April 2024

The truth about Trump?

(weekend blog)

Here we go again – BBC News and C4 News are having orgasms while reporting the latest attacks on Trump. The attacks include yet another book (this one by some journalist who was famous forty years ago) and an anonymous source in the White House supposedly writing a letter op-ed piece for the Trump-hating, Obama-loving, Clinton-arselicking New York Times which (surprise surprise) just happens to be run by (IMHO) former lefty, progressive, perpetually-baised, rapefugee-hugging, Europhiliac BBC boss Mark Thompson.

I wonder how our beloved Cathy Newman and cheeky-chappy Krishnan Whatever and the wrinkly old bat who reports for C4 News from the US manage to keep their knickers dry given how excited they all are. Or perhaps they’re all given special leak-proof incontinence pads, like the dementia patients my wife looks after, so they don’t embarrass themselves on screen while gasping and shuddering in ecstasy at what they hope will be Trump’s imminent fall?

But, given how biased our media are, we can be tricked into believing that Trump is really in trouble.

So, here are two brief pieces from Fox News – one featuring Newt Gingrich and one featuring a couple of other pro-Trump commentators who explain that the whole thing is just yet another confected piece of total shite dreamed up by the lefty liberals who still can’t accept that their Crooked Hillary lost the election.

Actually it’s quite amusing – the more successful Trump is and the more the US economy grows and the more Trump succeeds with trade deals, the more rabid, demented and furious the lefty Democrats become.

The Democrats hate the fact that there are more black people in the US with jobs than ever before. And the Democrats hate the fact that there are more Hispanics in the US in work than ever before. To win an election the Democrats need loads of out-of-work, supposedly oppressed Blacks and Hispanics. The Democrats hate working people. With their ‘identity politics’ the Democrats want to represent supposedly ‘oppressed’ minorities – unemployed Blacks and Hispanics, transgenders, Moozerlums, migrants, the homeless etc etc. It would be disastrous for the Democrats if ever more Blacks and Hispanics found work and became reasonably satisfied and middle class.

Anyway, enjoy a few voices of reason we never hear in the UK as our mainstream media desperately rush to plunge their daggers into Trump. What joy it will be when Trump wins a second term in 2020!

And here’s the second video telling a similar story about the neo-Nazi raging, democracy-hating liberal lefty Clintonshites:

6 comments to The truth about Trump?

  • John G Fields

    America is lucky to have a man like President Tump who does try to keep his election
    promises to the people.
    It makes you want to weep when you see the crap that we have on both sides of the

  • chris

    BBC+C4+ITV+Times+Telegraph+DM etc = UK branch of the Marketing Department of the Globalist Deep State.

  • Stillreading

    On the credit side though, a significant item of several minutes on R4 Today this morning, regarding the forthcoming Swedish election. It seems indigenous Swedes are beginning to wake up to what’s happening in their country as a consequence of uncontrolled immigration from people of alien cultures. You know the sort of thing – increased crime, less money for the care of Sweden’s own elderly and needy, priority of services and housing going to the immigrants…….

  • Alan Thorpe

    The worst of it is that Obama is back on our screens. Trump said he fell asleep. I didn’t, I switched channels before he started speaking.

  • leila

    I hope all of you are following Q in the States Very good analysis of Q’s posts is prayingmedic on YTube Fascinating stuff, uplifting after enduring the hell hole here in Britain.

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