July 2024

Just another normal day at the migrant integration class?

(weekend blog)

This weekend I wanted you all to see a wonderful video of Germany ‘successfully’ integrating Merkel’s migrant millions. The video appears to show an integration class for some of the highly-qualified doctors, scientists, engineers and IT experts who will certainly make a massive contribution to Germany’s economic development when they’ve stopped fighting each other with chairs, desks, bins and anything else they can use as weapons.

I believe the video gives an excellent example of the benefits of migration to Europe. I understand the video has been banned by YouTube as the YouTube thought police feel that the video fails to sufficiently portray the numerous positive aspects of diversity, vibrancy and multi-culturalism.

But I provided link to another website which still had the video when I wrote my blog early Saturday morning:

But the video was removed on Saturday morning just after I wrote my blog. But now on Sunday morning it’s back! However, I don’t know how long it will be available.

My apologies if it disappears again. If it disappears again, the only trace I can find of this video on the Internet is this very bad picture from the fight:

Hopefully it gives a hint of the fun they were having. But what you don’t see is the hijabbed women running around screaming and ululating, the men smashing chairs over each others’ heads, the punching and kicking and yelling, the total chaos before the German police had to intervene.

Here’s a list of the reasons YouTube (and many other PC websites) will ban videos and comments:


As you’ll see, anything critical of immigration is considered as ‘hate speech’ and will be banned!!!!!!

All in all, this was a rather frightening example of the widespread but unseen censorship which is crushing any videos or posts which do not support the liberal, progressive, globalist, libtard agenda.

Perhaps interestingly,, the website that has just removed the video I wanted you to see, has kept up a video of someone claiming “The Israelis were behind 9/11”. Unbelievable!

7 comments to Just another normal day at the migrant integration class?

  • Mark

    Looks like the thought police got there first as it won’t play on my phone.

  • Julia Green

    Same with me, already removed by the Soros Immigration Luvvies. Some reading in the meantime:

  • dave h

    It won’t play 🙁

  • David Craig

    I have rewritten the blog once I found that the video had been removed.

  • A Thorpe

    How long before people start to disappear as well?

  • Stillreading

    I logged on very early and managed to see the video before it was withdrawn. “Riot” goes nowhere near describing what was happening. Savage bellowing from the active immigrant participants, chairs thrown, furniture smashed, no consideration whatsoever for the women of the same ethnic and religious cohort who were unfortunate enough to become inadvertently involved. Why is the public no longer permitted to see this? We in the Western world evidently no longer have free speech or even freedom of viewing. The broadcast and almost all the print media have been taken over by the lefties. I’ve just switched off half way through BBC’s R4 “New Quiz”. A decade or more ago it was a genuinel humorous and entertaining look at mainly UK news events. Now it is merely a lefties vehicle for snide, almost slanderous, comments directed at anyone who does not support the Libtard agenda. I could no longer bear hearing Boris Johnson being denigrated, to hoots of approving laughter from the self-selected audience. The same is mostly going on right now during the repeat of Any Questions. As one of the over 75s whose free TV licence will be withdrawn next year; well, I have no intention whatsoever of paying for the biased rubbish (I could use a more vulgar word, but better not!) the BBC now churns out. Furthermore, there is no way I can opt not to view BBC channels and thereby exempt myself from the licence charge! That is, in itself, deplorable. Why should I or anyone pay for something we choose not to view? If I am the first respectable, retired professional, life-long law-abiding, octogenarian matriarch of a wonderful family to be banged up for non-payment of the TV licence fee, then so be it. At least I’ll get free board, lodging and heating. Even free TV! I may not live another decade so shall not see the worst which will arrive in the country of which I was once proud and which, geographically, I still love. I despair though for the futures of my beautiful grandchildren, all of whom are already being indoctrined into the prevalent pro-immigrant, pro-man-made climate change, anti-conservative (with small “c”) agenda.

  • Pete E

    I did see it but its gone now. I also copied that link but it came up as “404 error”.

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