die only one was Italian.

  • leila

    During an online course I attended with a husband and wife team, the presenter mentioned he needed a heart transplant after developing a series of symptoms including paroxysmal coughing following a lecture tour of China . I emailed the wife asking her if she could give more details. She said the air pollution he encountered was ‘unbelievable’ and laden with heavy metal pollutants. Whilst the global warming scam is to ‘save the world’ we do business with this ghastly country and encourage them.

  • A Thorpe

    Jeffrey. competition is only unfair when governments are involved and when big corporations influence government. Every government is doing one or the other or both. But we cannot blame governments, we exercise a choice about what we buy and usually it will be the cheapest. I think M&S kept to UK clothing manufacture as long as they could but they would not have survived because their customers would not pay the price of expensive UK clothes. I am not sure about Italians but they seem to support Fiat cars when we did not do the same with Austin and Morris, etc.

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