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“Bacon”? They should have written “Ham”!

(Monday blog)

1. Get Airmiles Andy to pay

First, I’ll leave this up for another couple of days. It’s not because I’m against the royal family. In fact, I think the Queen is an amazing asset to the country. It’s just a pity that Charles is such a (IMHO) dimwitted, self-absorbed, worthless, gutless, complaining, miserable little turd.

I suspect lots of readers like to moan about lots of things. But I further suspect that 90% or more won’t lift a finger to actually do anything to help change the things that are going wrong with our country.

So, here’s a chance for the “we-can’t-be-bothered” brigade to do something. It won’t even cost you any money and I know how important their money is to so many readers.

If you go to this website (link below) you can sign a petition demanding that the (IMHO) useless, low-IQ, sponger and parasite Prince “Airmiles Andy” Andrew pays for his own holiday-loving, gravitationally-challenged daughter’s wedding rather than expecting us dirty, ignorant, unwashed plebs to foot the £2m+ security bill.

2. Another triumph for Trump

This got such a brief mention on the Trump-loathing British mainstream media today that you might have missed it. Canada’s metrosexual, rapefugee-hugging, West-hating, globalist man-child leader, Justin Trudeau, has just caved in to Trump’s demands and agreed a new NAFTA trade deal. The new deal, as one would expect from a deal negotiated by Trump, works in the US’s favour and is less generous to Mexico and Canada than the previous arrangement.

Yet another success for democratically-elected President Trump – a patriot who puts his country’s interests above those of the globalist bankers and bureaucratic elites. That will have the libtard Trumpophobics choking on their organic muesli this morning.

If only we had Trump negotiating Brexit, instead of the hopeless, hapless, treacherous, bungling May!

3. “Bacon”? They should have written “ham”!

Here’s some graffiti that was written on the side of a mosque in Newcastle:

I, of course, am furious at this racism (even though Izlum is not a race). So are local politicians. “This is an outrageous attack on our community,” thundered local councillor John-Paul Stephenson, of the Labour Party. He went on: “This attack goes against everything we stand for. Councillors will be meeting with the mosque to discuss this and offer the support we can. Attacks like this will not be tolerated in our community.”

It seems that Labour politicians are extraordinarily tolerant when “Asians” are gang-raping, gang-sodomising and gang-torturing at least 50,000 underage white girls in “diverse” communities across the country (including quite a few in Newcastle) over at least 15 years and probably much longer.

But when some bozo scrawls “Bacon” on a mosque wall, suddenly Labour politicians are outraged. Strange priorities?

No doubt, the local plods will take time off ignoring burglaries, muggings, stabbings and robberies because they’re too busy trawling the Internet looking for supposed ‘hate crimes’ and local police bosses will allocate huge resources to finding the perpetrator(s) of this totally trivial and unimportant incident.

As for whoever committed the evil act, they should be careful and remember how Kevin Crehan was sent to his death for leaving some bacon or something like that outside a mosque.

But anyway, wasn’t it a bit stupid to write the word “Bacon” on the mosque wall? They could have written “Ham” instead. Then, if they were caught, they could have claimed they were really trying to write “Hamas” but got interrupted.

If they said they were trying to write “Hamas”, no doubt local Labour politicians would be lauding them as heroes in the struggle against the supposed “Zionist oppressors” whom the (IMHO) deeply anti-semitic, Izlumophiliac Jeremy Corbyn and his Momentum chums seem to hate so much.

10 comments to “Bacon”? They should have written “Ham”!

  • John G Fields

    It is time that the funding for the royals was
    changed. Better still, abolished.
    The queen receives a fixed amount, and she distributes
    the money amongst the parasites.

  • Charles Ponzi

    Biggest scam of our era, Climate Change.
    Oh like all good scams ,its the Money Stupid,the madness of crowds, sober up one by one.
    Its easier to Con someone or a nation than it is to Convince them they have been Conned, so true in so many ways today, ain’t that the truth.
    Climate change and CO2 lives do rise at similar times, but the CO2 levels lag the increase in in the Temperature. How come? Its the increase in the seas emission of CO2 that is by far the greatest contributor to CO2 levels.And CO2 is not a pollutant just as Oxygen is not a pollutant we need them
    Ok so what drives Climate and temperature changes Duh the Sun of course and increased activity evidenced by Sun spots, higher temperatures. But don’t tell the Climate Change devotees , lobbists, Climate presstitutes or politicians too much money to be lost for their SCAM.Its all below sheeple in the Video link.

  • CharlesPonzi

    We all know the Rich Germans can afford to take as many Migrants into Germany and the rest of Europe gets them aswell as there are to be no borders right!Whetehr you want them or not, you get them and they know its a one way trip not a Migration , an Immigration of course.
    Well who’d thought it German Pensioners going out each night, all night, collecting empty bottles out of trash cans to get the deposit as they are so poor and on the verge of starving.Won’t see that on the Beeb…Well not unless they can twist it into an Anti-Whitey statement.

  • William Boreham

    We no longer have capital punishment for murder in this country, but it’s death sentence if one leaves a bacon sandwich outside the door of a mosque. I was reading the other day that European man has lost 60 percent of his sperm count since the end of WW2 – it shows.

  • PeterW

    To be fair, it is somewhat infantile, not particularly funny, and insulting to write such a word on the relevant wall
    The Labour Party’s Councillor’s Response is robust
    However, it would be interesting to note the Labour response to such matters if the Muslim Community formed its own Political Party in order to contest the safe Labour seats, such as that enjoyed by Keith Vaz, taking away the traditional block Muslim Labour Vote
    How long before the Labour Party outcries died down? How long before there was a rerun of the Labour Party anti-semitism but in a different guise?

  • David Craig

    I fail to understand why the Muslim community in Britain would ever bother setting up their own political party. They have already totally captured Labour, especially since the anti-semitic, Israel-hating Momentum took control.

  • A Thorpe

    I think your comments about Charles are unacceptable. I don’t agree with many of his views but he is still entitled to hold them. What concerns me more is the comparison with the Queen because we know absolutely nothing about her views on any subject except horses and corgis. How can a modern democracy have a head of state we know so little about. The North Koreans know more about Kim Jong-un than we know about the Queen. The question that should be asked is how can anybody born into a modern democracy believe they have divine right to be an unelected Head of State. If they had any respect for us they would volunteer to give up the role. They have another useless member now who is spending money like water – Megan.

    Is Trump really putting America first? His trade war is putting up the price of goods for all Americans. They will have to pay more for goods and the goods they produce will be too expensive to export. China holds a lot of the USA debt – all they have to do is call it in and the USA has a major problem. China will also have a problem if the USA defaults which is likely. So China has a problem and we all have a problem because all our leaders are adopting policies that destabilise the world economy. The climate policies being one of the worst. What has happened to education that results in most of the world thinking that we can control the climate. It is not just Charles that is wrong on this, most of the world agrees with him

  • David Craig

    Well my friend. If you think my comments on the (IMHO) worthless waste of skin Prince Charles are “unacceptable”, I humbly suggest you read my blog from 26 August 2013 (link below) where I detail the many similarities between your beloved Charles and the equally fatuous Edward the Abdicator

  • tomsk

    To be fair it could have been written by a dyslexic from the west indies and it may actually say ‘beer can’.

  • Julia Green

    God, that’s funny!!

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