July 2024

Greta, you idiot. Watch this and then b*gg*r off back to Swedistan!

(Friday blog)

I’m running late today and so don’t have time to research and write the blog I wanted.

Instead, here’s Tony Heller’s latest YouTube video pointing out the utter absurdity of the climate alarmists’ claims. In the 1970s, they were blaming supposedly ‘extreme’ weather events on Global Cooling and at one point were even exploring ways of trying to make the polar ice caps melt faster in order to heat up the climate. Now they’re all saying exactly the opposite.

One of the key figures in this farce is a gentleman called John P. Holdren. In the 1970s he became known for his warnings about a new Ice Age leading to crop failures, millions dying of starvation and a mass movement of population from the increasingly frozen North. More recently, he seems to have changed his mind and became Obama’s adviser on Global Warming. Obviously Mr Holdren is a very flexible guy.

Meanwhile, despite all the climate alarmists squealing about the impending disaster of rising sea levels, Saint Obama has just splashed out $15 million on an impressively huge seafront property in Martha’s Vineyard. Would he have done that if he really believed the climate alarmists’ “rising sea levels” panicked claims?

1 comment to Greta, you idiot. Watch this and then b*gg*r off back to Swedistan!

  • A Thorpe

    I think Tony Heller is getting a bit repetitive in his videos. He often makes claims of data manipulation and I have never made any attempt to check the accuracy of these claims, or looked for the source of his information. I wish he would concentrate more on the science which he has done at times.

    About an hour ago I received a book “Taken by Storm” which I had to buy second hand from America. I know the work of the two authors and it has all the signs of being a good read. It starts with a foreword by Sir Mortimer Long-Bore which ends by telling readers to burn the book and the authors. I suspect it sets the style of the book. There is a quote from Einstein in the Preface “In the realm of the seekers of truth there is no human authority. Whomever attempts to play the magistrate there founders on the laughter of the Gods”. Later in the book they use it to say “We have shown page after page, that certainty on the subject of the future direction of climate is impossible … that anyone who thinks we can predict the climate only courts the laughter of the gods.” Tony Heller is laughing at past predictions.

    As for Obama, I’m sure that Greta assured him that people were listening to her and will save the world and his house.

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