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Prepare for a lot of Greeny excuses and lies

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As CO2 emissions plummet, what excuses will the Greenies make now?

My thanks to a reader for making this comment:

The western economies have been shut down for approx 2 months due to Covid-19. This might be an intended outcome for dangerously committed extreme lunatic lefties and climate alarmists.

So, in effect, the Climate Change Act version of ‘net zero’ has been achieved 30 years earlier than enacted for. However if these climate believers are correct, atmospheric CO2 ought to be reducing due to virtually nil emissions from western nations’ human sources. After all, we are told that human emissions make up most of the increases reported by NOAA and Mauna Loa.

Using CO2-earth shows that between April and May 2019 atmospheric CO2 increased by 0.23ppm (413.52-413.75). Yet between April and May 2020 the increase was 0.39ppm (416.18-416.57)

If these figures are correct, then human source emitted CO2 cannot be the major cause of the increasing amount of atmospheric CO2 unless there is a long time lag between emissions and measuring. During our ‘lockdown’ industry, shipping, transport etc has mostly shut down yet atmospheric CO2 is still increasing. In fact increasing more than last year.

If true it could be startling and vanquish all of the renewable energy scam.

NOAA, on its website, says it has not seen any slowing in the rate of increase of CO2. However, I’m sure these figures will be massaged soon. NOAA never releases raw data so there will be ample opportunity to ‘correct’ the published figures.

If atmospheric CO2 levels keep increasing while emissions from human activity drop off a cliff, then this blows a brobdingnagian-sized hole in the whole Greeny “CO2 will kill us all” mantra.

But don’t worry. The Greenies have already started getting their excuses in early. If you Google something like “How much have CO2 emissions fallen due to Coronavirus?” you’ll find endless articles claiming the current drop of at least 25% in CO2 emissions from human activity “won’t be sufficient to stop Climate Change”.

Or here’s another Greeny excuse I found: “The declines are still too small to be read by greenhouse gas observatories around the world, like the one on top of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, given the natural changes in atmosphere this time of year. Because much of the Earth’s land mass is in the northern hemisphere, plants and forests there cause carbon levels to fluctuate as they bloom in the spring, drawing carbon dioxide from the air”.

That’s an odd claim to make when the Greenies have always previously claimed they could accurately measure atmospheric CO2 levels for the last hundred years or more.

Expect much Greeny ducking and weaving over the next few years as the few intelligent people left on this planet increasingly question the Greenies’ great religion.

Live in Fear – Obey the Government – Surrender your Freedom

Here’s the latest Paul Joseph Watson video. It’s ok, not great. But there’s a nice piece in the middle likening our situation – Live in Fear – Obey the Government – Surrender your Freedom – to Orwell’s 1984:

8 comments to Prepare for a lot of Greeny excuses and lies

  • A Thorpe

    I suspect that the unemployment and poverty, plus the new rules we will have to obey, will focus minds and climate change will be the least of our concerns.

    Here is a joke I saw this morning “When Quarantine is over, lets not tell some people.”

  • A Thorpe

    After reading more news this morning I think we are perhaps missing the point about CO2 and the coronavirus. The combination is clearly driving people insane. There is talk of 14 days quarantine for arrivals, which will basically mean no arrivals and no departures. Meanwhile Karen Brady is suggesting the football pitches might have to be disinfected. This is not herd immunity, it is herd insanity.

  • Stillreading

    It’s here, it’s vile, it’s potentially lethal for anyone who gets it. It is to be avoided if at all possible. I know – I have family members in the medical and nursing professions, who have seen desperately ill and ventilated patients dying in isolation, their immediately family members forbidden ingress to hospitals to give them comfort in their last moments. It targets fairly indiscriminately, although the death rate is unquestionably higher amongst the BAME community, the obese and the elderly. Having said that, 97 year olds are recovering and Boris, a fairly fit, undeniably Caucasian individual, nearly died. The only contributing factor may have been that he is male! Notwithstanding these indisputable facts, how long do we as a society, as a nation, intend to live in fear, to forbid grandparents to see and hug their beloved grandchildren, to forbid friends meeting each other, to condemn the elderly or the desperately ill to die alone, deprived of the final presence of those whom they love and who love them?
    We’ve just got to accept that it’s here, to hope for a vaccine, and in the meantime to get on with our lives as they were before – whilst, perhaps, appreciating just HOW previous is freedom and freedom of action. We are a gregarious species. To expect little children to “socially isolate” at school is nothing if not totally ridiculous, indeed criminal. Just what shall we be teaching our children when we tell them that getting too near their peers is prohibited, that approaching or touching a friend puts them in mortal danger? Previous generations lived with the ever present fear – and acceptance – of diptheria, smallpox, tuberculosis, polio. They lived their lives. They worked. They got on with what they had to do to and hoped they would survive. We could learn a lot in many ways from our predecessors, including those whose lives we were prevented by “social distancing” from fully celebrating yesterday.

  • Stillreading

    …around line 21, “previous” should of course read “precious”!

  • Roy Hartwell

    Well said Stillreading. It doesn’t appear to occur to most of the MSM pundits that a virus such as this one won’t suddenly disappear as soon as the government says it will. We will be living with this virus in the environment for probably many decades even if a successful vaccine is produced. The only virus so far completely eliminated is smallpox and that took decades (centuries?) of hard work and a massive immunisation programme (current generation wouldn’t generally know about this, I’ve still got the ‘ring’ scar where I was vaccinated!) We HAVE to learn to live with it like any other. The majority have a few days off work the unlucky hopefully receiving full care from the NHS but we CAN’T lock down forever.

  • GotGold?

    With all the clapping and pan banging for the NHS what are they doing applauding its demise?
    It costs £500 million day to run, who is paying for that?
    The Govt has debts in the Trilions, if the privately owned BOE
    prints currency like confetti bailig everyone out we get Hyperinflation, the worst of all scenarios. Good luck with tat in the next year..

    James Turk: “The stark reality, Eric, is that no matter how unpleasant it may be, the trillions of dollars that politicians are shoveling into their numerous bailout schemes are not and will never be a substitute for a functioning economy. We do not have a functioning economy at the moment. The world as it existed two or three months ago has disappeared. ”

  • david brown

    The Chinese are no doubt plotting with front men to buy our assets at bargain prices.
    If Boris goes ahead with his 14 day quarantine plan for visitors he will wreck our airlines, aviation industry and Londons role as a major financial centre.

  • Everything these liberal globalists do or advance uses lies and cheating. In my opinion, the reason is because the kingpins, not the brainwashed followers, are suffering from one of the most serious psychiatric illnesses known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    There is an excellent free audiobook on YouTube called “People of the Lie – The Hope for Healing Human Evil (1983), published by the late American psychiatrist, M Scott Peck, which deals with narcissism and group narcissism. The book is widely available.

    His conclusion is that in most cases the illness is incurable – the deceivers are too far gone into the lie and deception to be recovered – and that we have to be educated in order to be able to recognise them so that they don’t reach positions of power. He also stresses the urgent need for evil be be researched on a scientific basis.

    M Scott Peck – People of the Lie – Audiobook –

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