July 2024

Check your mattress – there might be a multi-cultural enricher inside

(Friday blog)

First some good news that the BBC and C4 News might have ‘forgotten’ to report – following the election of the patriotic Bolzonaro in Brazil, one of his first acts as president was to pull out of the UN Global Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration – the agreement that makes migration a human right. The reason for Brazil pulling out – the new president believed that each country should have the right to control its own borders.

Remember, that’s the agreement that the British Government signed up to which was hardly mentioned anywhere in the UK mainstream media. Perhaps the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to report that as well?

Better check your mattress

Have you bought a new mattress recently? If so, I suggest you jump up and down on it a few times. Then if your mattress says “ouch“, you might want to cut it open to see if there’s a multi-cultural enricher inside:

Apparently these two supposedly “impoverished” Africans each paid about $5,000 to people smugglers to hide them in mattresses and transport them into Spain and a life of luxury living off benefits and drug-dealing somewhere in Europe:

And, of course, once in Europe they would have unlimited opportunities to rape white girls for entertainment:

Sadly for them their great plan didn’t quite work and they were caught at the border. But as Spain is a signatory to the UN Global Pact for Safe and Orderly Migration, no doubt these two wonderful people will be allowed into Europe to enrich our society in the only way they know how. As the video below reports – instead of being sent straight back to whatever sh*t-hole they came from, these two enrichers are “being processed by a Spanish immigration centre”.

Perhaps they’ll even be able to come to Britain? Let’s hope so. We really need highly qualified, productive, hard-working migrants like these two.

Meanwhile, the Royal Navy has added extra ships in the Channel to act as free ferry services for anyone wanting to leave safe France to come to Benefits Britain.

Forgive my ignorance, but WTF is the point of having border guards if they actually help illegal migrants across the border from Africa to Europe or if, in the case of Britain, our own navy provides a free, luxury ferry service with food, drinks and healthcare for anyone leaving the French coast?

Oh, I forgot. It’s now the human right of any ignorant, illiterate, unemployable, violent, low-IQ, scumbag from any self-inflicted sh*t-hole on the planet to move to Europe.

God help us!

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