March 2023
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“Come on Abdul light my fire!”

(Monday blog)

I don’t know whether this short video will still be available when you try to view it or whether it will have been deleted as the Internet giants wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea about our dear friends from our favourite religion.

I believe the video is genuine (and not fake news) and was filmed in a supermarket in Third-World paradise Jordan

In it a young man grabs a girl and appears to assault her. But when she resists, he throws some kind of flammable liquid over her and then sets her alight.

I don’t know the back story. But I imagine it’s the usual scenario:

  • young man from our favourite religion proposes marriage to a girl from said religion
  • girl turns him down knowing what a total sh*t-head he is
  • this refusal is an insult to the man’s honour and must be punished
  • as females are considered as low as apes, pigs and J*ws, the only appropriate punishment is disfigurement and/or death
  • as it’s an Arab country, the girl is set on fire. Had this been such other earthly paradises as Pakistan or Indonesia the girl would have been doused in acid:

I doubt this story will be reported by the BBC or C4 News. After all, what do people like F**** B**** and K**** N***** and J** S*** and others of their ilk care when girls from our favourite religion are brutally attacked and even murdered. It seems to be much more important to them when someone dares to joke that a female in a Darth Vader outfit looks like a letter box.

Shame on our mainstream media for their bias and lies!

And the more of these wonderful people we allow to invade our once great country in the name of diversity and multi-culturalism, the more ‘incidents’ like this we’ll see.

When Jim Morrison and the Doors sang “Light My Fire” I don’t think they meant we should take it literally.

Meanwhile in multi-cultural Paris, an Afghan man has stabbed a bunch of people including a couple of Brits. As usual the police claim there is absolutely no reason to suspect this was terrorism. Of course not. No doubt it will be attributed to the usual “psychological problems”.

Anyway, here’s Abdul lighting this poor girl’s fire:


4 comments to “Come on Abdul light my fire!”

  • William Boreham

    One very courageous woman.
    Should be shown to every young girl in Britain – but it won’t!
    Our leaders, Cameron and May, have assured us, Islam is: ‘The religion of peace.’

  • David Craig

    My understanding is that the video used of a boy supposedly having his arm crushed by a car for stealing is actually a group of itinerant circus performers doing a trick. Be careful when spreading ‘fake news’ – there’s enough really happening to condemn our favourite religion

  • Stillreading

    Atrocious! Such a very peaceful and loving “religion” isn’t it? Coincidentally half a dozen genuinely peaceful people were stabbed in Paris yesterday while they were enjoying the balmy evening by an Afghan immigrant. Fortunately no one died, so that’s all right then I guess! We are expected to take reassurance from the fact that “it was nothing to do with terrorism”. The perpetrator was, no doubt, “mentally disturbed” – he’d had an unhappy childhood, his Mom didn’t love him enough, he’d had a rotten time at school, whatever….

  • Andy

    An Afghani attempting to butcher white people on European streets is not longer even considered terrorism. I imagine the people being stabbed were pretty chuffing terrified though.

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