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Disneyland is enriched

(Thursday blog)

Today I wanted to feature a short (4 minutes) video taken a few days ago in Disneyland in the US (Florida, I think). But first there’s another issue on which I wanted to briefly comment:

Don’t blame Boris – Hunt should resign!

I find it utterly disgraceful that the Establishment and its sycophantic mainstream media are trying to blame Boris Johnson for Ambassador Darroch’s resignation.

The situation is clear. Darroch wrote some disobliging emails about the Trump administration. As far as I can see, there was nothing original or insightful in the emails and the contents of those emails could have been copied from CNN (the Clinton News Network), the Washington Post (run by ex-BBC boss Mark Thomson) or any other of the Trump-loathing US mainstream media. But anyway, once the contents of those emails were leaked, Darroch’s position was untenable as he could no longer do his job and so he had to go.

What’s depressing is that the Establishment has tried to pin responsibility for Darroch’s resignation on a comment Boris Johnson made in the ITV Tory leadership debate and Johnson has been accused of “throwing Darroch under a bus“.

Not a single person has asked the following questions:

  • which department was responsible for the leaks?
  • who is the ultimate head of that department?
  • why has that person not taken responsibility for the leaks and resigned?

The answer to these questions would be that Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is responsible for the Foreign Office and therefore should have resigned following the leaks from his department.

But the UK Establishment is pro-remain and therefore will do all it can to destroy Leaver Boris Johnson and install Remainer Hunt in Downing Street.

This is just another shameful example of the depths to which the Remoaners and their sycophantic mainstream media will sink to keep Britain in the German-controlled EU Fourth Reich.

Disneyland is enriched

Here’s the video I wanted to show you. Apologies if you’ve already seen it. The video features….the video shows….the video…….. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you what the video shows as, if I did, I’d be accused of racism, fatism, white-supremacism and probably a few other more fashionable ‘isms’ that I haven’t yet heard of.

I’m sorry but the full 4-minute video has been taken down. But here’s a summary of it on a US news programme.

Why don’t you watch the video and make up your own mind about what contribution those featured are making to American society? Enjoy:

7 comments to Disneyland is enriched

  • David Morgan

    Goodness and they tell us we have an obesity problem in the U.K. It’s just as bad – if not worse in the USA. There are also a few mental health issues revealed in this video. The security guys seem to be little more than useless as well. There was me feeling ashamed at some of the nonsense that occurs in Britain, it’s nothing by comparison with the United States, if this footage is anything to go by.

    As for Boris Johnson and Jeremy (What did Victoria Derbyshire call him?), well if these two are the best the U.K. has to offer, God help us. I want to leave the E.U., but I am not at all confident these nincompoops will get a good result. Are you?

    Referring to the U.K’s Ambassador Darroch fiasco, what has happened to our Diplomatic Service? They’re no longer diplomatic. You’d have thought in an age where emails are frequently leaked, they’d be more circumspect in what they say. As is often the case nowadays, they appear to appoint educated idiots to top jobs, rather than those with common sense.

  • stillreading

    Just another routine example of where progressive, liberal Western society is heading. And the reason why some sort of alternative ethos, religion, culture – call it what you will – which preaches restraint, but in fact practises suppression, will inevitably take over. Ultimately you get what you deserve individually or collectively. I leave it to readers’ opinions whether this will be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddism (all relatively benign) or some other. As for, let’s call it, excessive embonpoint, I recommend readers to the Quest Red TV Channel, 38 Freeview, which I came across by accident when idly channel hopping one evening recently. Look for “My 600 lb. Life” and prepare to be appalled. I ask myself where the subjects, victims – depending on your viewpoint – get the money to abuse themselves as they self-evidently do. No wonder respectable, hardworking middle class USA citizens bitterly resented the money Obama made them stump up for universal medical care. Just one more reason for electing Trump. And even the BBC had to admit this a.m. on R4 that that contrary to what the progressive media would have us believe, a recent survey indicates that ordinary folk are turning against the LGBT etc. etc. sexual free-for-all.

  • leila

    Anyone wishing to see the truth look no further than SA. It breaks my heart that our elected representatives, to whom we gave our trust have seen fit to allow immigration from parts of the world previously inhabited by the obese, aggressive participants in the Disney fight Note how the child and pram was carelessly abandoned.

  • leila

    My next port of call was The Daily Maverick, an online SA newspaper with excellent local reporting. I don’t subscribe because it is anti Trump. An article’ What happens when governance fails’ is worth a read A white accountant blew the whistle on loans the Limpopo municipality had made to the VPS Mutual Bank which was subsequently robbed by ‘high flying businessmen, politicians plus cover up money etc’ of 1.8 Billion rands belonging to the poor and vulnerable depositors. Of course the bank imploded 2 years later. No honor, no care for their fellow citizens. The latest Zim interest rate is 50%!

  • Mark

    I was too late to see the video it got removed. Obviously not progressive enough.

  • David Craig

    I’ve replaced the original video (which was removed) with a shorter version from a TV news broadcast

  • A Thorpe

    You are absolutely correct about the mainstream media. It does more to disrupt and cause divisions in our society than any politician although I feel in this case Hunt has been a big factor. As you say the information was nothing new, but whether it is accurate I do not know. Also, the leak left Darroch with no option. John Major is getting involved again to stop Boris proroguing parliament when he did it (I don’t recall the details). I would be surprised if we leave the EU. Boris has too many forces against him.

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