December 2022
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Giving more money to the banks? Useless, worthless, arrogant Osborne hasn’t a clue

A year or so ago, our pointless, incompetent excuse for a Chancellor launched Project Merlin. This was an agreement with the main banks that they would help economic growth by boosting bank lending to business. What happened? The banks took piles of cheap money from us and used it to make massive profits speculating on things like oil, grain and other commodities. With so many banks doing the same thing, this speculation pushed up the price of fuel and basic foodstuffs, thus increasing inflation. Moreover, the rising cost of food has pushed many people in the Third World into starvation in what one banker apparently laughingly called ‘financial mass murder’. As for lending to businesses, our friends at Barclays, HSBC and the rest weren’t going to waste their time with risky loans to businesses when the economy was collapsing due to the recession caused by the banks, especially when commodity speculation was such a one-way bet to huge profits.

So, with the recession seemingly endless, what’s the self-serving turd Osborne’s latest idea to stimulate growth? You guessed it, give another £80bn of our money virtually interest-free to his banking friends. It’s beyond belief. Totally beyond belief. Are the banks going to use the money to lend to business? Am I going to win the Miss World Beauty Contest? The only possible explanation is that Osborne is using our money to ensure that he gets a nice well-paid job with a bank or two when he gets booted out at the next election.

Osborne, you are a fool – a greedy, arrogant, incompetent, useless, pointless, self-serving, worthless, hopeless fool. And that’s being polite.

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