June 2024

The amazing Pat Condell is back

(weekend blog)

Get Airmiles Andy to pay

First, if you go to this website you can sign a petition asking that the useless, low-IQ, sponger and parasite Prince “Airmiles” Andrew pays for his own daughter’s wedding rather than us dirty, ignorant, unwashed plebs footing the £2m+ security bill.

Weekend blog

I was a bit sad that nobody seemed to like my blog yesterday – “PEARL HARBOUR – nothing to do with Japan” say BBC, C4 News, the Guardian……’ I thought it was rather apposite.

I’m even sadder that 99% of my readers can’t afford to buy a copy of my latest book “THE GREAT UNIVERSITY CON”. Times must be really tough out there.

But life goes on – till it stops.

So I won’t bore you with my trivial thoughts this weekend. Instead here’s Pat Condell’s latest video on why we’re so nice to foreign rapists:


3 comments to The amazing Pat Condell is back

  • Stillreading

    Wonderful, isn’t he? I am amazed he hasn’t by now had the entire “Book of Hate Crimes” thrown at him by our ever watchful and diligent Law Enforcers. I see from his Wiki entry that he has received death threats- we can guess from whom – and one can only laud his courage, caught as he must surely feel he is, between a rock and a hard place, for continuing to express publicly views which millions of us hold but dare not express. However, the fact is that a large proportion of the Leftie Libtards who throughout Europe wave placards pushing for yet more immigration are the very young women who are most at risk of falling victim to sexual assault and rape. One wonders where they keep their brains – or, indeed, whether they have any!
    As for Friday’s Blog, it is so overwhelmingly, self-evidently correct that I guess comment is superfluous. History is being re-written to present the victors of both World Wars as evil Colonialists and Supremacists and the defeated as innocent, bullied minorities, forced into acts of atrocity by their oppressors. Ask any youngster sitting a GCSE or A Level history exam.

  • Stillreading

    Petition duly signed. Normally quite a passionate Royalist – I think the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh and also Princess Anne have done a magnificent job for decades – this latest is a wedding too far for the overstretched Public Purse to accommodate. I’d love to know what the nonagenarian D of E thinks about it. Indeed, I’d dearly love to hear his probable privately expressed views on Multiculturalism and the disastrous way our entire country is now heading! Let’s never forget that even if the whole paraphernalia of Royalty costs us a bit, all the time the UK has a Monarch, it will never suffer a First Lady Cheri Blair!

  • leila

    He has been implicated in visits to Jeffery Epstein’s love island via the Lolita express Despite denials it is almost certain the creep was involved with underage girls. Trump is almost ready to indite pedophiles. With any luck his name will be there.

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