June 2024

Another whopper from Bob “Bulls–t” Diamond

Barclays’ (in my opinion) utterly corrupt boss, Bob “Bulls–t” Diamond has finally decided to go and spend more time with the  money he has taken from us. In his leaving statement, this creature claimed “I know that each and every one of the people at Barclays works hard every day to serve our customers and clients. That is how we support economic growth and the communities in which we live and work.”

What?!?!? This is the bank that cheated thousands of older customers of much of their life savings by mis-selling them crap Aviva investments. This is the bank that has driven hundreds of small businesses into bankruptcy forcing them to sack thousands of workers. And this is the bank that may have made thousands of people lose their homes through manipulating interest rates.

Bob “Bulls–t” Diamond is (in my opinion) a liar. How can he say that a bank which has a culture of recidivist mis-selling and fraud works to “support economic growth and the communities in which we live and work.” Lies, bull-s–t, sanctimonious crap from a (in my opinion) master liar. When will this creature be prosecuted? Oh, never? Because he will be protected by his friends Cameron and Osborne. Plus, if I remember correctly, William Hague’s wife works for Barclays. So, I imagine, not much chance of any action against the (in my opinion) “master of mis-selling”, the “king of fraud”, the “liar of liars”.

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