January 2021
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Will Cameron and Hague get their war as dodgy dossier time approaches again? And Labour’s brilliant branding

When your government is in chaos, the economy is in meltdown and you are loathed by most of the population because of your greed and incompetence, what do you do? Start a war, of course. But which one to choose? A big article in the Torygraph today helpfully tells us that Iran will have nukes in two years. And there’s been another massacre in Syria. So who should we attack in the name of saving lives – Iran or Syria? What will Cameron and Hague do? Toss a coin?

Big companies spend hundreds of millions on getting a brand the public will remember. So hats off to Labour for the way the have branded the Government as an ‘omnishambles’. Whatever our fumbling, incompetent Government does between now and losing the 2015 election will be seen through the prism of being an ‘omnishambles’. Brilliant masterstroke from Labour. Absolutely brilliant.

And now Cruella De Ville lookalike, Theresa May, admits that in spite of 2.5 million unemployed we don’t have enough security guards for the Olympic farce – more shambles, more omnishambles.

Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne – Labour have made your government into a laughing stock and nobody votes for a laughing stock. Enjoy your last couple of years in power before you both go off and get highly-paid jobs working for a bank.

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