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“F*ck You Greta” – best-seller in Germany

(Friday blog)

F*ck You Greta!

Here’s a link to the German Amazon website:

The best-selling “auto-aufkleber” (car sticker) in Germany is one that says “Fuck You Greta”. Apparently many German drivers don’t respect the views of that great climate scientist Greta Thunberg. Here’s Greta lecturing to an admiring audience in London:

In the audience is Ed Miliband the person responsible for the Climate Change Act – the stupidest and most economically-destructive piece of legislation ever passed by the House of Conmen (and Conwomen)

Oh look, Michael Gove is there too. If he hangs on as Environment Secretary, no doubt he’ll dream up something even stupider than Miliband Junior’s idiocy and what little is left of British industry will move to China. Then we can borrow ever more money to buy crap from China that used to be made in Britain. And when we can’t borrow any more, we’ll just sell our ports, airports, power stations, agricultural land etc etc to Chinese companies (as so many other Third-World countries have done) so that we can keep on buying Made in China crap.

I have previously featured a lovely photo of the wonderful Greta with our very own (IMHO) increasingly crazed naturalist Sir David Attenborough:

Or Lord Attenborough of Glastonbury as he might one day be known:

Glastonbury seems to have a habit of inviting (IMHO) increasingly senile old fools to grovel to the teeming masses of admiring, libtard-indoctrinated, braindead snowflakes:

Oh, and here are a couple of members of the Adams Family:


BBC pay scandal: year after year repeat, repeat, repeat

Every year the BBC brings us a repeat – the pay scandal. Every year the BBC keeps increasing the pay of its so-called “talent” (and its managers). And every year the BBC bleats that it’s forced to pay so much otherwise all this talent would decamp to commercial TV stations. I don’t know who would want all the over-paid, over-pensioned BBC managers.

Here to cheer us up before the weekend is LBC’s Nick Ferrari wondering why we have to give the BBC so much money for repeat after repeat after repeat:

7 comments to “F*ck You Greta” – best-seller in Germany

  • twi5ted

    The left will throw everything at climate change, and have doubled down so many times, with autistic children and elderly posh boy tv executives the latest attempt and the most bizarre yet. But they need our consent to intervene and ruin our lives and will do anything to gain control.

  • A Thorpe

    Brilliant. My favourite topic. The biggest scientific fraud ever, now more akin to a religion. What now concerns me more than the issue itself is how can this nonsense be treated seriously by people who have past through our eduction systems and this applies world wide. Close the schools because they are clearly pointless. I did see the talk given by Saint Greta. Gove and Miliband could not have looked more embarrassed at having to pretend that a child was telling them off. This isn’t just a left issue, one of the first politicians to raise it was Margaret Thatcher.

    The heat wave in Europe last week was just a dynamic effect related to atmospheric pressures that brought heat from the south to us rather than it flowing into space. If all seven billion of us had been in Europe trying to blow it back it would have made no difference. King Canute demonstrated that we cannot control nature. It’s time we came to our senses.

  • Julia Green

    Oh the left are setting themselves up nicely for a MASSIVE counter attack!

  • Stillreading

    Shall I be accused of racism if I say that I have far more admiration for, and would far rather spend a few hours in the company of, that amazingly talented, highly motivated, totally dedicated, astonishinbly mature 15 year old USA tennis player, Coco Gauff, than I would in the company of that self-satisfied, holier-than-thou, evidently somewhat immature Swedish girl Greta something? Oh no! They can’t call me racist can they because I am of pure white Anglo-Saxon origin, presumably like Greta, whereas Coco is black! How challenging it is at times to say and do the acceptable thing! As for so-called “man-made climate change”, where I live I and tens of thousands more local Council Tax payers are effectively marooned in our houses this entire weekend on account of the Festival of Speed taking place between us and most of the rest of the world. This obnoxious event occurs every year and allegedly “does marvels for the local economy”. Or so we are told! All we local plebs know is that our roads are utterly gridlocked throughout the entire event – Friday morning to Sunday afternoon – we can’t access our nearest town, we can’t drive to visit family and friends and they can’t visit us. Emergency vehicles can’t get through the traffic jams. Fossil fuel consumption by participants must exceed measurable levels, not to mention what is consumed by drivers sitting static in their vehicles while trying to access their weekend of fumes and noise. Of course, as the local aristocrat puts on the event, no one in authority raises a voice in protest. (At the same time, some local authorities have banned ice-cream vans – R4 You & Yours today – because they consumer diesel while parked in order to keep their refrigerator systems running. Hit the struggling “little man” as always! Almost enough to make you turn communist!

  • Bertie B

    Ah the man-made climate change scam/mania, it seems to run and run. Once they have the media behind them and the government indoctrinating the kids via the schools they can build up momentum with this money making nonsense about our imminent doom due to our addiction to fossil fuels that gave us the comforts and conveniences we enjoy today.

    The goal of lowering fossil fuel use and mitigating CO2 emotions to near zero by 2050 will do nothing to stop the very gradual rise in average temperatures as the bulk of the CO2 comes from the sea and the third world is building coal fired power stations by the score every year. Britain would have to go on a war footing to have a hope of meeting these CC goals and that means AUSTERITY and shutting down the airports and maybe going back to steam trains that run on wood chips tho’ it’s nowhere near efficient as steam coal…

  • David A Palmer

    Yes I can see them opening Global Warming Church’s everywhere so they can pray their twice a day and always face Stockholm when paraying?

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