July 2024

It’s not an “accident of birth”, you idiots!

(Monday blog)

Can you spot the similarities?

Today I wanted to write about knife crime in London. Especially now that 4 people have been stabbed to death over the weekend while the (IMHO) utterly useless Met boss, Cressida Dickhead, claims “knife crime has plateaued”. But looking at photos of just 20 recent teenage victims of London’s knife crime epidemic, I couldn’t see any similarity between the victims, can you?

So I thought I’d write about something else.

“Accident of birth” bollox

With the floods of migrants heading for the once wealthy, peaceful, advanced West from the total hell-holes of Africa, the Middle East, Krapistan, Krapladesh and South America, there have been plenty of journalists from Western media reporting on the migrant tsunami. In these reports one frequently used phrase is how the progressive, libtard, no-borders reporters and the rest of us in the West are lucky that “an accident of birth” has meant that we were born in relatively rich countries whereas the unfortunate migrants happened to be born in poor countries.

Most recently, I saw someone called Simon Reeve in a programme titled “Mediterranean” interviewing some Subsaharan Africans coming to enrich Europe. Mr Reeve, always politically correct, churned out the now familiar cliche about it just being an “accident of birth” that he and his viewers were born in the prosperous West whereas the poor, long-suffering migrants were born into poverty.

Sorry mate, but I don’t buy it.

Let’s look at Korea

If a Korean was born in wealthy, capitalist South Korea, I would agree that this was a fortunate “accident of birth”. I would agree that, if the Korean had been born a few hundred miles further north in Fatboy’s socialist paradise where, as in all socialist paradises, millions have starved to death and the rest live in utter misery, that would be an unfortunate “accident of birth”.

But let’s look at Africa

There are about 54 countries in Africa. How many are poverty-stricken, excrement-covered, backward hell-holes? About 54. How many are advanced, prosperous and provide good lives for their citizens? None! But wait, say the lefties, if only we gave the poor blighted Africans more foreign aid then they’d be prosperous like us. Bollox. After WWII, Europe received about $20bn (in today’s money) a year for 5 years under the Marshall Plan and this enabled Europe to rebuild after our German friends destroyed the continent in 1939-45. Every year since 1965, Africa has received around $20bn (in today’s money) in foreign aid (equivalent to 10 Marshall Plans) and you’d be hard-pressed to find all the hospitals, and roads and universities and sewage works etc that we’ve paid for many times over

Or how about South America? Are there any advanced, prosperous countries there? Apparently Costa Rica is meant to be ok. But as the caravan of thousands heading for the US shows, the rest of South America is a ghastly, violent, mostly impoverished hell-hole.

Or there’s Krapistan and Krapladesh and other Religion of Peace paradises. They’re so wonderful that most of their people want to get out as well.

How can this be?

What’s intelligence got to do with it?

I don’t know.

But I do know that some waaacccissst , bigoted, horrible people have looked for scientifically-provable differences which could explain why some countries are wealthy and others are not and they claim to have found a correlation between GDP and average IQ:

(by the way, the US military will not allow anyone with an IQ of below 85 to enlist are they are considered too stupid to be of any use)

This chart does suggest that if you moved the whole population of Europe to Africa and the whole population of Africa to Europe, within 20 to 30 years, Africa would be civilised and prosperous and Europe would be a violent, impoverished, war-blighted hell-hole.

I, of course, absolutely refuse to even contemplate that there might be IQ differences between races. I agree with Simon Reeve and all the politically-correct that it’s just an “accident of birth” that some of us were born into rich countries and others weren’t.

4 comments to It’s not an “accident of birth”, you idiots!

  • daveh

    Was it the American military that stated a person with an IQ of less than 88 is of no use to them and probably couldn’t function well in society ?.

  • William Boreham

    I saw yet another Save the Children advert on the box the other night, showing the predictable staving African child, pleading for aid. The reality of course, is that Africa is undergoing the greatest population explosion in the history of out planet. As things are, we face an irresistible mass of sub-human migrants flooding across the Mediterranean, into a Europe that is inexplicably not producing enough children to even maintain their current numbers. So, while the part that is left of the civilised world is planning a trip to Mars, on sheer numbers alone, the reality is that we face another and maybe permanent second Dark Age

  • A Thorpe

    I like Simon Reeves and I wouldn’t describe him as being politically correct. Mediterranean set out to show the problems we face on our doorstep and I think he did it very well. The only issue I noticed was in Monaco which seemed a pointless visit since he had nothing to say about it except that dirty money had bought the flash cars.

    He did ask one immigrant who was running a charity for others, I think in Sicily, why people come to Europe and his reply was “greed”. He also asked another working in the greenhouses of southern Spain what he would say to other Africans wanting to come to Europe and his reply was to stay in Africa. He did not make any comment about this, which is the way he works – he wants us to draw our own conclusions.

    We need to look at our own attitude. We had no problems in importing cheap goods from Asia and had no concern about the working conditions in Asian factories, no concern about the treatment of immigrant workers in southern Spain. But we are concerned because we exported jobs to get cheap products. This is a problem with the global economy and Trump is making changes in America to bring work back. However, this makes their goods more expensive for Americans, it means successful industries in the USA are effectively paying for the failing industries and exports will be difficult because there are cheaper goods elsewhere. The real problem is not an accident of birth it is globalisation and nobody can blame Africans for wanting to get away. We would all do the same in their position.

    It is politicians who have created this situation but we have to accept responsibility as well. Greed again has been the drive for cheap imports to give us money for leisure. Neither the politicians nor the people still in safe jobs cared about the others working in the UK industries that collapsed. People in the UK want a high standard of living but many see this as a right to be paid for by somebody else. Our trade deficit shows that we cannot maintain this charade of high living standards that we cannot pay for. We don’t seem to mind educated and qualified immigrants coming here to provide what the useless British are not capable of doing, and we don’t mind them doing jobs that we think are beneath us.

    It is time to look at ourselves and not blame immigrants for everything.

  • John Bull

    A Thorpe I take no responsibilty for what has and what is about to occur. Are you under the illusion we live in a Democracy.Its time for you to get with the program.

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