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More lying lies from lying liar Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren?

(Thursday blog)

Andrew Neil scores again

I hope some readers saw the BBC2’s Andrew Neil Show yesterday. One of his interviewees was some stupid woman from Extinction Rebellion (ER). Andrew Neil utterly ridiculed her and ER’s claims that billions would die due to climate change and she was left floundering unable to answer a single question.

That was the good bit.

More worrying was that the other interviewee was our beloved (IMHO) slimey, dishonest, self-serving, scumbag, europhiliac former PM, a Mr Blair. Blair revealed the treacherous, UK-hating Remoaners’ likely next tactics to crush Brexit and keep us in the EU. What the treacherous Remoaners will probably try to do is block a general election (either by keeping Boris in Downing Street or by replacing him with a Remainer supposed ‘Government of National Unity’). The Remainers will block a general election because they know they will lose. Instead, they’ll try to force through another referendum which they can probably win by using a biased question, or by having 3 possible choices to split the Leaver vote or by enfranchising 16- and 17-year-olds or using all three tricks.

Lying liars lying – scum the lot of them

More lying liars lying?

Talking about lying liars lying, I’ve just come across this absolute gold-dust video exposing Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren apparently lying and lying and lying (yet again):

First we had Pocahontas claiming she was an American Indian – a claim that may have been extraordinarily helpful to her academic career as US universities desperately tried to increase diversity:

And now she’s claiming to have been a victim of a patriarchal, oppressive, male-dominated education system that resulted in her being supposedly fired from her teaching job when she was ‘visibly pregnant’. Unfortunately for Fauxcahontas, a new video recording of an interview she gave in 2007 (I think) has surfaced suggesting/proving her claims of victimhood are a bunch of lies and that the real reason she left her teaching job wasn’t that she was fired when ‘visibly pregnant’ but that she found out that “teaching was not for me” and anyway she wanted to spend a couple of years at home with her new child.

I’d bet everything I have that you won’t hear this story from the BBC News or C4 News’s Jon ‘F**k the Tories Snow, Kathy ‘Screecher’ Newman or the small fat guy with the long name or indeed any of the British mainstream media. After all, they (IMHO) absolutely loathe President Trump and so, while hurling constant abuse at him, deriding him for his ‘stupidity’ and bigging up all the increasingly ludicrous anti-Trump conspiracy theories, the British mainstream media would never in a million years say anything negative about any of Trump’s dismal bunch of no-hope, Democrat challengers.

We saw how the (IMHO) repulsive, self-serving, money -grabbing, liar Hillary Clinton was caught bang to rights ‘mis-speaking’ (lying) about landing in Sarajevo while under heavy gunfire:

Well, this could hopefully be Warren’s ‘Sarajevo moment’.

Enjoy yet another Dumbocrat being thoroughly shafted by their own pathetic, self-serving lies:

4 comments to More lying lies from lying liar Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren?

  • A Thorpe

    Excellent point about the likely next referendum which will be so biased the result will be obvious and there will be no point in holding it. When discussed on QT nobody ever points out that this will be undemocratic and a fraud. Your expression about democracy depending on “losers consent” says it all about these liars.

    I thought the video of EW was interesting. I have experienced many woman taking pregnancy leave but never coming back. It is effectively theft from the company in my view. But here we see another side. EW had nothing to say about how her important job would be done whilst she was on leave and thought nothing about turfing her replacement out of the job so that she could have it back. This is one of the worst aspects of the equality and rights industry.

  • Roy Hartwell

    I listened to that arch whinger Dominic Grieve on radio 4 yesterday and he explicitly stated that a second referendum would have three options. Leave without a deal, leave with a deal or stay. it’s very clear they’ve already decided they will completely trash any semblance of democracy in this country !

  • david brown

    As Attorney General Grieve, who is half French, sanctioned the persecution of Emma West the so called Croydon tram rant women.He now sits as Independent MP for Beconsfield. Will no doubt loose his seat at the next election.
    Blair, who has acquired a 200 million property Empire,conducted Foreign policy for American interests hence the Good Friday agreement when the IRA was close to defeat, and the 2004 Iraq war.
    He also covertly opened our borders to massive immigration from Eastern Europe, Pakistan and Somalia. GOOGLE Andrew Neather immigration Evening Standard.
    Some one should post readers comment on the Telegraph as it allows posting of links. So give a link to snouts-in-through.

  • loppoman

    If there’s a 2nd ref., the only options should be as last time. Stay or leave.
    Of course, they won’t allow that will they?
    That would be too democratic.
    Let’s fool the people with 3 choices.

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