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I’m a waaccciiisssttt!!! I’m a waaacccciiisssstttt!!!!

(Wednesday blog)

Apologies if you’ve already seen this story.

An Australian cartoonist has produced a wonderful cartoon mocking Serena Williams’s spectacular and glorious meltdown in the final of the US Open a few days ago. Here’s the cartoon:

Personally, I find it funny.

However, the usual professionally-offended liberal-fascists and feminazis have been storming the Internet and the media to express their “outrage” at the cartoon for being wacccisssstt and sexist and whatever. Public figures including Harry Potter author JK Rowling, Nicki Minaj and civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson joined other social media users to condemn the cartoon. Therefore, because I have the greatest respect for the liberal-fascists and feminazis, the only conclusion I can come to is that, given I find the cartoon funny, I must therefore be a waaacccciiiisssttttt!

The progressive, liberal, virtue-signalling, free-speech-loathing hate mob accuse the cartoonist of exaggerating Serena Williams’s features. Here’s what one of these pinheads claimed. Kenyan-born humanities academic at Southern Cross University Kathomi Gatwiri said the oversized lips contributed to the dehumanising portrayal of Williams. “The grotesque way in which her body was over-exaggerated, her physical attributes, her lips. Her buttocks, her thighs, her arms. It doesn’t look human,” she told SBS News.

Perhaps these virtue-signalling arse-heads aren’t aware that this is what cartoonists do? And anyway, how exaggerated is the cartoon? Here’s the real thing:

And here’s another photo of the lovely, graceful, sylphlike Serena sharing her valuable opinions with the umpire:

If I was the umpire, I’d have been in fear of my life. It can’t have been fun being screamed at by a very angry lady with the physique of a brick sh*t-house. Nor can it have been fun for the umpire to be called a “liar” and a “thief” in front of tens of millions of viewers and yet have to keep your calm. As for Serena, she displayed the worst aspects of bullying by attacking someone she knew was unable to respond.

One of the other criticisms from the usual pillock-heads was that the Australian cartoonist made Williams’s opponent, Naomi Osaka, look white by giving her a blond pony tail. Here is a photo of Naomi Osaka:

Ooops, she does have a blond pony tail.

Funniest of all is the lovely Serena’s claim that she is a fighter for oppressed minorities. “I’m here fighting for women’s rights and for women’s equality and for all kinds of stuff”, Serena yelled.

I bet you didn’t know that. I bet you didn’t know that while pocketing tens of millions from her tennis and marrying a multi-millionaire or billionaire or whatever and trying to sell us all kinds of crap like mattresses produced by her sponsors, Serena was really “fighting for women’s rights and for women’s equality and for all kinds of stuff”.

Surely, if Serena was fighting for women’s rights, she would demand that female players play the best of five sets like the men, and not the best of three sets, if they want to same prize money?

Hypocrisy, anyone?

Thankfully, the Australian newspaper didn’t back down under the torrent of the usual “outrage” from the usual keyboard SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) like a testicle-free British newspaper would have done. Instead it produced a front page – Welcome to PC World – trying to enlighten the likes of JK Rowling and many thousands of gender studies students and feminazis and millions of others with their limited, free-speech-hating mentality that cartoons exist precisely because they exaggerate their targets’ physical features:

3 comments to I’m a waaccciiisssttt!!! I’m a waaacccciiisssstttt!!!!

  • William Boreham

    Thank goodness, just for once, an organisation doesn’t make a grovelling apology for upsetting the PC brigade and just when I thought the Aussies had also become spineless in these matters as our media is. Obviously the cartoon image was too close to home which made all the protest even more frenzied. Watching the Williams sisters, built like brick outhouses, playing against their feminine opponents is much like watching that South African running monster, Caster Semenya, competing in the same race against what are clearly bona fide females.

  • Juliet46

    Well, I could be called a far-right, deplorable, little Englander, Bigoted waaycciisst, but at least I have a sense of humour!!

    Thank you again, David, for keeping up the good work. Much appreciated.

  • Stillreading

    I’ve a lot of time for the Williams sisters, dragging themselves up as they have from a very disadvantaged start in life by sheer punishing work year on year. If they’re now millionaires, well good on them – they’ve earned it. Clearly Serena, back from childbirth possibly rather too early, “lost it” in the heat of the moment. Probably her hormones are still a bit deranged. Normally both she and her sister speak intelligently and considerately and when they’ve lost a match, never fail to praise their opponent appropriately. As for the PC brigade with al their nonsense – well, as a consequence of all their fuss and palaver more of us have seen the cartoon than would ever otherwise have done. And Serena IS a big, muscular lass she’d be – she IS – the first one to admit it and she’s proud of her physique. Has anyone asked HER what she thinks of the cartoon, I wonder?

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