February 2024
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They lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and ………………

(Friday blog)

A few bits and pieces today about lying liars lying:

Paris – not a terrorist attack!!!!

After the murder of four police employees at a police HQ in Paris yesterday, we were informed that this was definitely, absolutely and without any doubt NOT a terrorist attack and that the man had just suddenly flipped and started killing people because of conflicts with his superior. You believe that?

Here are just a couple of inconvenient truths:

  1. The man carried out his attack with a ceramic knife. Why would he use a ceramic knife? (How many people even have ceramic knives?) Because a metal knife would have been picked up by the metal detectors that all police HQ employees had to pass through. This proves that the man didn’t suddenly flip, but that the murders were definitely pre-planned
  2. The man was born in Martinique and converted to our favourite religion about 18 months ago. I doubt many UK mainstream media will mention that. As one neighbour confirmed “Je le voyais aller à la mosquée mais il avait une pratique normale”

I imagine there are other inconvenient truths we’ll never learn about. But in my humble opinion, this was a carefully pre-planned terrorist attack – precisely the opposite of what the mainstream media are reporting.

(Apologies – I can see that the Times and Mail are reporting that the murderer was a convert to the world’s most peacefullest religion and that he used a ceramic knife favoured by Jihadists because that wouldn’t be picked up by the metal detectors)

The House of Commons lies are becoming ludicrous

It was more than depressing watching the reactions of opposition parties to Boris Johnson’s statement about the new proposals he had put to the EU for Brexit. I’ve no idea whether Johnson’s proposals are realistic or not. But they were howled down by the leaders of Labour, the SNP and the LibDems.

The main reason all three opposition leaders gave for rejecting Johnson’s plans were that they said they believed Johnson intended his plans to be blocked by the EU so that he could go for a ‘no-deal Brexit’. But what if EU leaders did agree with Johnson’s plans and they were accepted by the EU (I don’t believe they will be)? What new excuses will the lying liars Corbyn, Swinson and the fat Scottish guy then give for rejecting Johnson’s plans? They’ll find something because they’re desperate to block Brexit and keep the UK in their beloved, German-run EU.

Liars, liars, liars, liars, liars, liars……….

I pray for the president all the time?!?!?!

But the award for “liars of the week” must go to the Democrats in the USA. Ever since Trump was elected, the scumbag undemocratic Democrats have been using every dirty trick they can think of to throw sh*t at the President and to try to get him impeached.

We had over two years of the Russian collusion hoax. But when that collapsed, the howling, mouth-frothing, Trump-loathing Democrats had to find something else. Why? Because they know Trump will win a second term in 2020 unless the Democrats can have him removed by non-democratic means.

So now we have the great Ukraine conspiracy. Most Democrats probably don’t even know where the Ukraine is. But that hasn’t stopped them screaming that a phone call Trump made to the Ukrainian president was a ‘threat to US national security‘.

But the funniest part of this great new conspiracy attack on Trump is the way the Democrats are crying crocodile tears as they go after Trump (yet again) claiming they really really really don’t want to do this impeachment. We even have the embittered, wrinkled, horror-film extra, Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying she “prays for the President all the time“.

Yeah, Nancy. We believe you.

Lies, liars, lies, liars, lies, liars……….

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  • david brown

    According to many American Evangelical Christians before and after the election , see on youtube, God had chosen Trump to stop Americas destruction.

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