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US shooter was left-wing Democrat supporter – did the BBC forget to mention that?

(Wednesday blog)

Oh dear. A rather disappointing reaction to my blog yesterday about “alarmism”. I thought it was rather good. Obviously readers didn’t share my opinion of my own brilliance. Though it is actually quite difficult to try to find something almost original and almost interesting to write every morning at 07.00h.

Anyway, let’s move on to today’s blog.

A tale of two shooters?

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to watch TV news – particularly the arrogant, complacent, virtue-signalling BBC and the ghastly UK-hating, Trump-hating, snarling elitists on C4 News. Their reporting is so biased that I often find myself switching off and looking for real news on the Internet – Breitbart, Guido Fawkes, Youtube etc etc.

Watching BBC Breakfast this morning, I saw yet another report on the US shootings. Sorry, let me rephrase that. I saw a report on the El Paso shooting in which 22 died. As usual, the BBC stressed that the shooter Patrick Wood Crusius, age 21, was a white supremacist who deliberately targeted Latinos. And it’s absolutely true that the suspect published a white nationalistanti-immigrant manifesto on social media immediately before the attack. The post cites inspiration from the Christchurch mosque shootings and refers to the white genocide conspiracy theory

Since the El Paso shooting, both the BBC and C4 News have made much of the fact that most of the victims were Latinos. But given that around 80% of the population of El Paso are Latino, it would actually be difficult to find some white Americans to shoot.

The BBC News also, as usual, tried to blame President Trump for the shooter’s actions and over the last few days has quoted extensively former president Saint Obama’s criticism of many of Trump’s statements about Latino immigration.

But let’s accept that the El Paso shooter was a white supremacist. That seems clear.

However, the BBC made no mention this morning of the other mass shooting that occurred in Dayton just a day after the El Paso shooting. In fact, if you relied on just the BBC and C4 News, you’d hardly know there were actually two mass shootings in the US.

So, why have the UK mainstream media focused on the El Paso shooting and downplayed the Dayton shooting?

The Dayton shooter was a Democrat-supporting leftist

Here’s one description of the Dayton shooter that the BBC and C4 News probably wouldn’t want us to know about:

Dayton gunman Connor Betts described himself as a ‘leftist’ who demanded socialism and was pro-gun control, according to his now-suspended Twitter account. 

The Twitter account believed to belong to the 24-year-old gunman, who shot dead nine people including his own sister on Sunday, regularly retweeted extreme left-wing posts and expressed hatred for President Donald Trump. 

His social media posts often showed support for Democratic Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as he called for a ‘revolution’ against the rich. Some of his retweets condemned police and applauded Antifa protesters, while others encouraged people to cut fences of immigration detention centers and showed disdain for ICE agents.

He was also a fanatical believer in Man-Made Climate Change who once tweeted that he wanted to behead oil company executives.


British media bias?

And there you have it folks. The real reason what the British mainstream media have gone to town over the El Paso shooting. It was done by a white supremacist and gave yet another perfect opportunity to heap opprobrium on President Trump and accuse him of racism and stirring up hatred and division etc etc

But the British mainstream media have been very quiet indeed about the Dayton shooting because that was done by a Democrat-supporting, Climate-Change-believing, pro-gun-control, immigrant-loving lefty. In fact, the Dayton shooter reflected precisely the views of the progressive lefty libtard BBC News and C4 News journalists – support Democrats, hate Trump, believe in Man-Made Climate Change, love rapefugees, support gun control.

No wonder our mainstream media have been rather coy about the Dayton shooting.

14 comments to US shooter was left-wing Democrat supporter – did the BBC forget to mention that?

  • dave h

    Same here David , i very seldom watch TV at all and certainly never any of the news programs…. i just end up swearing at the telly.
    I visit the same places as you for news and information, an online paper, Spiked is worth looking at if you haven’t already , the editor Brendan O’Neill has penned a piece making similar suggestions as yourself over the El Paso incident.


  • twi5ted

    “Since 2015, around 250 innocent people have been killed in the US by mass shooters

    Since 2015, around 400 innocent people have been killed in Europe by Islamic terrorists”.

    Think we know which of these the media prefer to discuss. Very sad times.

  • Alex

    David excellent post yesterday.I too rarely watch BBC or C4.I usually get my news from Breitbart tells you things which the establishment
    do not want you to know.Keep up the good work.You have dedicated followers out here

  • William Boreham

    A different take on shootings in the USA, which definitely won’t find its way onto the BBC either.

  • Alan Howard

    Another excellent post, written with your usual clarity and logic.

    The media are paid fopr stooges, and htey are pushing their agendae. Once you realise that it is easy to ignore.

    there are lots of good sites besides this one, full of accurate information.

    The great British public is not so easily fooled.

    Keep up the good work. I have all your books and have started sending them to friends – I sent a few last month, but will send some more. They seem to go down well.

    Do not despari – lots of us apprecuate you


    Big Al

  • loppoman

    I no longer watch BBC news or political programmes. Sometimes I watch ITV news at ten but it, too, tends to be selective with its reporting.
    Adverts on ITV very much over-representing black and brown minorities. It’s so obvious what they’re doing!
    I listen to LBC and TalkRadio most days.
    Some true comments and reporting there, subjects you will not hear discussed on the BBC. Some presenters clearly biased but it’s interesting to hear what many people think about our country, Trump, etc. Lack of education is all too obvious.
    UK is a very much divided country.

  • Julia Green

    I wish we could get a bigger audience for this brilliant website and blog.

  • A Thorpe

    Almost a follow up to yesterday’s four conmen. Today it is two of them. The media because we never get the truth and the politicians because one of their prime tasks is to keep us safe and also to give us the truth. The politicians also don’t have a clue what to do about it and this applies to knife crime in the UK.

  • Hardcastle

    Like the correspondents above I have not watched any news or political programmes on any TV Channel for some time.Why? Because they must think we are simple if they think we cannot see through their blatant selectivity and bias.At first I thought it mildly amusing,now it is seriously dangerous and indicative of how this country has declined as a democracy.Thank goodness for alternative sources and opinions such as yours,it has saved my sanity.

  • Andy

    I don’t think wanting your white country to remain white makes you a white supremacist. Our countries are being overrun with brown people, the vast majority of whites don’t want this. Trouble is we only get to hear from those in the media bubble.

  • loppoman

    Very true what you say, Andy.

  • Quentin

    You should add some sources to your article.

  • Joe Schome

    I normally do not defend the BBC.
    However, I watched 100 days last night as usual,
    because I enjoy the fact that the intelligent, Katty Kay and Christian Fraser can put their own comments on the news they give.
    Maybe you can give them a try?

  • David Craig

    WE must be living on different planets. The BBC’s “100 days” is possibly the worst example of BBC Trump-loathing, democracy-hating, migrant-loving crap on TV. As for the two presenters, their arrogance and loathing of ordinary people is difficult to stomach. Just lefty, progressive, West-hating garbage.

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