May 2024

Hooray! (The Religion of) Peace comes to yet another African country

(Thursday blog)

Africa rising?

As we all know, Africa is a complete hell-hole and pretty much all African countries are corrupt, worthless, impoverished sh*tholes. Moreover, in spite of the $250bn in development aid money that has been given to Africa since the mid-1960s, there are still not many signs of all the water wells and roads and hospitals and electricity plants and schools and suchlike that we in the West have paid for many times over. Yet most of Africa’s rulers have become billionaires.

Waacissts have suggested that the main reason for Africa’s failure to grow is the low IQ of its citizens. Furthermore such horrible people have suggested there is a link between a country’s average IQ and its economic success:

But, of course, political correctness prevents any discussion of this.

However one aspect of Africa is seeing growth – the African population:

And where are all these new Africans going to live? Well, they can’t live in their own poverty-stricken excrement-covered, sewer-countries. So, naturally they’ll be headed for Europe:

And they’ll be bringing with them all their wonderful practices which I dare not mention here.

(The Religion of) Peace comes to Mozambique

Like me, you probably don’t know where Mozambique is. And like me, you probably don’t care:

Anyway, Peace has recently come to Mozambique. Unfortunately this “Peace” is not real peace, it’s the Religion of Peace.

Mozambique gained independence from Portugal in 1975 and then had the usual African civil war. In Mozambique this civil war lasted from pretty much the day after independence till 1992. Obviously, a 16-year civil war isn’t great for economic development and more than half of Mozambique’s 24 million people continue to live below the poverty line.

But do not despair. The future for Mozambique looks bright. The discovery of gas fields off Mozambique’s coast in 2011 is set to transform the economy of one of Africa’s poorest nations.

At least, that was the situation until October 2017 when the first Izlumist attacks started with a raid on a police station and a military outpost. Over the last year, more than 50 people have been killed in gun, grenade and knife assaults in the growing jihadist insurgency, with the militants reportedly seeking to impose Sharia law in one of the country’s Muslim-majority provinces. In the latest major attack, 12 villagers were killed and 14 wounded two weeks ago.

The scenario is starting to look depressingly similar to every other African country when (the Religion of) Peace comes to enrich the populace.

While Mozambique’s Christians are slaughtered in increasing numbers, the West’s Izlumophiliac leaders and our Izlumophiliac Pope will say nothing.

But if (like the Buddhists in Myanmar) the majority Christians decide that enough is enough and start chucking out the Moozerlums, then we’ll hear the usual howls of “Izlumophobia” from the BBC and C4 News and queues of the West’s progressive, liberal, globalist, rapefugee-hugging political leaders.

It’s all so predictable.

That’s what always seems to happen when (the Religion of) Peace comes to town,

4 comments to Hooray! (The Religion of) Peace comes to yet another African country

  • Stillreading

    Unless compulsory birth control is introduced to reduce the exponential rate of African reproduction, the West as we currently know it will have disappeared by the time my great grandchildren are octogenarians. With Western civilization will go all the scientific and medical knowledge accumulated over more than a millennium and all the art, music and literature we know and appreciate. To state this is not racist; it is simple fact. it is laudable that modern medicine has resulted in fewer perinatal births and that so many diseases are now preventable or curable. But with these advantages, so enthusiastically provided by Western NGOs, come responsibilities, the most pressing of which is to maintain the world’s population within manageable limits by controlling personal and national reproduction. Only by reducing the reproduction rate will native Africa perhaps be able to educate itself and advance into modernity within its own territorial borders.

  • Roy Hartwell

    As someone who follows the ridiculous outpourings of the ‘Globul Warming/Climate Change anti-science crowd, it’s interesting to see regular calls from them for reducing populations but usually in the West. they never seem to refer to the exponential rise in Africa or Asia. Wonder why that is ? Surely their rabid support for AGW isn’t actually more to do with their hate for western society !!

  • Philip

    Much to my annoyance my wife paid the TV licence today.

    Like a growing number of people I consider the BBC to be the most insidious, Orwellian, anti-British,and deceitful organisation the people of this country has ever had the misfortune to have had visited upon them. Worst still we are forced to pay to keep it in existence just to own a television even if we chose to avoid its output.

    Question : Should I now divorce my wife because of it and marry a Budhist from Myanmar?

    Replies on a post card to : Points of View, BBC, Broadcasting House, London.

    Mant Thanks

  • Stillreading

    Nice one Philip. I listened with disgust at lunchtime to some malicious BBC journalist on R4 doing his very best to destroy the character and credibility of Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate for the next London Mayoral Election. Mr. Bailey just happens to be black, grew up in London in very humble circumstances, and has been a youth worker in London, so knows what he’s talking about. He has condemned multiculturalism for increasing isolation between communities. I can attest to the fact that whilst Diwali and Eid are celebrated in many State schools, Christian festivals are virtually disregarded or seen as solely secular, in order to avoid offending non-Christian parental sensitivities. The delightful Nativity plays in which we oldies remember our children participating are no longer performed in many primary schools. Christmas is called the “winter festival”. The only sense I heard on the same programme was David Attenborough stating categorically that population control is essential if the world – or at least the world as we know it – is to survive.

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