July 2024

The worst fake Climate Change news report ever?

(Tuesday blog)

The Greenies and the lefties and all the other supposedly progressive, caring, Trump-hating Warmies will go to huge lengths to try to con us into believing their Climate Change (or Global Warming or whatever it’s called this week) lies. But with this example, surely even they have gone too far?

Click on the picture of the storm cloud below and it will take you to a report from the Weather Channel on Hurricane Florence.

There are only a couple of problems with the report:

  • the TV reporter is pretending to be battling against fearsome, life-threatening hurricane winds, but in the background you can see some people wandering past wearing light jackets and shorts
  • the wind is actually coming from behind the supposed reporter, yet he’s pretending to be bravely trying to face into the wind

Disappointingly for the mainstream media, by the time Hurricane Florence reached land it had been downgraded to a “tropical storm” – absolutely not the news the Warmies wanted to report! The Warmies wanted stories of massive destruction to frighten us all into believing their dire predictions of imminent climate catastrophe. Especially as some US media are already blaming Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change talking shop for Hurricane Florence.

How low will the greeny, warmy, brain-dead, progressive, lefty, libtard fascists sink when peddling their utter lies?

We’ve already had the idiot Greenies twice getting stuck in ice while trying to prove the polar ice caps were melting.

Now enjoy the Greenies once again making fools of themselves:

Fake News is Unbelievable – When is Enough going to be Enough

5 comments to The worst fake Climate Change news report ever?

  • Stillreading

    What a gem! Driving somewhere or other on Friday afternoon and being a keen gardener, I switched to R4 Gardeners’ Question Time in time to hear the team of experts confidently inform their live audience, plus some tens of millions of listeners, that of course, two millenia ago the Romans were able to grow grapes from which to make wine right up to Hadrian’s Wall, so benign was the UK climate. It is acknowledged that the mean annual temperature was a degree or two above what we now enjoy. Own Goal BBC? (Of course not! Don’t we all know that the Romans whizzed around in gas-guzzling 4 x 4s, busily creating a “greenhouse effect”??)

  • David Craig

    I believe it was the Romans’ horses’ farting that contributed to global warming back then.

  • William Boreham

    I keep reading scary reports that the Sun’s activity is becoming as dormant as it was in the last ‘Little Ice Age’. Meanwhile as part of Britain’s mad policy of saving the world from ’Climate Change,‘ up my way, they are constructing the world’s biggest offshore wind farm costing we consumers billions in future energy bills and subsidies. The rest of the world meanwhile are building coal powered generating plants, producing cheap (and consistent) electricity supply. Heaven knows who’ll invest in Britain in the future, a country providing the world’s most expensive and unreliable energy.

  • chris

    There are (currently) 2 clean, emissions free, reliable sources of electrical power which can provide little power or enormous power at the flick of a switch. They are Nuclear (fission or fusion) and Hydro (using a dam and an (preferably uninhabited) valley.

    Any sane and unself-interested person would choose one or the other, that is unless you were the likes of Chris Huhne who sold out Drax to his best mate’s father who sold wood chips.

    Certain large companies like Siemans (who make windmills and trains) sell us windmills and trains because they influence certain politicians. HS2 and windfarms are unnecessary but profitable.

  • A Thorpe

    Unfortunately, the west has replaced education with brainwashing and it has ensured that a majority of people now believe this nonsense and they are also no longer capable of any rational thought to work out that this is the biggest scientific fraud ever inflicted on the entire world. It now seems unstoppable and will only end when we have no energy and the fools come to the senses, but then they will have no idea how to get us out of the mess they have created.

    There is a book “Taken by Storm” which I have not read but you can find “Taken by Storm Briefing” on the internet where the authors talk about the book. It is worth reading.

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